Prune Juice For Baby Constipation - Everything You Need To Know About

Prune Juice For Baby Constipation

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Is your little angel often experiencing irregular bowel movements? Did you know that you could use prune juice to effectively treat your baby’s condition? As incredible as it sounds, it’s true! Read the post to learn more.

Here we talk about the useful impacts of prune juice to treat your baby’s constipation. Scroll down and learn how will prune juice for baby constipation works!

What Is Prune Juice?

One of the varieties of dried plums is prunes. The juice extracted from these prunes acts as a natural laxative and treats constipation in babies. Prune juice is safe for your small babies, and they can easily cure bowel issues effectively. Prunes contain a high proportion of Sorbitol which eases bowel movement. Some other vital nutrients present in prune juice include potassium, iron, and dietary fiber. The natural laxative helps make the stool soft and promotes easy bowel movements (1).

Causes Of Constipation In Babies:

Constipation is a common health problem that many babies experience during early childhood.

Here we discuss some of the major causes of constipation in your little one:

1. Formula Milk:

When you feed your little angel with formula milk, her chances to suffer from constipation increase. Formula milk becomes harder to digest than normal breast milk. As a result, your baby’s stool becomes hard and bulky.

2. Dehydration:

Dehydration is another common reason to trigger the condition of constipation in your little one. As your baby does not intake enough amount of fluids or water, it becomes difficult to pass the stool smoothly.

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3. Medical Conditions:

Several medical conditions of diseases such as food poisoning, thrush or cold reduce your baby’s metabolic activity. Your child experiences constipation and is unable to pass her stool regularly.

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4. Excess Milk:

If your little angel drinks an excessive amount of milk and does not consume solid or fibrous foods, she becomes prone to experience constipation. Fiber present in fresh fruits and vegetables regulate the bowel movements properly and help your baby get rid of constipation.

5. Anal Fissure:

A skin tear occurs around the anal region of the babies. The anal fissure makes it difficult for your little one to pass the stool. She experiences terrible pain and thus resists going to toilet and pass the bowel movements daily.

6. Improper Toilet Training:

If your little angel is completely unaware of the accurate toilet etiquettes, it becomes difficult for her to complete the task. In such circumstances, she resists going to the toilet and remains busy playing. You should toilet-train your kid as soon as she is 2-3 years.

7. Inactivity:

Your child needs to remain active and participate in different exercising activities like running, jumping cycling and even swimming. Regular exercising helps in the food digestion process, and your little one does not experience constipation (2).

Symptoms Of Constipation In Babies:

If you are concerned about your baby’s irregular bowel movements, watch out for these symptoms:

  • Extreme irritability or pain before going potty
  • Fewer than three bowel movements a week
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Foul-smelling poo
  • Hard belly
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Urinary incontinence (3)

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Prune Juice For Baby Constipation:

Prune juice helps smoothen bowel movements and overcome the stressful condition of constipation. Prunes contain a high amount of Sorbitol, including soluble and insoluble fiber, and polyphenol. All these effective compounds possess laxative properties. The Sorbitol present in the prune juice helps to elevate the fluid content of your baby’s intestine. It makes the stool soft and promotes easy bowel movement.

Prune juice serves as an effective home remedy that cures constipation of your little angel. But depending upon your little one’s age, introduce prune juice in her diet. If your baby has not arrived at the age of taking solid foods, hold off before including prune juice. It is better to consult the pediatrician before giving baby prune juice for constipation.

If your baby is 1-2 years-old, dilute the prune juice with normal water before giving it to your baby. Your little angel may not like the strong flavor of prune juice. To make the taste of the juice palatable, add some other natural juices like apple or pear and then feed your baby (4).

Dosage Of Prune Juice For Constipation Baby:

When your baby is around six-months-old or below, you can dilute 1-2 tbsp. of prune juice in plain water and feed it to her. Add the water to suppress the strong flavor of the prune juice. Most small children do not like the strong flavor of prunes. To make the prune juice edible, the best thing to do is to dilute it with some other fruit juices or by adding water.

Increase the dosage of prune juice, as your babies age, exceeds six months. For proper directions about dosage, it is better to consult with the pediatrician. The experienced medical consultant examines the severity of constipation and prescribes the dosage accurately.

Can Your Baby Drink Prune Juice Daily?

Prune juice helps your little one overcome the condition of severe to mild constipation. Constipation is often an occasional problem for the majority of infants. And it may occur from time to time. If your baby has a problem of recurrent constipation, she gets huge relief from drinking prune juice every day. The laxative juice softens the stools and aids in the smooth bowel movement of your baby.

Side Effects Of Prune Juice In Babies:

Though prune juice cures the condition of constipation in your baby, excessive intake of the laxative triggers diarrhea. Your child experiences watery bowel movements. To overcome such circumstances and to have proper knowledge about the dosage, consult with the pediatrician.

Other Health Benefits Of Drinking Prune Juice:

Besides the benefit of prune juice for constipation in babies, there are several other health benefits of prune juice:

1. Regulates Cholesterol Level:

Prune juice contains high amounts of neo chlorogenic acid and chlorogenic acid. These are phenolic compounds help reduce the bad cholesterol level from the body.

2. Fights Against Cancer:

Both plums and prunes protect the brain from free radical damage. The high level of phytonutrients or phenols present in prune juice helps to ward off several life-threatening diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

2. Stabilizes Blood Pressure:

Prunes contain a high proportion of potassium. Research concludes that a potassium-rich diet keeps your baby’s heart healthy and stabilizes the blood pressure level.

3. Helps Overcome Diabetes:

Prune juice also contains a high percentage of natural sugars such as fructose and sorbitol, which help prevent blood sugar level spikes. Diabetes is a common health ailment that occurs in small babies and teenagers. Help your baby overcome diabetes by making her drinking prune juice.

4. Treats Anemia:

Anemia occurs when your child’s body does not possess sufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. Anemia induces many other health discomforts like breathing issues, irritability, and fatigue. Prune juice contains a high percentage of iron and helps to overcome the iron deficiency.

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5. Strengthens Bones And Muscles:

Dried plums are a rich source of mineral Boron. The vital mineral helps strengthen bones and muscles. It also improves your baby’s muscle coordination and mental acuity.

6. Supplies Vitamins To The Body:

Prune juice helps your baby acquire a sufficient amount of vital vitamins. These useful vitamins promote normal body functioning and growth. Prune juice is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, riboflavin, niacin, and B6. The vital vitamins help boost the immune system and protect your baby from harmful infections.

7. Removes Harmful Toxins:

The presence of antioxidants in prune juice helps your baby’s body to fight against free radicals, which can otherwise damage her cells. Soluble fibers present in prune juice encourage the liver to produce more bile, which helps to eliminate the harmful toxins from your baby’s body.

8. Promotes Hair Growth:

Prune Juice contains essential minerals to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. The essential minerals and nutrients strengthen your hair roots and make your hair shinier and more lustrous.

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How to Make Prune Juice For Baby Constipation At Home?

There are two different methods to prepare homemade prune juice for your little angel.

1. Method 1:

As prunes are nothing but dried plums, it is rather simple to prepare prune juice.

How To:

  • Soak the plums in water for one complete day, until they become soft.
  • Remove the pits from the soaked prunes and then put them in a blender.
  • Add a small amount of apple juice or ripe banana to enhance the flavor of the juice.

2. Method 2:

Another way to prepare homemade prune juice is boiling the prunes in water.

How To:

  • Put the prunes in a saucepan full of water.
  • Place the saucepan over medium flame and boil the water.
  • Now take out the prunes and drain the excess water.
  • Once the prunes cool down to room temperature, softly remove the pits and blend them using a food blender.
  • Blend to obtain a smooth paste and add an apple or other fruit juice to enhance the flavor.

Ways To Relieve Constipation In Babies:

When your little angel’s bowel movement becomes painful and irregular, constipation is the problem of such health condition. If you want your infant’s system to run smoothly again, here are few effective ways to promote your baby’s healthy bowel movement.

1. Fiber Rich Food:

Constipation often occurs when your baby starts eating solid foods in her diet. Especially, if your baby’s diet contains lots of low-fiber foods such as rice, cheese, bananas and cereals. Try including some nutritious as well as fibrous food elements in your little one’s food menu. Food fibers help to regulate the digestive process and aids in a smooth bowel movement (5).

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2. Massaging Your Baby’s Tummy:

To initiate smooth bowel movement, try to move your baby’s legs in a pedaling motion and also apply light massage on her little tummy. It can help in the swift movement of the bowel and get relief from constipation.

3. Increase Your Baby’s Water Consumption:

Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, lack of water triggers the condition of constipation. As you encounter some of the early signs of constipation in your baby, try feeding her an additional 2-4 ounces (¼- ½ cup) of water on a regular basis. Adequate intake of water helps in regulating bowel movement.

4. Add Fruit Juices To Her Diet:

Natural fruit juices such as apple or pear juice help your baby overcome constipation. Apart from the inclusion of Prune juice, other fruit juices are highly beneficial for nutritional development of your baby.

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5. Rectal Simulation:

The effective procedure helps smooth the bowel movement through the rectal region of your baby. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the tip of a rectal thermometer. Slowly insert the thermometer into your baby’s bottom. Gently wiggle the tip of the thermometer before removing it. The effective simulation aids in the smooth passage of the poo.

6. Give Your Baby A Warm Bath:

A warm bath offers a soothing effect on your little one’s tummy. Giving her a warm bath and then gently massaging her tummy with proper technique, helps initiate bowel movement (6).

7. Use A Glycerin Suppository:

Before using Glycerin Suppository, you should consider consulting the doctor and know the exact amount to be used. Depending upon your baby’s age and severity of constipation, the doctor recommends ¼- ½ to 1 children’s suppository to your baby. For severe constipation, Glycerin Suppository is extremely effective as it triggers the bowel pressure within 15-30 minutes (7).

Knowing about the tremendous health benefits of prune juice for babies constipation, you can safely incorporate the laxative in your baby’s diet. The natural juice not only helps to regulate her bowel movement but also supplies additional nutrients to her body.

Did you feed your little one Prune juice for your baby constipation? Did it help regulate your baby’s bowel movements? What was the dosage of Prune juice your doctor suggested? Did he offer any other tips or options to help your baby overcome constipation? Tell us about your experiences here. Comment in the box below! We would love to hear from you.

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