Must-Have Products To Reduce Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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Pregnancy is accompanied by a lot of changes in life. Making the house safe for your newborn, irregular sleeping schedules, zero social life and a changing body among many other things.

Motherhood is a blessing but it takes a toll on women’s bodies. After all, you are creating another human being. Yet, that doesn’t mean you need not take care of yourself while you are sighing happily over your precious little one. One of the most common changes in a woman’s body during and post-pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks over the skin. It is a fact that a lot of women get stretch marks during and post-pregnancy. So, you are not alone.

It is a completely natural phenomenon. Stretch marks can happen due to various reasons. Gaining weight, carrying more than one baby or a large-sized baby, a higher level of certain hormones that reduce skin elasticity are a few among the reasons why women acquire stretch marks. It can make the skin itchy and saggy once the baby is delivered.

You can see them appearing as purplish lines that slowly fade into white. For women with lighter complexion, the stretch marks appear pinkish. The most affected areas are belly, and thighs. It is hard to completely get rid of stretch marks, but if taken care of, it can be significantly reduced. If treated during the initial surfacing, stretch marks can be successfully removed.

Stretch Mark Oil

Your first pick should be a stretch mark oil that is made of natural ingredients. Be sure to check if the product is free from harmful chemicals so that it doesn’t negatively affect your child. Himalaya’s Stretch Mark Oil is one such product. It is created from herbal ingredients and is free from mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, silicone, and synthetic color.

Himalaya’s Stretch Mark Oil is formulated from an amalgamation of four time-tested herbs, five healing oils, and three emollient kinds of butter. The blend of herbs Centella, pomegranate, licorice and rice bran helps in improving the skin elasticity and reduces stretch mark appearance significantly. It also enhances the skin tone, making it lighter and firmer.

The concoction of 5 moisturizing healing oils like virgin coconut, olive, wheat germ, almond, and sesame nourishes the skin by battling dryness. This soothes the skin and reduces itchiness. It is important to note, one of the key factors of reducing or removing stretch marks is to keep your skin well moisturized.

Therefore, Himalaya’s Stretch Mark Oil is a must-have when you are looking for a product to improve your skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks. To notably reduce the appearance of stretch marks, apply a sufficient quantity on all your affected areas at least twice a day from around the fourth month of pregnancy.

Stretch Mark Cream

In order to attain optimum results, pair up your stretch mark oil with a stretch mark cream. It cannot be stressed enough that the product chosen should be manufactured from natural components and free from harmful chemicals.

Himalaya’s Stretch Mark Cream is formulated from a butter-oil infusion that deeply nourishes the skin, relieving it from itching and dryness. The cream also contains the powerful mixture of centella, licorice, and pomegranate that tones up the skin, preventing it from sagging. Kokum, mango and shea butter improve skin elasticity and noticeably reduce stretch marks. Himalaya Stretch Mark Cream is free from harmful chemicals like mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, silicone, and synthetic colors.

Apply the cream from the fourth month of pregnancy when your body begins to grow due to the weight gain. If precaution is taken, stretch marks can be reduced. It might also be a good idea to join yoga or Kegel exercise class to improve your blood circulation and retain your skin elasticity. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself frequently by drinking lots of water. Opt for weight management therapy, to gain weight steadily instead of in spurts.

Try out the combination of Himalaya’s Stretch Mark Oil and Himalaya’s Stretch Cream.Let us know how it works out for you.