200+ Best Questions To Ask Your Grandparents About Their Life

Nothing can replace the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. So, even though you may not see each other often, make the most of it whenever you do. You may start with some questions to ask your grandparents next time you visit them. There may be a sense of strangeness there, but the smile on their faces when you visit them is precious. But as you will get to know about their family history and experiences when they were your age, you can understand how wise one becomes as they grow old.

Learning more about your grandparents may also help you avoid future regret. Talking about her grandmother who is battling dementia, blogger Melissa Brown says, “I wish I knew her better. I wish I got to hear her stories — what it was like to move to America because her daughter married an American against her will, how she was able to raise 4 children even when her husband lost everything because of a bad investment, a first-hand account of interpretations I heard from my mom. Now, it’s too late.

“I didn’t visit often enough to create memories with her as an adult. And when I did, my Korean wasn’t good enough to carry the conversations I wish I had. If I could go back, I’d ask her questions. I’d want to hear stories that would contribute to my celebration of her life (i).”

Read on for a list of questions to ask your grandparents to know them even better.

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200+ Questions to Ask Your Grandparents

Your grandparents would hop on quick if you were to ask them questions that allow them to reminisce about their experiences and what they have learned from them.

  1. How much do you like your name? Does it have any specific meaning or story to t?
  2. What was your pet name while growing up?
Question to ask your grandparents about their pet
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  1. What was the occupation of great grandfather and grandmother?
  2. What was your favorite food growing up? Do you still like it?
  3. What was Mom/Dad like when they were my age?
  4. What was mom like as a child? Did you have a hard time raising her, or was it easy-breezy?
  5. What kind of child was dad like? Did he get into trouble a lot?
  1. What is the most prominent memory that you have of your parents?
  2. Did Mom/Dad have any funny or embarrassing childhood stories?
  3. Tell a story about a moment when you felt incredibly alive and present.
  4. What was your family like growing up? How often did you people have a family get together, and how much did you enjoy it?
  5. Can you recall any funny or heartwarming story when I was a baby?
  6. Do you still remember any particular family member who you used to adore and love spending time with?
  7. Have you ever had a hidden hobby or passion?
  8. What are the fondest memories that you still have of your childhood?
  9. How did you meet grandfather/grandmother?
  10. What was the biggest risk you have ever taken?
  11. What did Mom/Dad want to be when they grew up?
  12. Do you have any particular memory of your childhood that makes you nostalgic?
  13. Do you still remember the first house where you lived? Did you people move out a lot?
  14. Who was your best friend growing up?
  15. What do you hope the future holds for our family and the world?
  16. Can you tell me about Mom/Dad’s wedding day?
  17. Where did you grow up, and how was your neighborhood? Do you have any funny memories that you can recall of your neighbors?
  18. Do you have any unfulfilled dreams or goals that you’d still like to pursue?
  19. How was it growing up with your siblings? Do you have any particular memory that you miss?
  20. Did Mom/Dad have any special talents or hobbies as a kid?
  21. Have you ever experienced any supernatural events in your life?
  22. Did you have a pet while growing up? How fond were you of it?
  1. What games did you play with your friends?
  1. What was your passion growing up?
  2. Did you have any particular hobby that you loved while growing up?
  3. What was the most important lesson you learned from a mistake or failure in your life?
  4. Were you a collector of anything particular?
  5. If you could relive one day of your life, which day would it be and why?
  6. What was your school like?
  7. Who was your best friend at school? What is the earliest memory that you still have of them?
  8. Can you tell me about a time when you stood up for something you believed in, even if it was tough?
  9. Did you have any particular teacher at school who you liked?
  10. What was your earliest memory of any shenanigans that you participated in?
  11. What’s the best piece of advice you ever received from someone?
  12. Did you ever get caught doing something wrong? What was it?
  13. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  14. How did you react when Mom/Dad introduced their partner (my other parent) to you for the first time?
  15. Did you and your best friend have any secret hangout places?
  16. Did you ever do anything as a child that made you go back in time and change it?
  17. What was your first job like?
  18. What’s the boldest career move you’ve made, and what inspired it?
  19. Did you have any particular goal that you wanted to achieve?
  20. How many jobs have you had throughout your life?
  21. Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone from a different background or culture.
  22. If you could have changed careers to something better, would you have done it?
  23. Is there a huge difference between your era and mine?
  24. What was your dream while growing up?
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If you have been away from your grandparents for a long while or think you are disconnected, asking questions about them can help you get along.
  1. How would your friends describe you in school days?
  2. What was school like for you?
  3. Were there any particular subjects that grew an affinity for?
  4. What was your highest achievement in school?
  5. Were you liked by the teachers at school, or were you the mischievous child?
Teenager asking her grandmother about her younger days
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  1. Was there any teacher at school who changed your perception towards any subject that you disliked?
  2. What were Mom/Dad’s career aspirations or dreams when they were younger? Did they fulfill them?
  3. Could you recount a humorous miscommunication that occurred within the family?
  4. What’s the funniest argument you’ve witnessed between family members?
  5. How did you decide your career path?
  6. Did you have a good college/university life?
  7. How was college different in the past?
  8. What are some tips for nurturing strong and lasting relationships?
  9. Were there any clubs that you were a part of?
  10. Did you ever have a crush on someone but kept it a secret?
  11. Can you recall a hilarious incident from your school days?
  12. What were your favorite sports growing up? Who was your favorite player?
  13. Where did you get your education (school/college)?
  14. What was school like when you were a child?
  15. What were your career aspirations as a child?
  16. How did you maintain long-distance connections before technology?
  17. Describe the most memorable meal you’ve ever enjoyed and where it was.
  18. What were some of the family vacations or trips that Mom/Dad took as a kid?
  19. Did you ever accidentally embarrass your children in front of their friends?
  20. Was there a dress code in your school?
  21. What role did your friendships play in shaping your values and character?
  22. What was the salary from your first job? Were you satisfied with it?
  23. Do you have any memories from your workplace that is hilarious?
  24. How was your first boss?
  25. Did Mom/Dad have any best buddies when they were young?
  26. When did you buy your first car?
  27. Which culture has influenced you the most?
  28. What did you think when you were first introduced to computers?
  29. How did you learn to drive a vehicle?
  30. Could you share memories of your first plane journey?
  31. Could you recall when you first used a mobile phone?
  32. Was there any particular car that you loved?
  33. What were Mom/Dad’s relationships like with their siblings? Do you have any interesting stories to share?
  34. Who was the first person you ever fell in love with?
  35. What was grandfather/grandmother like when you had first met them?
Question to ask your grandparents about their first meet
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  1. What was your first impression of grandfather/grandmother?
  2. What is the fondest memory that you still have of grandfather/grandmother?
  3. What was Mom/Dad’s nickname when they were little?
  4. What was your marriage ceremony like?
  5. How was your first trip with Mom/Dad?
  6. How did you navigate the complexities of teenage dating?
  7. How did you spend your weekends during adolescence?
  8. Which fashion trends left an impression on you?
  9. How did you maintain your health and fitness as a young adult?
  10. How did you choose mother/father’s names? What was the reason behind it?
  11. Did you have any ailments as a child?
  12. How did you spend your time as a child?
  13. How did Mom/Dad handle chores or responsibilities at home when they were children?
  14. How was your relationship with your parents?
  15. How did you and your family spend your time together?
  16. How did you stay open to new ideas and views as you got older?
  17. What is one piece of life advice given by your parents that still sticks with you?
  18. Was there an allowance allotted to you as a child? If yes, how did you use it?
  19. Was there any favorite toy you were particularly fond of?
  20. What is your message for the future generations?
  21. What are your three unfulfilled wishes?
  22. Could you tell a story about a time when you made a positive impact on someone’s life?
  23. Where did you first travel to? How did you like it?
  24. How did you handle stress and take care of your mental well-being throughout your life?
  25. What is the best place where you have gone for a vacation and why?
  26. What are the fondest memories of your family trips that you still remember? Do you have any photos?
  27. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in people’s attitudes during your lifetime?
  28. Do you believe in religion, or are you an atheist? How has it changed your life?
  29. What is the best memory as a raising mother/father?
  30. What was your favorite childhood memory involving a neighbor?
  31. What was a fashion trend you followed when you were younger that you now find embarrassing?
  32. Of all the places you have been to in your life, which is your favorite and why?
  33. If there is any advice you could have given to your younger self, what would it be and why?
  34. How did you and your partner keep your relationship strong for years?
  35. How much do you think your decision-making process has changed as you have grown older?
  36. Are there any family traditions that you always followed?
  37. How did Mom/Dad’s upbringing differ from yours, Grandma/Grandpa?
  38. Has anyone ever gotten you out of a tight situation? Who is it?
  39. What was your favorite movie growing up?
  40. What achievements or accomplishments of Mom/Dad made you proud as a parent?
  41. Which songs/music did you love listening to while growing up?
  42. Are there any particular artists whose work you used to admire?
  43. How was your first exposure to TV?
  44. What were your thoughts and emotions when humans first set their foot on mars?
  45. Were pen pals or long-distance friends part of your life?
  46. How did you celebrate your Christmas holidays as a child?
  47. What kind of inventions do you think are the best ones during your lifetime?
  48. Did you like reading books? What was your favorite book growing up?
  49. Did Mom/Dad have any favorite activities to do with you?
  50. Was there any fictional character that you admired as a child?
  51. What was your first memory of witnessing a war?
A war veteran sharing is war memories with his grandchildren
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  1. Who managed the finances at home? How did you manage to live with limited financial resources?
  2. Did you ever go against societal norms or expectations?
  3. How much do you think everything has changed through generations? Are you coping up with the change, or are you having a hard time with it?
  4. Can you describe the most breathtaking natural event you’ve witnessed?
  5. Do you remember any big event that became international news from your time?
  6. Who is your oldest friend to date?
  7. How did you use creativity or innovation to solve a tough problem in your life?
  8. What were the toughest choices that you had to make in your entire life?
  9. Were there any events that changed your perspective about life?
  10. What were your beliefs or superstitions during your young age?
  11. Do you have any adventurous stories from road trips or travels?
  12. What was your favorite childhood memory involving snow or winter?
  13. What are your hobbies? Are they the same as they were when you were growing up?
  14. Can you tell a story about a significant meeting with someone?
  15. Did you play pranks on other people? If yes, what was the funniest one from your memory?
  16. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
  17. What were some popular gadgets during your childhood?
  18. What did a typical day look like in your daily routine growing up?
  19. How did you stay informed about news and current events back then?
  20. Are there any regrets in your life? How have you coped up with them?
  21. Who is your favorite sports personality/actor/musician/comedian/chef?
  22. What is your favorite food/color/ice cream/candy/drink? Do you have their recipes?
Children ask grandparents about their favorite food
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  1. What are the things that you are truly grateful for?
  2. Can you share the story of Mom/Dad’s birth and the excitement around it?
  3. Which values and beliefs are you proud your parents instilled in you?
  4. Have you ever had to cope with big changes in society?
  5. Can you share a story about meeting a famous or influential person?
  6. Do you remember any interesting encounters with wild animals when you were young?
  7. What is something in your life that you are truly proud of?
  8. Have you witnessed any major natural disasters in your lifetime?
  9. What is your favorite thing about us?
  10. Did you experience a severe weather condition?
  11. Favorite childhood dessert you’d like to share?
  12. What was your first experience with a radio?
  13. How did you celebrate your 18th and 21st birthday?
  14. Is there any place that you have not visited but want to?
  15. If you could give me life advice, what would it be?
  16. Have you been part of any community programs?
  17. Could you describe your childhood home?
  18. How did you spend your summer breaks in your teenage years?
  19. How did you document and preserve family history and records?
  20. What is your most memorable experience in nature?
  21. What was your favorite childhood breakfast or meal?
  22. Did you have any favorite hobbies or pastimes in retirement?
  23. What was your favorite childhood musical instrument or activity?
  24. How did you support and encourage your children’s hobbies and passions?
  25. What was your favorite childhood song or musical genre?
  26. How do you maintain friendships and social connections?
  27. What was your favorite childhood recipe?
  28. What was your favorite childhood store or shop?
  29. How did you celebrate your children’s birthdays?
  30. How did you handle responsibilities at home when you were young?
  31. What was your favorite book in childhood?
  32. How did you celebrate major milestones like graduation and wedding?
  33. How did you handle conflicts and disagreements in your family?
  34. What was your favorite childhood theater experience?
  35. How did you make difficult decisions and choices in your youth?
  36. What was your favorite childhood art or craft activity?
  37. How did you adapt to technological advancements in your lifetime?
  38. How did you pursue your passions and hobbies as you grew older?
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What notable roles do grandparents play?

Grandparents play various e­ssential roles within a family. They act as care­givers, mentors, prese­rvers of traditions and family history, and sources of emotional support. They provide childcare, share wisdom, uphold cultural values, tell family stories, and offer a stable­ presence for their grandchildren. These role­s help foster strong connections among family members across different ge­nerations, making grandparents important in our lives.

2. Why is being a grandparent so special?

Being a grandpare­nt is an incredibly special experience. It brings immense­ joy as you watch a new generation grow and offers the chance to share your wisdom gaine­d from life’s experiences. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to create che­rished memories and nurture­ unique relationships with grandchildren that go beyond the traditional parent-child dynamic. Grandparents ofte­n deeply appreciate the warmth, love, and the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that comes with this role­. Rob Cyrier, a blogger and a grandfather, narrates how his granddaughter inspires him to focus on important things. He says, “As I’ve reflected on being a new grandparent these past few years, an amazing hidden benefit is experiencing life through a child’s eyes and how they find joy in life’s simple pleasures.

“It has been truly humbling and liberating to take a step back and evaluate my own needs from the perspective of my granddaughter’s uncomplicated needs. It is a joy to view life through her innocence (ii).”

Asking children to prepare some questions to ask their grandparents when they are on holiday with them can be an engaging activity. It may help your child learn more about their grandparents and ancestry. They could include personal questions about their love story, job, parents, and siblings. They could also ask about their school life and friends. Grandparents could impart wisdom to the little ones. Since the bond between grandparents and grandchildren is special, they will enjoy sharing their life experiences, legacy, and some memorable moments with the little ones.

Infographic: Importance Of Spending Time With Your Grandparents

Your grandparents are probably the best people you know after your parents. They shower you with immeasurable love and care and pamper you like no one else will. Thus, it is essential that you take out some time from your busy schedule and spend some time with them, as they will appreciate it too. The following infographic highlights the importance of having a solid bond and spending time with your grandparents. So, give it a thorough read and save it so you can share it with others.

why spend quality time with your grandparents (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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