Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Types Of Treatment And Prevention

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It’s not uncommon these days for a woman to flaunt her post-pregnancy body and wear it like a badge of honor. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t! Giving birth is a natural and beautiful process and the shape the body takes after the baby is born is nothing to be ashamed about.

However, not most of us are comfortable in our own post-pregnancy skin and desperately look for ways to hide those ‘flaws’. Pregnancy stretch marks are one such flaw. The problem with them is they stay for a lifetime and don’t heal on their own. Hence, in their case looking for effective treatment and prevention methods becomes very important.

So today let’s talk about the types of stretch marks treatments available and how they can be prevented-

Treatment for stretch marks

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When your skin stretches to accommodate the growing baby in your belly, stretch marks develop. You can get stretch marks on your thighs, buttocks, breasts, and arms as well. Unfortunately, they are permanent. Fortunately, they can be treated in the following ways (1).

  • Stretch marks creams and oils: These are the commonest form of treatment for stretch marks. They are inexpensive and usually do the job if the instructions are followed correctly. Like Bio Oil for example. It can significantly lighten stretch marks with regular use and keep your skin hydrated.
  • Home remedies: Second only to creams and oils, many women resort to home remedies as they are very cost effective and come with the minimal risk of side effects. For example, almond oil is commonly used as a home remedy. However, home remedies are not a sure shot cure. Sometimes, they are the best option, but usually, we just have to take a chance.
  • Prescription medication: Topical medications containing certain chemicals are prescribed by doctors as a treatment for stretch marks. These have side effects though and are generally not recommended for pregnant women or new mothers.
  • Medical procedures: Lastly, treatment for pregnancy stretch marks can take the form of cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, ultrasound, laser therapy, radiofrequency and microdermabrasion. Needless to say, these are highly expensive and come with risks.

How to prevent stretch marks

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Not only treatment options for pregnancy stretch marks are viable. Neither are they suitable for everyone. That is why they say ‘prevention is better than cure’! Luckily enough, pregnancy stretch marks can be prevented to a great extent. Here’s how (2).

  • Follow the right diet and drink plenty of water: Diet plays a crucial role in preventing pregnancy stretch marks. Following a diet rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E along with zinc and protein can help. Drinking water can also keep your skin soft and flexible so it doesn’t stretch much.
  • Gain pregnancy weight slowly: Since stretch marks and sudden weight gain go hand in hand, it’ll be wiser to gain pregnancy weight at a slow pace to prevent the former’s occurrence. You can talk to your healthcare provider about a diet that is both nutritious and prevents excess weight gain.

  • Use preventive products: Using cosmetic products made for stretch marks when you’re pregnant can significantly reduce your chances of getting them. Take Bio Oil for example. If you use this wonder product for stretch marks from your second trimester onwards and continue using it till 3 months after your delivery, you will barely see any stretch marks! It’s all natural ingredients work wonderfully to help you face your stretch marks. What’s more is that it’s paraben-free, and you don’t have to worry about any allergies or skin irritation. All you have to do is apply a few drops on problem areas twice a day for it to work its magic. Bio Oil is rich in vitamins and also contains essential oils of rosemary, calendula, lavender, and chamomile which prevent and fade stretch mark scars. There are studies to prove it (3).

So don’t be afraid of stretch marks. You can easily prevent and even treat them with Bio Oil in a safe and effective manner.

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