Protein Shakes For Teens - A Complete Guide

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Is your teen involved in a lot of physical activities? Are you planning to get him a protein shake to help him maintain his energy levels? Well, if you are clueless about the importance of protein shakes for growing teenagers reading this post is a good idea.

Protein shakes are a rage amongst hardcore sports enthusiasts as well as growing teens. But should you let your teen have protein shakes or is it better to give them a miss? Read on to know all about protein shakes for teens and whether it is good or bad for their health.

What Is A Protein Shake?

A balanced diet should provide your teen with the adequate dose of protein. For those who exercise more or indulge in strenuous physical activities, the protein requirement can be a little high. A protein shake can be an additional dietary supplement for such fitness fans.

A protein shake can be a hundred percent protein concentrate or a carbohydrate supplement that has little protein and fat. These are available as readymade drinks or as protein powders(1).

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Are Protein Shakes For Teens Safe?

In most cases, your teen will get the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of protein from his/her daily meals. Unless your teen is extremely active and takes part in a lot of physical activities, giving him/her a protein shake is not necessary(2).

Things To Keep In Mind While Giving A Protein Shake To Your Teen:

You may still feel that a protein shake will work wonders for your teen’s health. In such a situation, make sure you remember that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not strictly regulate protein supplements. According to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, prohibited substances may be present in protein shakes. It may also contain harmful ingredients that are missing on the label(3).

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How To Choose Protein Shake For Teenager:

Before you allow your teen to have a protein shake, it is important you have a word with his doctor. You can also discuss it with your teen’s coach to understand if your teen needs a protein supplement. Here are a few tips that can help choose a protein shake for teens:

  • The first thing you need to understand is whether or not your teen needs that protein shake. In many cases, your teen may just want one as a result of peer pressure.
  • A protein shake is not a substitute for a healthy diet. It is just a health supplement that your teen needs to consume in addition to having a balanced meal.
  • Ask your doctor about the dosage of protein your sporty teen may need.
  • An overdose of protein can lead to protein toxicity(4). It can cause unwanted weight gain and various other health complications. It can also result in dehydration, decalcification and kidney problems.

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Popular Protein Shakes For Teenagers:

Here are the top five protein shakes that are in demand these days. Speak to your doctor before giving your teen any of these:

  1. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein for INR 1,999
  2. Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder for INR 1,989
  3. Protinex High Protein Nutritional Supplement for INR 230
  4. Prostar 100% Whey Protein by Ultimate Nutrition for INR 3,200
  5. British Nutrition Power Protein for INR 1,644

Your teen will surely need a lot of nutrition during these very important growing up years. But, remember dietary supplements are secondary to healthy meals.

Did your teen have a protein supplement? What protein supplement did you give your teen? Do share your experience with us in the comments section.

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