7 Things I Did While Pregnant That Totally Turned Into Mom Hacks I Still Use Today

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The news of my pregnancy was a surprise for both of us as we had been trying for over six months and had almost given up hope. But one fine afternoon, I realized that I’m late for my periods by one week. So, I decided to take a pregnancy test while constantly reminding myself not to get my hopes up. I chose not to inform my husband until I was sure of anything. As I nervously sat on the bed waiting for the results of the home pregnancy test, I couldn’t help but wonder how different my life would be if the test came back positive. After about 4 minutes, I decided to take a quick look at the test and leaned over. We were pregnant!

When I look back, I feel like the nine months of pregnancy went by in a blur. We had so many things to do and prepare ourselves for, right from the finances and doctor’s appointments to getting our apartment ready for the new arrival to our house. We were going to be a family of three! But little did I know that all the hacks that I learned during those months would continue even when I have a baby in my arms. Yes, all the silly hacks you do when you’re pregnant such as taking snacks wherever you go or keeping comfortable shoes in your car, are mom hacks that I still use today.

Scroll below as I list down a few ways being pregnant prepared me for motherhood:

1. Carry Snacks Wherever You Go

Carry Snacks Wherever You Go

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During my pregnancy, I would always carry some crackers in my handbag as my nausea would kick in any time of day. Towards the end of my second trimester, I also started carrying candies or other treats, sometimes even a sandwich, to make sure I always had access to food every time I would feel low on energy. However, this continued even after my pregnancy as I realized you would never want to deal with a hungry toddler. So, even before my little one becomes cranky, I make sure he is well-fed and happy. Carrying some snacks has also helped me bond with fellow mommies on a playdate. So, it’s a win-win either way.

2. Know Where The Bathrooms Are

Know Where The Bathrooms Are

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When I was pregnant, I quickly developed the skill of locating all the nearest restrooms whenever I’m in a public place. Because let’s face it, you do not want to be frantically searching for a restroom when your bladder could lose control any minute. And now, as a mom, I continue to scope out the restrooms in case of any wet diaper emergencies.

3. Carry An Extra Underwear

Carry An Extra Underwear

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Keeping extra underwear handy has proved to be useful on one too many occasions during my pregnancy. As my uterus expanded to accommodate the little one, I felt an increased urge to pee, and there were times I couldn’t reach the restroom fast enough. Sometimes even laughing and blinking had me reaching for that extra pair of underwear. Now that I’m a mom, I still carry a spare for my kid for times when my child decides to inform me he has to pee at the last minute.

4. Keep An Extra Pair Of Comfy Shoes

Keep An Extra Pair Of Comfy Shoes

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Towards the end of my pregnancy, I had to deal with swollen feet and ankles, which is why I always made sure I had comfy flip-flops with me wherever I went. This small life hack has continued ever after my pregnancy as I carry backup shoes for both my son and me. Because believe it or not, there are days when a quick run to the store would turn into a shopping trip with my son, or my little one would run into a big puddle and then would need a change of shoes.

5. Elastic Waistbands Are The Way To Go

Elastic Waistbands Are The Way To Go

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No explanation needed on why I ditched jeans during pregnancy. You don’t want to spend 20 minutes squeezing yourself into it and buttoning your jeans or buy new maternity jeans that you won’t be wearing for long. As a mom who needs to juggle multiple responsibilities all the time, I’ve realized that comfort is key.

6. Don’t Forget To Hydrate

Don’t Forget To Hydrate

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I wasn’t so big on staying hydrated before my pregnancy. But I decided to carry a bottle with me and had reminders on my phone to drink water for the sake of my baby. I still continue this habit and carry a big water bottle for my son and me wherever we go. If I’m feeling fancy, I will cut up a few slices of my favorite fruit to the water for some added flavor.

7. Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

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Pregnancy has definitely changed my perception of a lot of things. Growing a tiny human inside you helps you realize how truly wonderful and miraculous life is. I have a newfound appreciation for everything in life, and it has also made me more generous. I would like to carry this awareness with me and pass it on to my son as he grows up.

I never thought that the things I did while I was expecting would turn into mom hacks. But I’m glad that they proved to be helpful in my journey of motherhood and raise my little one. What are some things that you learned during pregnancy that have continued to your non-pregnant life? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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