10 Quick Styling Ideas For The Busy Working Moms

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How do you manage your style quotient while juggling your career and mommy duties? Every new mom would have faced this dilemma, at some point soon after rejoining her work. Let us admit, it is no easy task to handle your baby, your home, and your work commitments and still manage to look stylish. If you too are caught in a similar situation, then don’t worry. We have your back. We, at MomJunction, give here 10 quick styling tips to go all those busy working moms:

1. Invest In Scarves

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Whether you like western outfits or traditional ones, a good scarf can add oodles of style to your wardrobe. A nice shiny scarf can glam up your outfit if you have to head out to a party soon after office. Also, give those ordinary long dupattas of your salwar suits a miss and replace them with scarves. They’ll save you from the hassles that long dupattas give and look extremely chic when mixed and matched.

2. Get A Good Brand Of Jeans

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Jeans are universal. You can wear them with T-shirts, pretty floral tops, or even a long kurta. You can wear one every single day and still not be called out for repeating it. This is probably the best part of wearing jeans for a busy mom who has no time to iron her clothes every day.

3. Apply A Bright Shade Of Lipstick

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A bright shade of lipstick can add a pop of color and brightness to any outfit you wear. So, keep one in your handbag and make sure you dab on a bit if it seems to wear out.

4. Put On Those Glasses

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Whether you have prescription glasses or simply an anti-glare, wearing spectacles with neat frames gives an added boost to your overall personality. The key is to find a frame that suits your face. But you can experiment with the color and designs of the frame.

5. Wear A Trendy Wristwatch

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A trendy wristwatch can stand out if you pair it well. You can either choose an analog watch in golden or steely shades. Or, go for digital ones in bright colors. Either way, it’ll make you look stylish.

6. Throw Over A Blazer Or A Shrug

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If there is one outfit that can convert a routine outfit into a smart one, then a blazer it has to be. You can wear a well-fitted blazer over kurta-jeans, formal trousers-shirt, or even on a long maxi dress. The blazer will give you a sharp and smart look.

7. Experiment With Hair Color…

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If you want to instantly add a dash of glam to your look, then try new hair color. You can either go with streaking a few hair strands with bright hair color or choose to wear a completely new one that compliments your face.

8. Or Try A New Hair Style

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If coloring or streaking your hair is not your cup of tea, then you can opt for a chic hair cut. Make sure that the style you choose is easy to maintain and does not get into your little cherub’s face each time you pick your baby in your arms.

9. Get A Pair Of Trendy Shoes

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Women often compromise on the comfort of their feet to get trendy footwear. But not anymore. Thankfully, with athleisure being all rage, trendy shoes are in nowadays. They are high on comfort and look extremely stylish. They can be easily paired with any outfit – be it jeans or maxi dresses. Just find the right size for yourself. Your feet will love you.

10. And, Of Course, Jewelry!

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Most moms almost get used to not wearing jewelry at home to avoid their babies from pulling at them. But when you are stepping out to work, you cannot wear hideous jewelry. Pick tiny statement pieces for your workwear. Small rings with jewel tones, delicate bracelets, tiny earrings-pendant-chain sets, etc., will go well with your workplace outfits. Make sure they are not too expensive though. You can carry them in a pouch in your handbag and wear it on the way. This way, your baby will not pull at them.

It is quite natural for a new mom to be too pressed for time to style herself. But this does not mean that she should look boring or give up her style sense completely. By trying these hacks, we are sure you’ll be able to look your best at any given point of time.

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