These 18 Pregnancy Facts Have Taken Weirdness To A Whole New Level (#4 Is Unbelievable)

Pregnancy Facts

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We all think we know all there is to know about pregnancy, including the downright freaky bits. However, there is still plenty to know! The world of pregnancy is vast and confusing, which is why have rounded up a list of pregnancy facts that may or may not weird you out. Let’s begin at number 18:

18. Toilet Problems:

Toilet Problems

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17. Universal Mothers:

Pregnant women and new mothers lactate at the sound of a baby crying. Not just your own baby, any baby!

16. Crying Practice:

Babies cry in the womb, as they are supposedly practising for the real world. Scientists have proven this by measuring breathing patterns.

15. Myth or truth?

Pregnancy has many myths. One says that if moms experience heartburn, their babies will have scalp hair. Science says that the high levels of hormones (which are responsible for hair growth) relax the food pipe and cause acid reflux.

14. Induced Labour:

The Comfort Technique otherwise known as nipple stimulation is the only scientifically proven method for inducing labour.

13. Strong Flavoured Food:

Babies can taste the food you eat. Studies suggest that strong flavours like garlic can be tasted, as it passes through the amniotic fluid.

12. Bloody Messes:

There is an increase in blood flow during pregnancy, which results in nosebleeds and bloody gums that are supposedly normal, so don’t worry!

11. Heavy Babies:

According to sources, recently, women have been giving birth to heavier babies.

10. Mini Fingerprints:

Your baby’s itty-bitty fingerprints begin forming within the first 3 months of pregnancy. How adorable.

9. New Makeup:

New Makeup

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Pregnancy changes your skin tone. But hey, it just means you have an excuse to buy more make up!

8. Smelly Food:

Smelly Food

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A heightened sense of smell is common for pregnant women. It helps them decipher which food is good or bad for them.The wonders of pregnancy.

7. Multiple Births:

If you are tall or overweight, then you have a higher chance of multiple births. Weird, huh?

6. Longest Pregnancy Ever:

9 months is the normal pregnancy duration. But, the longest known pregnancy has lasted for 1 year and 10 days?! Is that crazy or what?

5. Shoe Shopping:

A well-known fact is that your feet will swell. You will grow in foots size thanks to the water retention. However, after giving birth, many women go back to their normal foot size.

4. Hormones Galore:

Hormones Galore

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Towards the end of your pregnancy, your placenta produces more estrogen in one day than a non-pregnant woman produces in 3 years! (Cue in hormonal women jokes).

3. Uterus Strength:

Uterus Strength

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You may know not know about this fact, but the uterus: is freakishly strong. According to some sources, “A contracting woman’s uterus pushes at 397 pounds of pressure per square foot”, while a Karate Masters punch is around 324 pounds per square foot, isn’t that crazy.

2. Uterus Size:

Did you know that your uterus could expand to more than 500 times its normal size over the course of your gestation? Well, it’s true! You uterus grows from the size of a lemon or a peach to a medium watermelon. Ouch!

1. Peeing Machines:

Peeing Machines

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Not only weird, this is also disgusting. Second trimester onwards, your baby pees in the uterus, and then – wait for it – it drinks the very same pee! The process goes on and on. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

While you’re pushing during delivery, did you know that there is a possibility of you actually pooping? It’s because of the immense pressure. Don’t get grossed out or worry, because this is extremely normal, and no one will care. Really!

Leave us a comment below if you have any other strange facts you would like to share :)

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