35 Most Beautiful And Inspirational Pregnancy Poems For You

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Pregnancy is the most magical time. Feeling a baby grow inside you, wondering what he or she will be like, knowing that one day you will hold them in your hands is one of the greatest feelings a woman can ever experience. Love, anticipation, anxiety … you’re just a melting pot of emotions right now.

Momjunction has compiled a collection of pregnancy poems that capture the myriad emotions of carrying a baby. Some celebrate the aspect of pregnancy and some poke fun at it.While, some are for the mommies-to-be, others are for both moms and dads-to-be.

Best Pregnancy Poems:

Here is our collection of some happy, sad, wacky and funny pregnancy poems you would love to read.

1. A Boy Or A Girl

At first you moved,
only a little.
I could always find you,
right in the middle.
As time went on,
you really started to grow.
It wasn’t a whole lot,
in fact, it was rather slow.
Before I knew it,
you were all over the place.
It kind of felt like
you were running a race.
People would ask me
if you were a boy or a girl.
I would sit and wonder,
if you would have curls.
There are so many things
I really want to know.
But you are hidden inside,
so the answers don’t show.
How much will you weigh?
How tall will you be?
What color is your hair?
Will you even like me?
I hope and pray
you feel like you belong.
I never want you to feel
like you are alone.
Your dad and I
planned you from the start.
You, my dear child,
were made straight from our hearts.
In about a week or so,
I’ll meet you, for the first time.
For you are the product
of your dad’s love and mine.
There will be no one like you,
not any place in the world.
It really doesn’t matter
if you are a boy or a girl.
We are both so happy
that you even exist.
The gender doesn’t matter.
you’ll be hard to resist.
I hope I make you proud,
that I am your mother every day.
Because, you have filled my dreams
in more ways than words can say.
It won’t be long before
I can look you in the eyes.
I can feel the excitement growing,
I know I’m going to cry.
Don’t worry my angel,
those tears will be of joy.
It won’t matter to me
if you are a girl or a boy.

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2. A New Father’s Questions

You come to me with sadness in your eyes,
And tell me we have to talk,
Immediately I think the worst,
‘Is it me? Does she want to walk?’
You try to begin, but don’t know how,
And my nerves are standing on end.
You say that you’re pregnant, two times confirmed,
And we may have a new little friend.
I’m speechless and breathless,
I can’t form words to say,
This isn’t what I expected,
Driving home today.
I know this is sudden,
And we haven’t prepared,
But we’ve been through so much already,
Look at all we’ve shared.
Now there’s another life,
Growing inside of you,
And I wonder what kind of dad I’ll be,
Will our child’s dreams come true?
Will I be the kind of father,
Who dotes upon his child?
Who fixes skinned knees,
With a smile, patient and mild?
Will I learn to chase the monsters,
From underneath their bed?
Will I be able to ease the nightmares,
From our child’s tiny head?
Will you shine as a mother?
Will contentment light your face?
Will it bring out even more beauty,
Which the passage of time could never erase?
Will you be the kind of mother,
Who worries each time our child is ill?
Each stuffy nose an emergency,
Or will you have more resolve than I will?
What will it look like?
Will it have your eyes?
Will it love us right away?
Will it look on us with surprise?
Will we learn to adjust to 2am cries?
Can we deal with late night feedings?
Will I cry in front of the Obstetrician,
The First time I hear our child’s heart beating?
Will it be a son or daughter?
Will it grow up to be like us?
Will we learn to deal with the crankiness,
When our baby starts to fuss?
These questions seem so pertinent,
More so now than they ever had,
I hope our child will love their mother,
As much as she’s loved by their Dad.
I’m scared and excited,
Hesitant and yet bold,
We’re going to be a family,
And our baby we’ll soon hold.
Will it be a boy or a girl?
I guess only time will tell!

3. Blessings Upon You

Blessings upon you
my baby unborn.
Safely inside me
asleep and so warm.
Sleep must come easy
to those who are unborn,
as the Maker so silently
fashions your form.
Sleep while you can now
so watery and warm,
for outside this world
is a crashing storm.
Soon you will discover
the taste of your tears,
so sleep now my loved one,
my baby, my dear.

4. Before I Knew Your Name

Before I knew your name,
Before I saw your chin and your nose,
Before I counted your fingers and toes,
I asked heaven for someone as wonderful as you,
And ever prayer and wish came true.
I dreamed of you…
Before I knew your name.

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5. A Note To My Son

Time is moving slowly,
The day is almost here.
The anxiety and joy is building up,
For my baby boy will soon appear.
I can’t wait to see your smiling face,
And hold your little hand.
Just then I’ll know deep inside
that you’re my little man.
I have so much to share with you
day after day.
And to you my son I will give my love
in each and every way.

6. Finally- Hope Conceived

Quickly, quietly to the upstairs bath
I retreat to prepare
Open the shiny package
In there lies my future, my hope
Will I be, will you be?
The sample is produced
Now it is time to wait
Minutes seem like hours
I listen to my breath
Not daring to consider what might be
So much power in that little plastic stick
After an eternity, steal a furtive glance
Dare to check the future
What might be
Swallow hard, manage a smile
Soon it will happen
My belly will fill with baby
Happiness will fill our home
Blink back tears
Like magic, a thin line appears.
Wipe the tears, blink twice
A new life has begun

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7. Finally We’ll Meet

I love you, little baby
You’re such a part of me.
Can’t wait to hold you in my arms,
And hug you tenderly.
No matter what you look like,
You’re beautiful, my love,
A precious gift bequeathed to me,
From heaven far above.
Each time I feel you moving,
My heart is filled with joy,
To think that very soon I’ll hold
My little girl or boy,
I’m counting every moment,
Til you’re mine at last, my sweet
It won’t be long until your birth,
Then finally we’ll meet.

8. Mother

I held her in my arms,
and she was perfectly beautiful.
My body shook, cold,
like I was pulled from an icy river,
somehow she warmed me.
Did she know she would change me
Pain unrivaled, hour upon hour,
trudging up this mountain,
one step forward, one back,
not quite reaching the peak,
my initiation was not yet complete.
Would I pass
the test?
It was almost more than he could bear
Pacing the floor,
worry lines creasing his forehead.
Helplessness written on his face.
He was my knight,
always rescuing me, but
that night I became
his hero.
After eternity, she found me worthy.
I’d fought hard,
this woman-child body,
just twenty-one, old enough to drink,
yet still full of childhood illusions
of playing house.
I had earned my rank,
won the prize.
That first night she cried so much,
had she changed her mind
and found me wanting?
Was she as afraid as I, of my
falling short, not measuring up?
There was no turning back now.
Laying in my arms, she must have
felt my fear, her little smile
spoke volumes.
‘You’ll do just fine,

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9. I Loved You From The Start

I loved you from the very start…
You stole my breath, embraced my heart.
Our life together has just begun,
You’re part of me, my little one.
As mother with child, each day I knew
My mind would be filled with thoughts of you.
I’m daydreaming of the things we’ll share,
Like late-night bottles and teddy bears.
Like first steps and skinned knees,
Like bedtime stories and ABC’s.
I’m thinking of things you’ll want to know,
Like how birds fly and flowers grow.
I’ve thought of lessons I’ll need to share,
Like standing tall and playing fair.
When I first see your precious face,
I’ll pray your life be touched with grace.
I’ll thank the angels from above,
And promise you unending love.
Each night I’ll lay you down to sleep,
I’ll gently kiss your head and cheek.
I’ll count your little fingers and toes,
I’ll memorize your eyes and nose.
I will linger at your nursery door,
Awed each day that I love you more.
Through misty eyes, I’ll dim the light,
And whisper “ love you” every night.
As mother with child our journey’s begun,
My heart’s yours forever, little one.
I loved you from the very start…
You stole my breath, embraced my heart.

10. Surprise

Surprise, you’re pregnant!
Life will never be the same.
Once that baby arrives,
It’s an entirely new game.
You’ll quickly find out
That the baby is the boss,
And oh how he can cry
When he’s feeling quite cross.
You’ll live on his schedule,
And you’ll sleep when he sleeps.
You’ll keep on changing diapers
As they pile up in heaps.
Yes, you didn’t exactly plan this,
You’ll make the best of it,
And one day you’ll realize
That this baby is the perfect fit.

11. Cravings

Uh oh, here they come,
Those cravings are setting in.
You can try to resist them,
But you know they’re going to win.
First you want a pickle,
Then you need some ice cream.
How about some pizza, yes,
Let’s make it a supreme.
Some grapes and chocolate chip cookies,
Now that would be quite nice,
And then back to that pizza
For just one more slice.
And then comes the heartburn,
Some antacid will make that end.
An hour or so to digest,
Then time to do it all again!

12. I Felt You Move Today

I felt you move today,
For the first time you seemed real.
I don’t show much quite yet,
But I know it’s you I feel.
It was so unexpected.
It felt like butterflies,
Were fluttering in my belly.
It was such a lovely surprise.

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13. I Am Not Alone

Running errands and talking on the phone,
I am pleasantly reminded that I am not alone.
Little tiny hands, a precious rounded knee,
pushing and twisting that no one can see.
Oh sweet child kicking up your heels,
it is our little secret that only I can feel.
I look forward to your birth,
when I can kiss your skin,
but for now I will just smile,
as I feel you play within.

14. The Little One That Follows Me

A careful woman, I ought to be;
a little one follows me.
I do not dare to go astray,
for fear they’ll go, the self-same way.
I cannot once escape their eyes,
whatever they see me do, they’ll try.
Like me, they say, they’re going to be,
that little one that follows me.
They think that I am good and fine;
believe in every work of mine.
The bad in me they must not see;
my life to them, must, an example be.
I must remember, as I go,
through summer’s sun and winter’s snow,
I’m building for the years to be,
for that little one that follows me.

15. Bravest Of Us All

The bulging belly tells a story
Her naked hand is a cause for shame
She is scared
And alone
Fornicators look at her
And laugh
Three fingers point back
She thinks her only way out
Is to destroy the thing inside
Angels and demons struggle in her head
Fighting for life
She goes to church
Pro-life people shun her
They whisper:
“She is not married”
Against all odds she decided to tell her family
She is going to see this through
She encounters anger
What a little whore she is
God seems to not love her
She makes an appointment
Tears in her eyes she ascends
The stairs
Carrying the weight of her cross
The doctor will see you
Then behold
A miracle
A women dressed with the sun
Do not harm this child
Take comfort my daughter
I have been where you are
I have received their teasing
Do not listen to them
God himself has touched you
The bulging belly tells a story
Her naked hand proves how brave she really is.

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16. My Baby Boy

As the family stood around
Minutes and hours went by
Waiting patiently for the arrival
Of a brand new baby boy
Flowers and gifts lay all around the room
Still no motion from the little one in the womb
Feeling the pain
Wanting to cry watching and waiting
Seeing the doctor fly by
He says with a grin
Let’s begin
It’s time to put this all to an end
Emotions start to run high
Feeling the joy
Wanting to see my little boy
Time is starting to run out
It’s time for the little one to come out
They lay him down right on my heart
Then and there knowing we would never be apart

17. Balance

Two weekends ago I discovered that I am pregnant,
Two blue stripes beckon to change my world forever;
a simple prelude to the infinitely complex phenomenon of life.
My eyes smile at me in the mirror, with excitement, questions and incredulity,
I put my hand on my belly and laugh, “Am I really going to have a baby?”
Me, I, we? Yes. How amazing. How wonderful.
Smoking stops, drinking stops, old life stops…life starts,
How great it feels to get over my weaknesses,
As I am acting instinctively on what’s best for our child,
our child is, without knowing, prompting what is best for me.
Pregnancy: a commitment that sets me Free…to love unconditionally

18. Nine Months

My precious little baby,
I have loved you from the start.
You are a tiny miracle
Laying closely to my heart.
Each day I feel your presence,
Each day you quickly grow,
Each day your heart beats softly,
As only I could know.
So, I’ll keep this in a special place
And remember each year through,
Of this special time in my life
In the months I carried you.

19. A Baby To Love

Growing inside me a Baby
to love, tiny and healthy
made with love..
Pink or blue no matter to us
We will love you forever
No matter the cost.
I can’t wait to see you..
It won’t be long now..
36 weeks and 4 more to go.

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20. Mum-to-be

Your eyes are bright and sparkling.
Your cheeks have got a glow.
Your belly’s being touched and rubbed
By people you don’t know.
You’re craving weird, exotic foods
And calories don’t matter.
You can’t remember life without
An elbow in your bladder.
You’re getting medical advice
From everyone you see
Welcome to the joyous days
Of Motherhood-to-be.

21. The Mother’s Gift

The dreaming
The longing
The anticipation
The belonging

The plans
The preparations
The excitement
The wonder of creations

The approaching time
The gatherings
The closeness
The names of beings

The emotions
The hearts lift
The new beginning
The Mother’s Gift

22. Blossoms

The artist paints yellow, pink, and red
roses on her canvas,
glints of blue at the edges
dripping and spilling.
Something for spring, she says.
She gently smiles,
her hand rubbing
the swelling curve
of her belly,
just a black shirt and ragged blue jeans
covering another kind of canvas.
something else entirely
waits to bloom.

23. Sweet Poem Of Mother

The sweet little baby bump,
That glow on your face,
That confidence in your voice
And that awesome grace,
This is the best phase of your life,
So, live with all your heart
For very soon,
Life will show you a wonderful start,
Of being a mother!

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24. It Is A Special Feeling

There is a special feeling
When you give birth to a child
From the first kick of the child
To so many reasons that are bind
The positive feelings of taking the child in your arms
Is enough to make you smile
So while you enjoy this happy time with your hubby
I would wish you congrats for the same!
Stay happy and in bliss!

25. The Bond Is So Special

This bond is so special
This bond is so new
My baby I want to sing you a baby song
I want to take you in my arms
And kiss you with all my might
Oh what a pretty and wonderful sight it would be
To see you my baby
Please come soon in my life!
As your mom to be is waiting for you!
Only for you!
For a wonderful phase so new!

26. Being A Mother

There is a bit of sleeplessness,
That is because of happiness
Of nurturing a new life within,
Of all the new dreams of tomorrow
This state is the happiest one,
Little pain but lots of fun,
Pregnancy is the best phase!

27. Flesh Of My Flesh

I gave you life, my love will continually grow.
You’re a part of my flesh, that’s amazing to know.
Another human being sharing my blood,
My child you were made out of love.
Baby you’re so precious and so sweet,
Sometimes it’s hard to believe you were inside of me.
God has given you such a cute little smile,
I remember when you’d cooed out loud.
Everything you’ve done made me so proud.
Those tiny pink feet,
Mommy played with them when you were asleep.
A token of my love in hope you’d forever keep.
A daily prayer that’s very deep.
If death were to claim your life,
Before it claims mine,
My only regret would be
I couldn’t birth you a second time.

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28. To My Unborn Child

You are the unborn child deep inside of me,
Like a tiny seed that turns into a tree.
You are the child made out of love,
With a little help from the man upstairs above.
In nine months I will give birth to a girl or a boy,
And share with my family this wonderful joy.

29. A Child Is The Greatest Gift

A child is the greatest gift
That our lives can bestow.
It brings the most exquisite joy
That we will ever know.
Some days deliver happiness,
Far more than we can touch.
We need the help of all our friends
To comprehend how much.
And so we thank you for the gifts,
Both those you brought and are,
That celebrate this rich, full life
And its rising star!
30. Evidence of Paradise
Evidence of paradise
Veils its rainbowed wings,
Enters life like one of us,
Like spirit wrapped in things.
Yet angels sing in Bethlehem
No more than in Mobile,
And kings careen through Rocky Mount
No less than through Jezreel.
Dream, then, of the bitter wind,
Nights for which one yearns
In sorrow and unsullied joy,
Child on whom life turns,
Older than the universe,
Love haunting, hurting, healing, worse,
An anguished joy one can’t reverse
So long as blood still burns.

31. The Day Is Here

My eyes shine as bright,
There is a radiant glow,
The feeling is exceptional,
And I so wish to know,
That you are a girl or a boy,
Coz you will be my post precious toy,
Feeling so blessed,
Because of you!

32. Only For You

The calories I eat do not matter to me,
Coz there are many things I wish to see,
I feel so kicked to have you in me,
I feel so good you know,
I have no words to show,
That I am so waiting for you,
Coz I truly love you,
Your mother to be!

33. This is the most

This is the most blessed phase of my life,
But, I am feeling so good,
Sometimes I feel the kick within,
But, it is fine only because of you,
Can’t wait to see my bundle of joy,
The feeling of my sweet little toy,
Can’t wait to see you dear,
When you would be near!

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34. We’re Pregnant

I’ve something to tell you a moment to share
I’m pregnant, we’re pregnant or whatever you care
A union of two, a propagation of love
Forever together, no longer just us.

The biggest joy, we cannot yet share
Our little secret, our baby, our heir
Irrational fears and high expectations
but ideally good health and strong relations.

We will laugh, we will cry, always love never hate
Our bundle of joy encased in hope so great
When the weather is grey and the lights are dim
Ther’ll be warmth, comfort and hope within.

Our parents become grand and siblings will grow
A new baby, the youngest, the highest low
First words, first steps great feats alone
A voice a walk our baby has grown.

35.Why Is It That A Child Makes Life Worthwhile?

Why is it that a child makes life worthwhile?
Why is hope with each new birth new born?
What deep remembrance, shadowed in a smile,
Brings back the dream whose measured loss we mourn?
Why do we think that life that is to be
Has greater aptitude for being more,
As if we rose not from the self-same sea
To crash in turn against the self-same shore?
Why do we wrap the best of us in song,
The Eden that we left but never lost,
And try to pass that purer self along,
Not counting risk or reckoning the cost?
I do not know, but know that from my womb
*Has come a life whose life makes my life bloom.

While on this beautiful journey, may be you can try writing some poems about pregnancy, and share them with your bundle of joy someday.

Have you tried writing poetry? Share it here so that we can add it to the list.

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