9 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Kids With Long Hair

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Does your little one enjoy sporting long hair? Are you looking for some adorable hairstyles to keep her long hair neat and manageable? If you said yes, then you should consider reading our post on hairstyles for kids with long hair.

While little girls love long hair, maintaining them is an arduous task. Kids go out to play, and their hair can become dusty or get entangled. But, don’t worry! Here are they:

9 Simple Hairstyles For Kids With Long Hair:

1. Topknot Ballerina Bun:

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The Topknot ballerina bun awakens the pretty little ballerina in your little girl. Collect all her hair in a bun and tie it up at the top of the head. You can deck the bun with a cute bow and a matching dress.

2. Quadruple Twist Hairstyle:

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The quadruple twist hairstyle for kids with long hair looks great on them, particularly on kids who have curly hair. You will need some styling cream, spray gel, ponytail holders and pretty butterfly clips, and voila, your little diva is ready with her funky quadruple twist.

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3. The Unique Fishtail Braid:

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The unique fishtail braid is something different; it is a breath of fresh hair. The hair is tied up and tangle-free. The hairstyle is also popular as a Herringbone braid that looks adorable on your dear little one’s long hair.

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4. The Wrapped Pony-Tail Style:

Give the plain old ponytail a wonderful twist with the wrapped ponytail style. It will not only help keep your kid’s hair tangle-free, but it will make her look cute. You can tie the ponytail on either side of her head, or both sides. This is one of the adorable hairstyles for long hair children.

5. French Braid:

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French braiding is one of the common long hairstyles for long hair kids. The intricate appearance of the unique hairstyle and multiple embellishment options that can enhance its appearance makes it dear favorite among kids with long hair.

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6. Single Side Dutch Braid:

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The Single Side Dutch braid makes your little angel appear oh-so-sweet. You can modify and enhance the wonderful hairstyle with small butterfly hairclips, jeweled hair clips, or colorful ribbons, whichever looks great on your kid’s hair.

7. Double-Twisted Pony Tail Hairstyle:

The double-twisted pony tail imparts a fluffy appearance to your kid’s long hair. Your kid’s hair appears voluminous in the beautiful hairstyle. Decking up the pony-tail with colorful, beautiful flowers can enhance the hairstyle and make your tot look pretty and cute.

8. Flip Tail Hairstyle:

Another fantastic and smart variation of the plain old ponytail is flip tail hairstyle. You need to tie two simple ponytails and then tie them up into one ponytail. The hairstyle makes your little angel look cute, and chances are, her friends will all want you to tie their hair up in the same way. You can use an appropriate ponytail holder while you style your girl’s hair.

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9. Veil Hairstyle:

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The veil hairstyle helps your kids sport an adorable appearance, particularly at fancy dress competitions and other functions where your kid needs to look stylish and adorable. Even though you need to put in some extra efforts and patience to accomplish the beautiful long hairstyles for children, you will feel like a proud mom once you see how beautiful your little angel looks.

So, did you try any of these long hairstyles for kids? Did your little one like any of them? Do you know of any other hairstyles that your long-haired kid sports? Tell us about your story here. Leave a comment in the section below. Fellow moms would love to hear from you.

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