Prenatal Stimulation – 3 Helpful Tips To Shape Your Unborn Baby’s Future

Prenatal Stimulation

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When you are expecting your first baby, it’s obvious that you want your baby to be healthy, safe, and active from the moment he is born? Well, of course, you do! But, did you know that some prenatal stimulation techniques can boost your baby’s health while he is still in the womb? Intrigued! As well you should be!

So, learn more about some prenatal stimulation techniques that promote your unborn baby’s healthy development! Read our post below.

The Importance Of Prenatal Stimulation:

Pregnancy seems to be a testing time in your life, and you are under a lot of pressure. The excess stress increases your likelihood of experiencing health complexities like premature delivery, behavioral problems in the baby, and low birth weight.

To overcome such a scenario, experts advise you to get actively engaged in prenatal communication and stimulation and create a favorable womb environment for your unborn baby. Prenatal stimulation promotes healthy fetal development. Every minute a new cell develops into your unborn child’s brain. The more you stimulate your fetus, the more it stimulates your baby’s auditory nerves and promotes the proper development of his body organs (1).

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Different Techniques Of Prenatal Stimulation:

Your unborn baby cannot see the outside world, but he can hear, sense touch and smell as well. To start bonding with your unborn baby here are few techniques of prenatal stimulation:

1. Technique Touch:

  • You can begin the particular stimulation technique from the sixth to the tenth week of pregnancy.
  • You use several types of equipment like massagers or textures to communicate with the fetus effectively.
  • The vibration generated by such instruments gets transmitted via amniotic fluid, and your baby’s peripheral nerves capture the sensation.
  • Your unborn baby slowly responds by moving his legs in the womb.

2. Technique Visual:

  • You can use this technique from the fourth month of pregnancy.
  • By using artificial and natural light, you can communicate with your unborn baby.
  • The photons of the light reach to your fetus via, the abdominal wall and stimulate her optical nerve.
  • The technique allows your fetus to develop visual discrimination after birth.

3. Technique Hearing:

  • The stimulation method allows your baby to connect with the outside word in the best way.
  • By using prenatal music, your unborn baby can understand the internal and external sounds correctly (2).

Helpful Tips To Shape Your Unborn Baby’s Future:

Here are some valuable tips to help you stimulate your unborn child:

1. Conversing With Your Unborn Baby:

  • One of the best ways to start prenatal stimulation is through effective communication.
  • Try to talk to your unborn baby and stimulate his sensory organs. You can even try singing or humming sweet songs to your baby.
  • Your baby starts recognizing your voice and responds to kick or move in your womb. Prenatal communication is one of the great and best technique to stimulate your child.

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2. Reach Out To Touch Your Baby:

  • You will notice that frequent patting, rubbing or touching your tummy all day long keeps your fetus calm and quiet.
  • It is a preferable way to communicate and bond with your unborn baby.
  • You can try touching your baby bump in different ways like stroking, rubbing or patting.
  • You can also try patting your tummy while listening to music, as it may make your unborn baby respond to the music and feel your gentle touch. Prenatal music stimulation is the best way to stimulate your unborn baby.

3. Get Rid Of All Unwanted Stress:

  • Maternal stress can pay a negative impact on your baby’s growth process, and you may have to experience pregnancy complexities.
  • Staying stress-free makes the environment of the womb more favorable for your child’s development.
  • You should remember that your unborn baby’s health entirely depends upon your mental condition and for that reason you should stay happy and relaxed.

Did you try any of the prenatal baby stimulation techniques in your pregnancy? Did they help? Tell us your story here!

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