14 Pros And Cons Of Natural Childbirth Every Woman Must Know

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When it comes to childbirth, you can either choose natural childbirth or a C-section, given there are no medical complications, because then you don’t get a choice. Either way, it is perfectly fine and normal to pick one over the other so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! However, just like most things, there are certain pros and cons.

If you want to know what are the highs and lows of a natural childbirth, you might want to keep reading! Here, we look at the good and the bad of natural childbirth for both mommy and the baby.

Pros Of Natural Childbirth For The Mother:

  1. Your hospital stay will be shorter than that of a C-section because of the quicker recovery time.
  1. The average length of a hospital stay following natural childbirth is between 24 hours to 48 hours. Pretty quick, huh? Sometimes, if you’re feeling well enough, the doctor may even let you leave sooner than expected. It depends on what rules the hospital exercises.
  1. If you opt for natural childbirth, you get to avoid a major surgery and the potential risks of it. For example, you may experience scarring, severe bleeding, reactions to anesthesia, infections and sadly, pain that lasts longer.
  1. After all major surgeries, you tend to be a little woozy and not yourself, such as with a C-section. However, after a natural childbirth, all you mommies can hold your baby and begin with breastfeeding soon after delivery.

Cons Of Natural Childbirth For The Mother:

  1. Going through labor and opting for natural childbirth is a long process that is physically and emotionally grueling. It’s no easytask for the mother, hence the name “labour”!
  1. During natural childbirth, there may be a risk of your tissues and skin tearing. This may occur because there is a possibility for the vagina to stretch and tear as the baby moves through the birth canal.
  1. If the above-mentioned stretching and tearing gets severe, you may require stitches. Otherwise it might result in weakness or injury of the pelvic muscles, which control your urine and bowel functions. A little descriptive, but we need to know the facts!
  1. A few studies have found that women who have natural childbirth are prone to have more problems with urinary and bowel control than women who have C-sections. In other words, you may pee your pants unintentionally.
  1. Adding to your lack of control, you also may become more prone to peeing while you sneeze, cough or even laugh. It’s just a little leak, so don’t freak out too much!
  1. Lastly, but not the least, after natural childbirth, you may experience pain in the perineum, which is the area between the vagina and anus. Again, apologies for being descriptive.

Pros Of Natural Childbirth For The Baby:

  1. A major advantage for the baby is that after natural birth, mommy can have early contact with him/her and can initiate breastfeeding much sooner.
  1. According to experts, while giving birth, the muscles that are involved in the process are more likely to squeeze out fluid that is found in the newborn’s lungs. Though it sounds worrying, this is a benefit as it makes babies less likely to suffer from breathing problems at birth.
  1. Babies that are born through natural childbirth take in the good bacteria as they travel through the birth canal. These bacteria can boost their immune systems, and can also protect their intestinal tracts. Go bacteria!

Cons Of Natural Childbirth For The Baby:

  1. If you have had a long labor process, or if your baby is large and is delivered naturally, then he MIGHT get injured during the process. For example, he can have a bruised scalp, or even a fractured collarbone, according to experts. This is not a guarantee, just what has been noted by professionals.

So there you have it – the pros and cons of natural childbirth. We hope we haven’t scared you away and we hope we have helped resolve your dilemma! However, don’t forget, there is no right or wrong choice when choosing between natural childbirth or a C-section. So, choose wisely.

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