7 Qualities That Help You Love And Grow Together

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Have you ever felt your heart flutter when you’ve seen your parents steal loving glances at each other? Or when you’ve seen an old couple walk down the road hand in hand? There’s something nice about couples growing together and strengthening the relationship. Of course, love isn’t the only thing that they need for a strong foundation.

There are many emotions and actions that make sure the relationship stands the test of time and sails smoothly over every obstacle. Growing together, in a relationship, not only refers to the number of years of being together, but also to the value added to the relationship.

Here we list seven qualities that show that you are indeed in a relationship, which is not just full of love but also encourages growth.

1. Any emotion is allowed:

There may be times when you are down and out about something and are irritated with your partner. But when you open up and explain the situation and your partner puts in an effort to understand you, there is nothing better. The idea is that as long as you are open to one another about your feelings, your relationship is only going to grow. When you two are honest, it will nurture more love.

2. Expectations can take a backseat:

How would you feel if you threw a big party for your husband on his birthday, but he did nothing for yours? Disappointed? Well, the day you stop feeling bad about such things will be the day of big change in your relationship. Each person is different and has a different way to express love. Your husband might just show love and overwhelm you with his care for you. When you want to grow in a relationship together, you need to throw expectations out of the window and go easy. Let the love flow in its way.

3. Mutual acceptance is a rule:

When you agreed to be with the person you chose, you also chose to accept mutual differences. It is okay to disagree. So, learn to accept it with grace as no two people can think the same way all the time. Let not the sour feelings weaken the foundation of the relationship. Problems come and go, and also there are no happily ever-afters. When you don’t see eye to eye, learn to forgive and move on instead of holding a grudge.

4. Physical affection:

And it just does not translate to sex. If your husband has cooked you a nice soup because you were under the weather or if your wife showed up at the office with some hot meal… that is also physical affection. Tiny acts, which show how much you love each other, count.

And yes, initiating intimacy, being sexually responsive is also important. A pinch here, a kiss there, and some healthy flirting will always keep love alive.

5. Give room to save face:

Yes, we have all, without exception, done something stupid in our lives. As we grow old, society sets a rule that we cannot be silly or stupid. But we are humans, and we are not perfect. So, if your spouse has made a mistake or has had a misjudgement, you need not have to taunt them to no end. Be kind enough to pull them out of the shell of guilt into the brighter side which is full of love. This boosts his morale and also lets him know that you are standing by his side, rock solid!

6. Jealousy and overbearing, out!

In the honeymoon phase, it might just seem all too cute to be jealous of your spouse’s friends, but this habit should be nipped in the bud. Jealousy only brings negativity into the relationship and while it is okay to be careful of your partner not straying, constantly doubting him will doom the relationship. The same goes with overbearing. Do not try to put him under your control. He is not a machine to work as you want. If you intend the relationship to grow, you must learn to trust and give freedom.

7. Put care before needs:

We’ve all been taught the essential difference between needs and wants in our lives. But what’s better than not indulging in needs is putting others’, or your spouses’, needs before yours. Imagine a relationship where both of you endlessly care for each other! Isn’t that a positive thought? That’s what happens when you take care of the small things and let the relationship and people in it grow. You nurture care and you get it in return.

Relationships are meant to sustain and in a world where people fall out easily, giving each other space, endless love and care, and being open minded is the key to letting the hearts be locked together forever.

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