4 Beautiful Princess Stories For Kids To Read

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Majestic castles, tutus, flowing dresses, shining tiaras and handsome young princes. The princess culture, fueled by the Disney, has a huge influence over little girls. Almost every girl desires to be a princess and have a knight in shining armor or even a unicorn of her own. So if your child is enthralled by the ‘princess phase’, she’ll love reading about it too!

So today, Momjunction has put together four exciting princess stories for kids.

4 Short Princess Stories For Kids

1. Princess And The Magical Ring:

Beautiful Princess Stories For Kids To Read

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One sunny day, the princess of Norfolk Kingdom found a ring in the garden of the palace. When she asked her father about the ring, he told her that the ring would give her five powers.

First, the ability to sleep undisturbed, second, to make fire without flint, third, the ability to grow any crop, fourth, to make rain pour without a cloud, and fifth power and the most special power, the ability to sing like an enchanted siren.

The princess enjoyed her last power the most. She would sing all the time, believing that it would make a prince fall in love with her.

One fateful day, a witch cast a spell over the kingdom. The spell had adverse effects on everyone, except the princess. The witch took everything away from the kingdom, including the crops, rain, sun, and fire.
Princess was disheartened to see the kingdom in this state. She had only her five powers to help the kingdom.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. She ran to her balcony and started singing. The princess sang day and night, for several months. Even her parents tried to halt her, but in vain.

After a year of singing, the kingdom went back to its original state, but at the same time, the princess disintegrated into the winds. The princess had sacrificed herself for the betterment of her kingdom.

Read this interesting short princess bedtime stories for kids and sure you can see smile of your kids face.

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2. The Lonely Princess:

Beautiful Princess Stories For Kids To Read

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Once upon a time, the lived a young princess named Isabella in the Kingdom of Glora. She was the friendliest girl in the entire kingdom. She was better than her elder sisters, Rose and Juliette, in every aspect.

Rose was also the prettiest girl in the whole kingdom, but not as beautiful as Juliette. But, as pretty as both were, they were cruel and heartless. They teased Isabelle about her appearance and teased her about playing with toys all the time. They bullied her to improve her appearance. But Isabelle paid no heed to her sisters and continued playing with the toys. After all, the dolls never called her names. But deep down inside, Isabelle felt rather lonely.

King Paul hated that his most favorite and youngest daughter was upset. He tried spending more time with her, but because of his duties, he stayed away for long periods.

On a bright summer morning, King Paul was told that a Prince named Geoffrey from the Kingdom of Meadowhill was on his way to the Kingdom of Glora in search of a bride. He was a year older than Rose, two years older than Isabelle and a year younger than Juliette. All the sisters were rather excited to meet the Prince.

Prince Geoffrey talked to Juliette first. Geoffrey complimented Juliette on her hair. Juliette then started telling him about the long hours she spent taking care of the hair. Bored of the talk, Geoffrey moved on to Rose. Rose tried to impress him by talking about her father’s court and all famous noblemen and knights. Prince Geoffrey soon grew bored again and decided to meet Isabella.

As soon as he met Isabella, he remarked. “You are beautiful!” making Isabella go red.

“She’s not beautiful! She’s ugly!” Juliette retorted.

“Her hair! It’s so untidy!” Rose added.

“It’s the eyes,” Prince Geoffrey said. “She is blessed with beautiful eyes.”

“But she plays with toys!” Juliette told Geoffrey, in an trying to make young Isabelle appear silly.

“So what! Even I play with dolls. I got one here too! Her name is Jane, and she is my oldest friend”. He pulled out a small doll from his pocket and introduced it to everyone.

Would you like to meet my friends, Prince Geoffrey?” Isabella asked.

“I would love to, said Prince Geoffrey, following Isabelle into the gardens.

This is one of the best and beautiful princess short stories for kids.

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3. The Princess And The Pea:

Beautiful Princess Stories For Kids To Read

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There once live a Prince, who hadn’t found his princess yet. He traveled the seven seas in search of a suitable princess, but he didn’t know whether the ones he met were real or fake princesses. Dismayed, he returned home.

One evening, there was a terrible thunderstorm. Someone knocked on the door, and the king opened it.

A princess was standing in front of the gate. Unfortunately, her appearance suggested otherwise. Her hair looked dirty; she was dripping with water, and her shoes were covered with mud. Still, she claimed to be a real princess.

“We’ll soon find the truth,” said the queen. The queen went to the bedroom and took all the mattresses of it. She placed a pea at the bottom and laid twenty mattresses on top of it. Next, she placed twenty eider-down beds on top of the mattresses. The princess was asked to sleep on the bed for the night.

In the morning, the queen inquired the princess about her sleep.

The princess replied, “It just couldn’t sleep all night. Only God knows what was in the bed, but it was something very hard.”

The queen then understood that she was indeed the real princess. Only a real princess could feel the discomfort through the twenty mattresses and eider-down beds.

Knowing that she’s a real princess, the prince took her for his wife.

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4. The Princess And The Faithful Knight:

Beautiful Princess Stories For Kids To Read

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Once upon a time, there was a Princess, whose beauty was the talk of not just her own, but many a land. Many poets wrote limericks and sonnets about her beauty, and artists filled galleries with sculptures and paintings trying to her flawless beauty.

And, the princess was as wise as she was beautiful. She had been raised to be a fair and just ruler. With time, the safety and happiness of her people became her only concern.

One day, a prince arrived at the kingdom to court the princess. The two spent hours, days and even weeks together. The princess had fallen in love with the charming prince. Their love too became the subject of many tales.

Once, the prince took his princess to a shady meadow, which was at the edge of the woods. He said that if the princess truly loved him, she would pick the rarest flower for him; the scarlet rose from the deep woods.

The princess entered the woods to search for the scarlet rose. She loved the prince, and she would prove it to him. As soon as she felt she couldn’t find it, she stumbled upon a scarlet rose. As soon as the princess touched the flower, she fell asleep.

The prince suddenly appeared. He had planned to steal the riches and jewelry of the princess. He took the jewelry and left the princess alone in the woods.

The king worried about his daughter, sent search parties throughout his lands, but he could not find the princess.

Months later, the king found his daughter in the meadow, covered in vine. He tried to wake her up, but couldn’t. The king lamented over his beautiful girl. He called the advisors, who decided to take her back to the castle.

The advisors discovered that she had touched a scarlet rose, and thus she couldn’t be awakened. The king tried every possible measure and potion to rouse her, but nothing could awaken her. The advisors suggested that the king let the venom run its course.

The king scoured the kingdom. And, he heard about a prince who became rich overnight. It was the same prince who had betrayed the princess.

The king decreed that any man who wishes to marry the princess must wait by her side until she awakens.

Hearing the king’s decree, many suitors came to ask for the princess’ hand, but the princess was remained as she was.

Years passed, and the beauty of the princess faded. Even the princes who waited grew older and wearier, waiting for their beloved princess to awaken. All the suitors left, except for a knight. The knight had knelt at the princess’ side and hadn’t moved since he had arrived.

One day, the princess woke up to find the knight kneeling. The knight then informed the princess about the poison and the decree.

What surprised the Princess the most, was the Knight’s honesty. He told her that he had always loved her and that he served the king and hoped to serve her one day as well.

The princess was moved to tears. The king was happy that she was healthy again.

Out of joy, the father encouraged the daughter to ask for anything that she desired. The princess asked her dad to let the knight join her on the court, not as a knight, but as her husband. The king declared their wedding the next day.

These bedtime princess stories for kids would hopefully make their life, even more, interesting. Which of these stories appealed the most to your daughter? Share her choice with us in the comment section.

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