10 Pregnancy Sex Problems – And How To Fix Them

Pregnancy Sex Problems

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Swollen belly? Check.

Bloating? Check.

Sexy time? Ha. Ha.

Your body is making a little human and all the associated physical changes have you wondering if you and your partner will ever be intimate again. Well, have no fear. If you’re suffering from pregnancy related sex problems, then we’ve got your back:

1. Nausea


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Morning sickness and sex just don’t mix. In fact, knocking boots will actually make your nausea worse. Simply schedule your love making session for another time of the day. Don’t lose hope though; morning sickness usually fades by your second trimester.

2. Fatigue


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Making a baby can drain you. If you crash the moment your head touches your pillow and if nighttime is when you typically make love- the solution is simple: get down and dirty in the morning instead. And what a great start to a day this is!

3. Baby bump

Baby bump

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Baby bellies maybe cute, but they can get in the way of sex positions you enjoyed prior to your pregnancy. However, there are several other positions recommended by experts, which you could still enjoy: side-lying, woman-on-top, rear-entry, man-on-top, etc.

4. Body image issues

Body image issues

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Fun fact: A majority of men find a pregnant woman’s form exceedingly arousing. So get rid of all your insecurities and get down to business because he sure wants to and let’s face it, so do you.

5. Swelling


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Pregnancy produces an increased blood supply to your nether regions, which can produce varying results during sex. For some women, this could lead to greater sensitivity, which basically means easier and more intense orgasms- score! For others, it could lead to decreased satisfaction post orgasm, almost like the sneeze, which simply got away. For men as well, it could mean a tighter fit – a plus. Or it could result in his loss of erection.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

6. Leaky breasts

Leaky breasts

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Some women tend to produce colostrum, or pre-mil, when stimulated during foreplay. Which can be messy and somewhat awkward. Though it isn’t something to get worried about, if it still kills your mood, get your partner to concentrate on your other parts.

7. Tender breasts

Tender breasts

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Engorged breasts during your early pregnancy may fascinate your partner, but most women can experience pain upon touch. Fortunately (for you both!) by the fourth month this tenderness subsides. So until then tell your partner to simply admire the view without touching.

8. Extra vaginal discharge

Extra vaginal discharge

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You’re going to experience more moistness than usual in your lady parts especially when you are being intimate. While lubrication is a good thing, too much could mean decreased sensation for the two of you. But don’t be disheartened; just invest in foreplay to keep up.

9. Stronger natural scent

Stronger natural scent

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Pregnancy can, at times, make your lady parts smell different than usual. Don’t let that be your turn off. However, if a less-than-sexy scent bothers you mask it by applying scented oil upon the inner thighs.

10. Light bleeding post sex

Light bleeding post sex

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You may notice some spotting post intercourse that may make you apprehensive about your next getting down and dirty session. However, don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly normal! Pregnancy leads to an engorged uterus full of extra blood supply to your entire pelvic region, including the production of a riper cervix. All these factors can make bleeding during intercourse probable. But light spotting is nothing to worry about. However, it’s still worthy of mention to your physician.

At the end of the day, however, no matter what kind of pregnancy related sex dilemma you face, it is your prerogative to decide whether you’re ultimately comfortable having sex.

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