24 Best Pregnancy And Newborn Magazines For You

Even the slightest inconvenience could raise a query on maternal and fetal safety during pregnancy. Knowing about these conditions beforehand could help you reach out to the doctor. One of the ways to gain this information is through pregnancy and newborn magazines. Many magazines provide credible research-backed information to soothe worrying mothers. They also provide information on pregnancy and baby-related concerns, along with symptoms that are benign and worrisome. Some may also provide home remedies for common pregnancy discomforts. Here are a few such magazines that we think you may read during pregnancy or after delivery. However, note that a doctor knows the best. Hence, do not use these magazines as a sole reference. It is always safe to discuss any pregnancy issue with a medical professional.

1. Fit Pregnancy:

Fit Pregnancy is a bi-monthly magazine covering topics like psychology, exercise, nutrition, beauty, fashion and health issues associated with pregnancy. In addition to giving advice on the best foods to eat and workouts suitable for pregnancy, the magazine also offers a pregnancy and ovulation calendar to help you plan your birth. The editors of the magazine review the best and the latest baby gears and products and even make their recommendations. They even publish articles on famous pregnant celebrities in their magazine.

Besides, you will also get information to help you figure out what your life could be after pregnancy. For instance, some articles cover issues related to parenting up to the age of two.

An advisory board of doctors from the fields of gynecology, child development, obstetrics, psychology and other medical fields manages the accompanying website of the magazine. So you can go to the website before subscribing to the magazine.

“Fit Pregnancy” has won several awards like, the Society of Publication Designers Award, Health/Fitness Consumer Award and National Information Health Awards. And, they did a stellar job with their report on the best cities to have your baby.

Price: $18

Available At: Here

2. Pregnancy And Newborn:

Whether you are confused about picking the best maternity clothes, or choosing the best diaper for your baby, “Pregnancy and Newborn” magazine will come to your aid. Every month, the magazine offers reviews on the latest pregnancy and baby gear trends that you might need before and after pregnancy. It also has articles about trends and fashion in baby clothes and maternity suitable for every budget.

The editorial team of “Pregnancy and New Born” includes moms, gear experts, fashionistas and product experts who dish out everything for the readers. We particularly find the fashion coverage most interesting.

Besides, “Pregnancy and Newborn” magazine comes filled with articles concerning emotional issues that tend to arise during pregnancy, from coping with the prenatal depression to dealing with overbearing mother-in-law ;). And information about you and your baby’s health is also featured. You can either order a 12-month subscription or go through the articles on their website.

Price: $28 for the print version and $6 for digital version

Available At: Here

3. American Baby:

“American Baby,” the sister publication of “Parents Magazine” does an excellent task of communicating the basics. The topics of the magazine range from: changes to the body during pregnancy like weight gain, nausea, morning sickness to issues after the birth of the baby, sleeping through the night, watching the development of the baby feeding and so on. It offers recommendations for diaper bags, convertible car seats, baby carriers, almost all the baby related products that you will need post-partum.

The regular section, for example, the Crib Notes feature the best of the bests of everything that is new in baby and maternity.

The magazine also features advice from celebrity parents, so it will make a good pick if you like to follow the stars. Some of the articles from the magazines are also reprinted on their website. The fact that new parents can get this magazine for free is an added benefit. Currently, they are offering a free subscription to print the magazine if you subscribe via their website. So hurry!

Price: $14

Available At: Here

4. Pregnancy Magazine:

“Pregnancy Magazine” is an online magazine aimed at first-time mommies. Since the first pregnancy is the time when mommies have numerous questions, the magazine caters to their need and ensures that they get their answers. From weight gain to morning sickness to labor, “Pregnancy Magazine” strives to meet all the needs of the new mom. And we loved the detailed product reviews as well.

The first issue of the “Pregnancy Magazine”, the Special Edition Buyer’s Guide, is free. The special issue offers tips on the best purchases for a breast pump, diaper bag, car seat and other baby essentials. You can go through the article to determine whether you need to subscribe or not. Isn’t that great?

The most striking feature of this magazine is the celebrity faces on the cover, such as Gabrielle Reece, Garcelle Beauvais, and Elisabeth Hasselback.

Price: $15

Available At: Here

5. KIWI Magazine:

KIWI Magazine is all about raising your family in the organic and natural way. It teaches the to-be-mommy to achieve the right balance between the ideal and real world.

Available in both print and online, the magazine features articles spanning from pregnancy to childhood. It also helps mommies make healthy choices by covering the latest in organic and natural products, wellness and nutrition.

There’s fun stuff like children’s fashion, review of children’s games, toys, media and so on. KIWI magazine had also received About.com Best Pregnancy Magazine Award in 2013

Price: $12 for print subscription, $10 for digital subscription

Available At: Here

6. The Bump:

“The Bump” magazine, with information on getting pregnant, pregnancy, fertility and bringing a baby home is geared towards first-time parents.

There are even regional publications with the Bump. With its regional division, the magazine can direct you to the local experts to give you the latest tips on nursery designs, pregnancy planning, nutrition and many more. The local aspect makes the magazine an attractive option if you reside near the areas mentioned. The guide will even provide you with the resources and tool to make the best choice in your area.

The accompanying website even has interactive tools to help you connect with other local moms-to-be. There are even message boards on topics ranging from conceiving to eco-friendly parenting. There are even digital editions for specific areas of the country, and they are free!

Price: $15

Available At: Here

7. Today’s Parent:

“Today’s Parent” is not a pregnancy magazine in the truest sense, but will give you all the info you need during the prenatal period. Every issue of “Today’s Parent” offers expert advice, parenting tips, and tricks, crafts, and recipes to help you celebrate your family.

For the digital edition, “Today’s Parent” will let you experience the 30-day free trial, and then you can opt for the one-year subscription.

Price: $15 for digital edition and $17 for the print edition

Available At: Here

8. The Mother Magazine:

The Mother Magazine aims to make mothers feel encouraged and validated during this special nine months of her life. The content includes natural learning, natural living, gentle parenting, natural play and inspirational motherhood.

We’re quite sure that reading this magazine will make you feel more patient, more understanding and gentler than before. You’ll feel that you have spent some quality time with an old friend.

Price: £9

Available At: Here

9. Plum Magazine:

“Plum Magazine” is aimed at 35+ mommies to be. It includes topics like prenatal testing, birthing plans, pregnancy myths, travel, fashion, and everything that a soon to be mothers needs to know before and during pregnancy. Besides, it covers practical and lifestyle topics like emotional personal stories of mothers, best healthcare practices, hottest trends, interviews with celebs and many more. And lastly, The beautiful design and art direction make the “Plum Magazine” an entertaining read.

Price: $8

Available At: Here

10. Mothering Magazine:

If you are interested in learning about parenting, natural childbirth, and parenting, then this is the best magazine for you as you focus on all these things and many more. The magazine has been providing cutting edge advice and alternatives to mainstream parenting for more than 40 years now. Even the World Health Organization recognizes the theories and practices used in the natural childbirth mentioned in this magazine.

The magazine encourages parents to make informed choices for protecting the baby’s health and creating a healthy family environment. And despite their natural approach, “Mothering Magazine” is very well written and beautifully laid out. We highly recommend this magazine to you.

Price: $0.40

Available At: Here

11. Baby London Magazine:

Whether you are in your first or fourth pregnancy, “Baby London” magazine would be worth reading. You can learn how to decorate your baby’s nursery, find the best maternity clothes and items to purchase for baby’s layette. Besides, you can even get meal ideas, safety tips, results of the latest medical studies and product recommendations. In short, “Baby London” would be a treat for both you and the baby.

Price: £14.99

Available At: Here

12. Mother And Baby Magazine:

“Mother And Baby Magazine” has been the best friends of mum-to-be for more than 50 years now. This pregnancy and parenting magazine provides matter for the savvy, smart and style conscious mother of today’s generation. It comes packed with reassuring features of pregnancy, hot new stories and practical tips on baby and toddler care. And it’s reader friendly too!

The magazine offers both print and digital subscription. The hard copy of the magazine will be delivered to you at your door, that too at a discounted price. Or you can download the latest issue of the magazine on your device. The digital version is comparatively cheaper than the hard copy. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the digital+print subscription by purchasing the package. We’d suggest you to go for the digital+print subscription.

Price: $14

Available At: Here

13. Maternity And Infant:

“Maternity And Infant” is arguably Ireland’s finest parenting magazine. This bi-monthly parenting magazine is a must-read, not just for pregnant woman, but also for parents of kids from preschool to primary school age. The magazine is divided into three sections- Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler and Child, for the ease of the readers. Maternity And Infant Magazine has even received Boots Maternity and Infant Awards.

Price: N/A

Available At: Here

14. B:

B- for bumps, birth and beyond is a luxurious pregnancy and baby magazine dedicated to the pregnant women who have chosen to have their antenatal appointment, the birth of their infants and postnatal care in private maternity facilities across he the United Kingdom. The magazine is distributed via maternity hospitals like St. Thomas, the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and many other prestigious maternity hospitals around the United Kingdom. The magazine is also sent to private Midwives and Obstetricians’ clinic and a host of other outlets such as antenatal classes, private members’ clubs, nurseries, and crèches.

B is edited by a small, yet perfectly skilled team of writers and health professionals with a huge experience in writing for expectant women and new parents. The editors work together to bring all the latest news and research on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, health and wellbeing of the baby up to the age of two years. They also give informative product reviews and resources to help you find the best health and diagnostic clinics.

Price: $16

Available At: Here

15. Prima Baby And Magazine:

Prima Baby And Magazine gives advice and information to new and expectant mothers while celebrating the joy of motherhood. Covering on pregnancy, birth, life with a newborn and toddler years, Prima Baby and Magazine is for modern mothers who have grown up reading lifestyle magazines. The core areas of the magazine include pregnancy, birth advice, nutrition, wellbeing, weaning, baby and toddler development, shopping and fashion.

Prima Baby And Magazine also brings inspirational, real life stories of mothers who have gone through all the baby and toddler milestones. So you’ll get advice that you can rely on. Besides, the magazine will also give you emotional support, sharing tears and laughter of the rollercoaster stage.

Price: $20

Available At: Here

16. Your Pregnancy:

“Your Pregnancy” is South Africa’s only local magazine offering relevant, accurate and credible information on all aspects of pregnancy. It is published every two months and covers issues related to pregnancy right from the conception to the first three days as mothers. The magazine also acknowledges a pregnant woman’s need to look and feel good by offering the latest fashion and beauty trends.

“Your Pregnancy”mMagazine has a team of local and international experts answering all kinds of questions related to pregnancy. You can even download their digital copy on your smartphone or tablet.

Price: $12.99

Available At: Here

17. Natural Mother Magazine:

The Natural Mother Magazine was born with the desire of doing something more and a bit different from what was already available. And that need was an online natural mothering magazine, that too in a flip page style format.

Natural Mother Magazine aims to great content to their readers, and they do to a great extent. Each issue of the magazine comes with tips, news, advice, recipes, and ideas. The magazine encourages the mothers to follow their instincts. They stress on the facts that nursing the baby is normal and even encourage co-sleeping with the baby, but under safe circumstances, of course. Besides, it’s eco-friendly too!

Price: $20

Available At: Here

18. eBaby Magazine:

eBaby Magazine by Sister Lilian Center will be your helping hand when you need a voice of sanity in the world of bellies, babies and birth. Sister Lilian Center came out of Sister Lilian’s private midwifery and baby care practice with the aim of improving the birth, pregnancy, mother and childcare in South Africa.

Sister Lilian eBaby Magazine gives an innovative, practical, yet sensitive approach to guide you through pregnancy, birth, baby care, parenting matters, health and nutrition of the child. You can even share your experiences, tips and worries with the other members in the activity section of the magazine.

Price: $6.4

Available At: Here

19. Sensitive Midwifery Magazine:

“Sensitive Midwifery Magazine” is a highly acclaimed print and online pregnancy magazine in the global midwifery world. The magazine is intended for midwives and other people in the perinatal professionals, allied maternal and child health career. It encompasses sections like anterior, which gives views that set the tone, pregnancy, and birth, the heart of the magazine, neonatal intensive, and lastly, the mother because a healthy and happy woman makes the world go round.

The content in the magazine is compiled with state and private hospital midwives, independent midwives, neonatal ICU nurses, childbirth educators, antenatal teachers and perinatal nurses.

Price: N/A

Available At: Here

20. Mums And Tots:

Mums and Tots is a stylish and glossy 100-page magazine dealing with topics like baby’s health, pregnancy, local events, parenting, product reviews and reader competitions.

The aim of Mums and Tots Magazine is to reach to the mother in every aspect of the pre and postnatal journey, and they are doing a pretty good job.

Price: $5

Available At: Here

21. Empowering Birth Magazine:

Empowering Birth Magazine is an interesting publication for modern women providing a positive and empowering experience through the pre-conception and pregnancy stages. It makes giving birth a wondrous and exciting challenge instead of the out of the control train wreck waiting to happen, thereby giving you the best possible start to motherhood.

The highlight of the magazine is the article by Dr. Sarah Buckley, who writes about pregnancy hormones and how they can help you. It also writes positive and inspiring birth stories that will help you go through the phase without freaking out. Then there is a yummy, ‘preggi cuisine section’, where you’ll get recipes to make during pregnancy. The “Ask the Midwife” section is also absorbing, where you can get answers to all your queries from world-best midwives. Last, but not the least, the magazine is available in PDF format, so you can read it on your mobile device too!

Price: N/A

Available At: Here

22. Rockstar Birth Magazine:

Pregnancy can be a very scary time for first-time mothers. You may feel nauseous, exciting and petrified thinking about the pain of childbirth. But you are not alone, as Rockstar Birth Magazine will give you a positive birth experience, no matter how your baby exits your womb. As you read the magazine, you’ll learn how to get past the fear of not being able to handle the labor pair, and how to surrender to the birthing journey.

The 150 contributors from around the world share their insights, birth journeys and birthing wisdom with each other. The twelve gorgeous magazines will give you years of positive and empowering birth stories, with moth-specified articles and insights. You can read one issue each month, or binge read at a go, it’s all on you.

Price: $AUD 99

Available At: Here

23. Baby Hampshire:

Baby Hampshire, a UK special magazine covers the journey from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond. It tackles almost everything- from mama’s and baby’s health to the fashion trends in maternity and baby wear. Coming packed with product reviews, lifestyle stores, and celebrity contributors, Baby Hampshire is a luxurious treat for expectant mommies.

The contributors to Baby Hampshire Magazine include top nutritionists, baby wear designers, doctors, family travel specialists, and of course, amazing mothers!

Price: £14.99

Available At: Here

24. Pregnancy Life & Style:

Discovering magazine is an overwhelming experience for mum-to-be, and this is where “Pregnancy Life & Style Magazine” will come to your aid. From first to the last page, “Pregnancy Life & Style Magazine” is entirely devoted to pregnancy and birth, just to give you reassurance and confidence during this time.

It features expert advice and answers to all the daunting questions that come to the mind of all fashion conscious pregnant women, right from the latest maternity fashion trends to the cute baby buys. So sit back and relax while looking forward to the impending birth.

Price: $7.50

Available At: Here

Pregnancy comes with many unforeseen problems and apprehensions for a newly expectant mother. Though you may always have some doubts to clarify with your doctor, some concerns could be pretty normal and do not require any medical attention. To help you understand various pregnancy-related issues and facts, we have listed some popular pregnancy and newborn magazines. Some of these magazines cover vital pregnancy aspects, personalized experiences of other new mothers, and advice from health experts. We have detailed the principal features of each magazine so that you can select the best one for yourself.

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