55 Questions To Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Break-ups can be terrible, sad, and painful. You are left heartbroken when the relationship you shared with your romantic partner ends. It leaves you with no option but to accept the break-up. You often reflect upon the relationship even after the break-up and wonder what went wrong or keep thinking about how you could have saved the relationship.

Let’s face it. Most of us have at least once imagined ourselves bumping into our ex and have had an imaginary conversation with them, asking all sorts of questions we never asked before. If you find yourself doing this more often, it means you have some unresolved feelings with your ex. Before the break-up starts taking over your life, try to sort it out with your ex. Here are some questions to ask your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that might help you view the relationship from a different perspective.

55 Questions To Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Before reconnecting with your ex, you need to first determine the exact reason why you want to talk to them and how it might help you.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Back With An Ex

  1. Why did I break up?
  1. Do I want him/her to get back? If yes, why?
  1. Am I sure I want him/her back, or is this just a temporary phase that I will overcome after some time?
  1. Have I spent a considerable amount of time away from him/her and still feel the same for him/her?
  1. Have I grown as a person since the break-up?
  1. Can I forgive and forget past mistakes?
  1. Do I hold any resentment against him/her?
  1. Will I be able to start afresh with him/her?
  1. Have I found the solutions to our past problems?
  1. Am I willing to make compromises?
  1. Am I prepared to do everything it takes to fix the issues that led to the break-up?
  1. Will my family and friends be happy about this?
  1. What advice would I give to someone in a similar situation?

Questions To Ask Your Ex After A Break-up

Once you have the answers to all the questions above and feel you can give the relationship a second chance, you need to ensure you and your ex are on the same page. Here are a few questions you could ask them.

  1. Did you ever love me?
  1. Do you ever think about me? If yes, how often?
  1. Whenever you watch our favorite movies or songs, do they remind you of me?
  1. Do you remember how you first met me?
  1. What was it about me that made you fall for me?
  1. What did you find best about me?
  1. What did you hate about me?
  1. Did you ever cheat on me? If yes, why?
  1. Do you regret the relationship didn’t work?
  1. What did you like best about me and the relationship?
  1. What was lacking in me and the relationship?
  1. Do you miss me and the relationship?
  1. Did you ever see a future with me?
  1. What’s your favorite memory of us together?
  1. Do you still have the things I gave you?
  1. If you could change something about the relationship, what would it be?
  1. Did the relationship change you in any way?
  1. Do you think you have changed since the break-up?

Questions To Ask Your Ex, To Get Them Back

After your ex has answered the questions above, if you feel there is a chance of getting back together, try asking the following questions.

  1. Would you be open to getting back together?
  1. Do you still have feelings for me?
  1. What did you learn about yourself and us during our time apart?
  1. What would you have done differently to avoid our last separation?
  1. What do you wish I should have done differently the last time we were together?
  1. How good a girlfriend was I?
  1. What is your current impression of me?
  1. What do you miss most about our relationship?
  1. Of all things we did together, what do you remember the most?
  1. Are you willing to walk the extra mile to resolve our past problems?
  1. How compatible do you think we were in bed?
  1. What is your definition of an ideal relationship?

Questions To Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend Or Girlfriend To Get Closure

Sometimes, the way you feel about your ex may not necessarily be the same way they feel about you or vice-versa. However, you deserve closure to move on peacefully. These questions might help you get the closure you are seeking.

  1. Can you tell me why being together is not the best idea for the two of us?
  1. What do you think was responsible for the failure of our relationship?
  1. When did you realize we were done with the relationship?
  1. How did you feel in our relationship?
  1. How did you cope with the breakup?
  1. What did our relationship teach you?
  1. What are the good things you take away from our relationship?
  1. What about our relationship would you like to erase from your memory?
  1. Is there anything you haven’t said before and would like to tell me now?
  1. Do you want to ask me anything?
  1. What kind of relationship would you like to have in the future?
  1. Do you wish to stay connected as friends?

Certain things in life are not in our control, and a romantic relationship is one of them. No matter how hard you may try, if the relationship is not meant to be, it will not work out. Those that are meant to be together always find a way to each other. However, do not depend on fate to make or break a relationship. If you are still in love with your ex and think some minor adjustments can make things work, then go for it.