160+ Interesting 'Who Knows Me Better' Questions For Friends

You may think your friends know you inside out. But is that true? Ask ‘who knows me better’ questions to friends from our post and keep getting sweet and sour surprises. It is fun when you playfully interrogate while indulging in such games with your chums and end up laughing hard while listening to each other’s stories and experiences. So, plunge into our post for some exciting and interesting questions; use them to quiz your buddies to discern the depth of familiarity they have with you. You may even play this game with your partner and find out who knows who better.

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160+ Interesting Questions To Ask Your Friends About Yourself

These questions about yourself to ask your friends can tell you how much they know about you in a fun way. You may also use these questions to inquire and learn more about your comrades.

“How Well Do You Know Me” Questions For Friends

When you play ’20 Questions’ with your friends, peers or associates, these questions could stump them.

  1. What is the most adventurous thing I have ever done?
  2. How many times do I go on vacation every year?
  3. Do I like dogs/cats?
  4. Do I have pets?

    Do I have pets

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  5. Which is my favorite season?
  6. Which is the best gift I have ever received?
  7. What do I like doing when I have nothing to do?
  8. Have I ever participated in a competition?
  9. What was the most memorable moment of my life?
  10. Which book do I love most?
  11. Can I swim well?
  12. Do I have a hidden talent no one knows about?
  13. Am I a bathroom singer?

    Am I a bathroom singer

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  14. Do I cook well?
  15. Have I ever gone on a road trip?
  16. Have I ever flown a kite?
  17. Have I ever been cheated by a friend?
  18. What is my favorite mobile brand?
  19. What is my go-to comfort food?
  20. What is my all-time favorite vacation destination?
  21. What is my dream job?
  22. What method do I use to communicate?
  23. What was my nickname as a child?
  24. What’s my favorite dessert?
  25. What genre of books do I like?
  26. What is my star sign?
  27. Which historical figure would I have tea with?
  28. When is my birthday?
  29. Where did I go to college?
  30. What kind of snacks do I prefer, sweet or salty?
  31. What is my daily average screen time?

“Who Knows Me Better” Questions For Friends

When you are with your close companions, you can ask these questions to test (in a light vein) to probe who really knows more about you.

  1. What do I prefer? Tea or coffee?
  2. How many pets do I have?
  3. Have I ever traveled abroad?
  4. Which is my favorite festival?
  5. Which is my favorite TV show/movie?
  6. When did I get my first cell phone?
  7. What is my favorite food?

    What is my favorite food

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  8. Do I have any allergies?
  9. What do I love doing on weekends?
  10. What is the sport I used to play in school?
  11. When is my birthday and how do I usually celebrate?
  12. Who is my current celebrity crush?
  13. Did I ever do anything to get in trouble with the police while growing up?
  14. Did I have pets while growing up? Which animals did I have?
  15. What is my favorite type of music?
  16. What is my favorite childhood memory?
  17. What is my biggest pet peeve?
  18. What’s my favorite hobby?
  19. What’s the one thing I wanted to master?
  20. What is my biggest fear?
  21. What is my middle name?
  22. What is my favorite sport?
  23. What is my favorite color?
  24. Where did I grow up?
  25. How many siblings do I have?
  26. Am I an early bird or a night owl?
  27. What songs do I like to sing in the shower?

Funny Questions To Ask Your Best Friend About Yourself

Your bestie is your confidante who knows every little thing about you. Use these questions to test your knowledge and decipher facts about each other. You might be surprised at how much you really know them.

  1. If I won a lottery, what do you think I would spend it on?
  2. Which is my favorite dinosaur?
  3. What is my guilty pleasure?
  4. Which is the place I would love to go on vacation?
Which is the place I would love to go on vacation

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  1. What is my definition of a perfect day?
protip_icon Quick tip
Give a point for each correct response, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. The winner is most likely your best friend too.
  1. Did you ever think we’d become best friends?
  2. Would I rather own a dragon or be a dragon?
  3. Which is the song I love singing with you during car rides?
  4. What drives me crazy?
  5. Which fictional best friend pair is just like us?
  6. What is your favorite memory of us?
  7. Which dessert do I like most?
  8. When were you impressed by me?
  9. What do I order at a restaurant?
  10. What toppings do I like on my pizza?
  11. What was my childhood nickname?
  12. What is one thing about me that only you know?
  13. How do I prefer to be comforted when I am sad or upset?
  14. If I had a superpower, what would it be?
  15. What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?
  16. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, what would it be?
  17. What is my weirdest habit?
  18. What is something that I am afraid of that most people find strange?
  19. What is my go-to dance move?
  20. What is the most ridiculous item on my bucket list?
  21. What would my talking animal sidekick be, and what would it say?
  22. What is the strangest thing I have done to impress someone?
  23. What fictional universe would I choose to live in?
  24. What TV show or movie is my ‘guilty pleasure?’
  25. What is the weirdest food combination that I have ever eaten or introduced you to?
  26. If I could wear only one type of clothing for the rest of my life, what would it be?
  27. What is the weirdest thing I have Googled?
  28. What is the most bizarre thing I own?
  29. What is my signature catchphrase?
  30. What is the most ridiculous item in my wardrobe?
  31. What is my hidden talent?
  32. What is something I am really bad at?
  33. Do I plan ahead or am I more spontaneous?
  34. Have I done something illegal?
  35. An elephant-sized dog or a dog-sized elephant? What would I choose?
  36. Have I ever broken a bone?
  37. Have I ever worn braces?
  38. What is the sweetest thing I have ever done?

Deep Questions To Ask Your Friends About Yourself

Some questions require you to introspect and answer. These questions can help comprehend your friends better. The person who asks the question can also look into themselves for an answer. Additionally, seeking your close friend’s opinion about you reflects profound vulnerability and courage, further deepening your friendship.

Recalling her emotions when her friend posed a profound question to her, blogger and author Danielle LaPorte says, “I had a friend ask me once. On a long hike with nowhere to be, she worked her way into it and said, ‘Okay, I’m going to ask. What do you think of me?’ Big exhale. I was so touched and honored that I got a bit misty. It felt like a proposal that we’d be friends who meet each other with courage and sweetness and that we were really here to help each other make it in life. We talked and laughed for hours, beaming together. A satellite of love (i).”

So go ahead and ask your close pals these deep questions.

  1. How old was I when I had my first romantic relationship?
  2. Who was the first person with whom I had a romantic relationship?
  3. What is the longest relationship I have ever been in?
  4. Out of all the things I do, what do I do best?
  5. What makes me happiest in the whole world?
  6. Would you call me a religious person?
  7. What makes our friendship special?
  8. What major do you think I should choose and why?
  9. What is the one unique quality in me that you admire?
  10. What is the one thing that is guaranteed to put me in a good mood?
  11. What do your parents think about our friendship?
  12. Describe me in three words.
  13. What do you think will make our friendship stronger?
  14. When was I the proudest of my achievements?
  15. Who was the person who last made me cry?
  16. Which movie had a big impact on me?
  17. Which book inspired me the most?
  18. What type of music do I listen to when I need a mood boost?
  19. What do I value most in a friendship or relationship?
  20. What is the one thing about me that only you know?
  21. What do I usually do when I am bored?
  22. Who is the person that I deeply admire and respect?
  23. Which are the countries that I am dying to visit?
  24. What is the most difficult situation I have ever faced and how did I overcome it?
  25. Where am I the happiest and at peace?
  26. What would I choose; money or power?
  27. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  28. Do I want to marry in the future?
  29. Do I want children in the future?
  30. Am I an optimist or a pessimistic person? Or would you consider me more of a realist?
  31. If I could travel through time, would I travel to the past or to the future?
  32. What are my thoughts on the afterlife?

Hard Questions To Ask Your Friends About Yourself

Life is not always a bed of roses. These queries will help recognize and acknowledge the thorny aspects of life. Articulate your answers in an honest manner.

  1. What is the most annoying trait I have?
  2. Do you think I have ever stolen anything?
  3. What quality of mine do you think I should change?
  4. What is the easiest way to irritate me?
  5. What is the moment when you felt our friendship would end?
  6. Where do you see me in five years?
  7. How important do you think we are in each other’s life?
  8. What fashion trend do you want me to give up?
  9. What are my regrets?
  10. Have I ever been bullied?
  11. What keeps me up at night?

    What keeps me up at night

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  12. What do you think will happen to me when I die?
  13. Do you think I lie? What would be the last lie I told?
  14. Which was the hardest goodbye in my life?
  15. What are my long-term career goals?
  16. What is my favorite way to relax and unwind?
  17. What is my most cherished possession?
  18. Which fictional character do I relate to the most, and why?
  19. What do I like to do when I am stressed?
  20. What past event has changed me the most and shaped my beliefs and values?
  21. What is a personal motto that I live by?
  22. How do I handle stress or difficult situations?
  23. Who is my oldest friend?
  24. Do I prefer to stay in or go out on the weekend?
  25. What is the last show I watched on Netflix?
  26. Who is my favorite artist or band?
  27. What did I want to be as a kid?
  28. What does a perfect day look like for me?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make sure the questions are appropriate?

To ensure that the “Who Knows Me Better” questions are appropriate, consider the audience and the game’s purpose. The questions to ask friends should be respectful and not offensive or discriminatory in any way.

2. Is it okay to decline to answer a question?

Yes, it is okay to decline to answer a question. However, everyone has the right to choose what information they want to share with others, and sometimes there are good reasons for not answering a particular question.

3. How can I ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate?

Establish clear rules and guidelines from the outset. These should include the number of questions asked, the time limit for answering, and the method for determining the winner.

4. What if someone gets upset or offended by a question or answer?

If someone gets upset or offended by a question or answer in a “who knows me better” game, it’s important to address their feelings and apologize if necessary.

5. How can I make sure the game is not too competitive?

You can set some ground rules and expectations for the game beforehand. You can also encourage players to focus on enjoying the process of learning about each other rather than winning.

6. Is it okay to play the game virtually or online?

Yes, playing the “who knows me better” game virtually or online is okay. Virtual games can be just as enjoyable and engaging as in-person ones. They provide a great opportunity to stay connected with loved ones, especially when physical distancing is necessary.

Sharing personal information can help someone open up about themselves. This is how true friendships are formed. You start with simple questions and work your way up to more complex ones. If you’re looking for a reason to reflect and seek answers in your life, these “who knows me better questions for friends” will surely be helpful. They will not only help you identify your true friends, but they will also help you understand yourself, your views on things, and your overall attitude toward others and life.

Infographic: “Who Knows Me Better” Questions To Ask Your Friends

The “Get to know me” questions game is a fun way to spend time with friends during sleepovers or hangouts. So if you are the host of the next get-together with your friends, these questions can come in handy. Here are a few more to add to the list above to reveal hilarious and interesting facts about yourself and others.

questions to ask your friends (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Test your knowledge of your partner, kids, friends, or family with this fun game! Play along at home and see how well you know each other.

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