34 Bizarre Pregnancy Facts That Will Destroy Everything You Know About Pregnancy (#19 Is Unbelievable)

34 Bizarre Pregnancy Facts

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The internet is so full of literature about pregnancy and childbirth. Yet,the subject is still shrouded in mysteries. Apparently there is no established cause behind what causes the onset of labor. But this is not it. Pregnancy is associated with a lot of facts that sound weird, unreal and of course, it brings to the fore the wonders of nature and human biology. Here are our top picks as in pregnancy can be a stunning phenomenon of nature; doing a countdown at 34:

  1. Nipple stimulation is the only scientific way known to induce labor in women. It is also known as the ‘comfort technique.’
  1. There were more baby boys delivered in America than girls in the past two decades. That being said, women are more in number than the men there.
  1. Studies suggest that recent times have seen bigger newborns. The latest was a birth-weight being as much as 15 lbs and 7 oz.
  1. Nose and gummy bleeds can occur during pregnancy due to increasing blood flow during pregnancy.
  1. At the sound of a crying baby, even if it’s not their own, pregnant women and new mothers can start lactating automatically.
  1. Did you know that an orgasm during pregnancy can cause contractions?
  1. Baby’s fingerprints are formed during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  1. Women experience a change in skin tone change 90 percent of the times during pregnancy.
  1. Extra water and water retention cause women’s legs and feet to swell during pregnancy.
  1. A woman’s feet and the heart can increase during her pregnancy (it’s not just uterus alone).
  1. Scientists have found that babies can cry in the womb. They are too immature to cry because they are upset, but their cry is mostly to do with practicing :)
  1. Pregnant women have their olfactory sense at their peak during pregnancy. It is ideal to abstain from eating certain foods that can be harmful to the baby.
  1. Moms who are tall or have excess weight are more likely to have multiple births.
  1. Did you know that the duration of pregnancy can last for a year? A woman remained pregnant for 375 days–that is just about a year and ten days!
  1. One in 2000 babies has a tooth at the time of birth.
  1. Pregnant women with heartburn are known to give birth to babies with full heads of hair.
  1. Did you know that life of pigs, whales, rabbits, dogs, and humans – all begin as eggs of nearly 0.2mm in size?
  1. Baby boys are not born with sperms. They develop them only towards puberty. But baby girls are born with all the eggs most of which are not used during her lifetime.
  1. Meconium is stools that a baby starts making at around 21st gestational week. The baby passes it only after it is boron.
  1. Did you know that the amniotic fluid is actually clean urine?
  1. During pregnancy a woman’s placenta produces more estrogen in one day than what she would otherwise produce in three years.
  1. Babies can taste foods their mothers eat while still they are still there in the mother’s womb.
  1. Oral sex can lead to pregnancy! A Lesotho-born girl without a vagina who performed oral-sex on her boyfriend was impregnated when she was stabbed in the stomach.
  1. Central Africa has more twins born than anywhere else in the developing world.
  1. Your baby urinates within the womb from the second half of the pregnancy onwards. And drinks the same. And pass it out with urine again.
  1. Did you know that Cesarian births are three times more prevalent than it was ten years ago?
  1. During pregnancy, the gait changes to a waddle. It has nothing to do with your height or weight. The waddle results from the fact that the joints become more relaxed, you walk a bit wider and most of all, the center of gravity changes.
  1. Did you know that women’s pelvis can take four different shapes? Having said that, there is only one shape that can accommodate a baby’s head at the time of birthing. And that is the shape that most women naturally carry.
  1. The dark line that occurs straight down the middle of the stomach had always existed. Called Linea Nigrea, It didn’t appear suddenly. The pregnancy hormones had only changed the pigmentation to make it more conspicuous.
  1. Getting pregnant while already pregnant? Yes, this can happen, although rarely. A woman from Arkansas was known to be carrying two children with two different due dates.
  1. During the first delivery, the pelvic bone separates in the middle and the cartilage spreads to the middle of the pubic bone. Although the bone doesn’t break, it won’t go back together either.
  1. The uterus stretches 500 times its normal size, say from the size of a peach to that of a medium-sized watermelon, during the pregnancy.
  1. Did you know that the force within a woman’s uterus at the time of contraction amounts to 397 pounds of pressure per square foot or 2.8 pounds of pressure per square inch on the baby’s head!
  1. Did you know that while in the mother’s womb, babies are receptive to sounds and music? A recent ultrasound video that was captured by a couple shows the baby clapping his hands to the classic “If you are happy, and you know clap your hands” song.

Did your doctor tell you any mysteries or unbelievable facts about pregnancy or childbirth? We would love to hear from you!

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