10 Fun Games And Activities To Celebrate Teacher's Day This Year

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A good teacher can act as an inspiration and motivation, ignite the imagination, and instill a love for learning. Engaging in activities to celebrate Teacher’s Day helps you express your admiration and respect for them.

Teachers lay a strong foundation in an individual’s life and are seen as a symbol of empowerment with their strong leadership or mentorship skills, wisdom, and vast knowledge. They are a guiding light, a role model who influences you to shape your future under their guidance.

Organizing creative activities will also help strengthen the bond between teachers and students. If you are looking for some super fun ideas to make their day special, keep reading our post for innovative and interesting ideas that everyone may like. Take the help of your peers and plan well in advance so there are no hurdles on the D day.

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8 Fun And Interesting Teachers Day Activities

You can encourage your child to improvise a wonderful plan with the rest of her friends for a special celebration on the eve of teacher’s day. Here are some fun celebration ideas and activities for teachers day, that can make every teacher feel special:

1. Stage performances

Live band performances with the school band is a good idea.

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This particular teachers day activity for kids is definitely the best way to express their emotions. To be a sure entertainer, ask your child not to discuss any plans with the teachers. Following are some interesting stage show performances that your child can try:

  • Live band performances involving the school band are a good idea to add a flair to the festivity.
  • Children can dress up as teachers and mimic them. However, your children must not end up disrespecting them in any way. Harmless fun can be a source of enjoyment for all. Teachers will love to see their replicas on stage, and the performers will receive a lot of praise.
  • You can encourage your child to organize dance competitions. Students, who love dancing, will love to grab the offer in excitement.
  • Dramatic activities that put up the scenarios in classrooms will spread cheeriness and entertainment to both teachers and students. It can be a wonderful way to interact with the teachers.
  • If you think your child has earned recognition as a singer, encourage her to sing for her teachers. Again, teachers can be encouraged to participate in a singing competition. Ensure there are prizes for the winners as their hard work deserves commendation.

protip_icon Trivia
Teachers’ Day is celebrated on different dates across the world. While World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the 5th of October, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of September in India and the 10th of September in China.

2. Teacher’s Day games

Children can organize outdoor or indoor games for teachers. Here are some ideas:

  • Football games.
  • Scrabble contest.
  • Carrom competitions.
  • Cricket.
  • Basketballs are some exciting ideas.

These teachers day activity ideas can be followed by prize distribution, for which you can take help of a non-teaching staff and organize together with your child.

3. Arrange informal chatting sessions

Encourage children to engage in free flowing discussions

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Teachers’ day is a wonderful occasion when children can engage in informal talk with their mentors.

  • You can encourage your child to engage in free flowing discussions.
  • This can help clarify their academic thoughts and rectify their negative traits.

4. Thanking the teachers

Teachers’ day celebration is the best way your child can express her gratitude to her teachers.

You can encourage her to develop speeches, organize parties with others in class or dedicate quotes to teachers.

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Write a heartfelt note to thank your teacher for their valuable teachings. You may also present a simple homemade gift to offer your tribute.

5. Arrange a picnic

Another interesting way to celebrate Teacher’s day is to arrange a surprise picnic for their teachers.

Children can carry cameras, umbrellas, beverages, snacks, tissues and baskets, which constitute the picnic essentials.

6. Decorate

Children can write special messages on the board

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Children can decorate the staff rooms and hallways. You can share interesting ideas with your child, like writing special messages on the board and decorating with balloons, ribbons and cards.

You can also encourage your child to draw “World’s Best Teacher” certificate and gift to her teacher.
Teacher’s day is one of the occasions that teachers as well as students look ahead to. Every school or educational institute has its own way of celebrating this special day.
celebrating this special day. You can share teacher’s day activity ideas and plans to help your child make her teachers feel special.

7. Potluck lunch

Arrange a delightful potluck lunch to honor Teachers’ Day and offer teachers a break from their routine. Transform the classroom or school cafeteria into a buffet gathering, each student contributing a dish. It not only treats everyone to delicious cuisine but also provides a relaxed setting for teachers to connect with students beyond the traditional classroom, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

8. Interactive quizzes

Enhance the celebration with interactive quizzes that are entertaining and educational. Develop a trivia quiz focusing on educational milestones, renowned educators, and innovations in the field. Form teams or allow individual participation, making it a friendly competition between students and teachers. Adding prizes or recognition for the winners adds an extra layer of excitement, making the quiz an engaging and memorable Teachers’ Day activity.

protip_icon Did you know?
Teachers’ Day is celebrated in different countries to commemorate eminent personalities or milestones in the domain of education.

Two Fun Games For Teachers Day

1. Make a rectangle

Here is a fun game that your kid’s teachers will love playing on Teachers’ Day. In a role reversal of sorts, your little one will instruct them to play properly.

  1. Ask your kid to blindfold all his teachers. Now, he should divide his teachers into different groups with about five to six members in each group.
  1. He should now hand out a rope to each group.
  1. The members of each group have to try and form a rectangle.
  1. Add some fun rules to make it a little challenging for the teachers, such as no one should touch or instruct each other, and no giggling.

2. The couch game

The couch game will help teachers recall their own childhood

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Now here is one of the funniest teachers’ day games to play that will surely add merriment and take your kid’s teachers go down their memory lane and recall the good old days of childhood.

  1. Before the game begins, ask your kid to divide his teachers into two different groups.
  1. Take a few sheets of paper and cut them up into small chits. Now write down the names of all the teachers on the pieces of paper and place them in a bowl.
  1. Randomly ask your kid to start picking out the pieces of paper and give them one by one to each teacher.
  1. Now, your kid should ask all the teachers to sit down in a circle. Four teachers have to sit on a couch and the rest have to sit on chairs. Keep an extra chair.
  1. The teacher who has the empty chair on her left has to call out a name to try and get someone from the opposing team off the couch. The person who has that name on the paper will get up and sit on the empty chair and swap the paper with the teacher who called the name.
  1. Each teacher with an empty chair on their left keeps calling a name until only all the teachers on the couch are from the same team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of Teachers’ day?

World Teachers’ day is celebrated on the 5th of October every year. Established in 1994 by UNESCO, this commemorates and brings awareness about the role of teachers and quality education in a child’s life. This day also honors the accomplishments of educators worldwide who have excelled in various fields of education.

2. How can we educate children about Teachers’ day?

A teacher’s responsibility is way beyond the classroom boundaries. They are one of the most important pillars in building a child’s future. Through various activities, children can be enlightened about the significance of Teachers’ Day. They include explaining its significance and celebrating worldwide, inspiring them to write a thoughtful thank you note for their favorite teacher, or watching movies inspired by teachers.

3. How can students and parents show their appreciation for teachers on this day?

Your child can write a sincere thank-you note or letter expressing gratitude for their teacher’s hard work and dedication. Create a thoughtful and personalized gift for the teacher or collaborate with other students and parents to organize a class project that showcases appreciation.

4. What are some gifts that students can give to their teachers to show their gratitude?

There are many thoughtful gifts that students can give to their teachers. Personalized items include a customized mug, pen, or keychain with your teacher’s name or initials. If you know your teacher’s interests or hobbies, consider a book related to their field or topic. A gift card to a bookstore, coffee shop, or restaurant is a good idea too.

5. What are some ideas for decorating the classroom or school to celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Set up a large bulletin board or designated wall space where students can write notes or create artwork expressing their gratitude to their teachers. Decorate the wall with colorful paper, balloons, and streamers to make it visually appealing. Encourage students to decorate their teachers’ classroom doors with handmade signs, banners, or posters and arrange beautiful flower bouquets or potted plants in vases and place them on teachers’ desks or in common areas of the school. Create large banners or posters that say “Happy Teacher’s Day” or “Thank You, Teachers!” and decorate them with colorful markers, glitter, or stickers.

6. How do you celebrate Teacher’s Day virtually or remotely?

Celebrating Teacher’s Day virtual or remotely can be a creative way to show appreciation for educators. Organize a virtual event where students can express gratitude to their teachers. They can nominate their favorite teachers, and the winners can be announced during a special online ceremony. Plan a virtual class party where students and teachers gather online with virtual classroom decorations.

7. What are different ways to celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Encourage students to write heartfelt thank-you notes or letters to their teachers, expressing their gratitude for their guidance and support. Decorate the classroom with colorful banners, posters, and balloons to create a festive and cheerful atmosphere, and plan a surprise celebration for teachers by organizing a small gathering or event. Hold an awards ceremony to recognize exceptional teachers. You can have categories such as “Best Teacher,” “Most Inspirational,” or “Most Dedicated.” Present certificates, trophies, or small tokens of appreciation.

8. What games can be played on Teacher’s Day?

While no specific games are traditionally associated with Teachers’ Day, you can plan fun and engaging activities for both students and teachers. Create a trivia game about your teachers, where students can answer questions about their favorite teachers’ hobbies, interests, or achievements. Students can act out or mime various teaching-related activities or personalities while the teachers guess. Organize a role-reversal activity where teachers and students switch roles briefly or create customized bingo cards with different qualities or actions that teachers commonly exhibit.

Stage performances, expressing thankfulness to teachers, picnics, interactive sessions, and games are some of the best activities to celebrate Teachers’ Day’s legacy with full enthusiasm. Teachers’ Day celebrations are an acknowledgment of the significance of teachers or educators in our lives. Interactive activities enhance the bond between students and teachers, and it helps in their academic and emotional growth. Expressing respect and gratitude to their teachers can be a memorable experience for the students. Furthermore, seeing their students organize activities and events for this special ceremony will leave a lasting impact on the teachers.

Infographic: How To Celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Teacher’s Day is a special day to celebrate and honor the dedication of teachers, who are our window to the real world. This opportunity also allows students to show appreciation for their teachers and have some fun in the process. The infographic below presents playful activities you can suggest to your child to include in Teacher’s Day celebrations.

exciting activities for teacher’s day celebrations (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Takeaways

  • Children can express their love and respect towards their teachers by participating in teacher’s day activities.
  • One can arrange various celebration ideas such as decorating, preparing a performance, and arranging for a picnic for their teachers on teacher’s day.
  • Strengthening the bond between teachers and children is possible by playing fun games with the teacher and sharing experiences.
  • Two fun games for teacher’s day are Make a Rectangle and The Couch Game.


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