12 Fun Rainy Day Games And Activities For Kids

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

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Rainy days can be pretty dampening on your planned activities. At the same time, they can turn out pretty fun if you can come up with some engaging rainy day activities for kids. Here are our top 12 rainy day games and activities for your little one.

Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids:

1. Have An Indoor Barbecue:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Have an indoor barbecue

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Rainy days are perfect excuses to have an indoor barbecue party. And this can be quite for fun kids when you allow them to do the barbecue themselves. Just get the indoor barbecue sets on and kids will love to grill like at their favorite eateries.

2. Have A Hot Chocolate Party:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Have a hot chocolate party

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Hot Chocolates can be such delights especially on rainy days. One of the wonderful rainy day ideas for kids. While the grown-ups can have their portion of tea, get the kids to help themselves to their little kettle full of hot chocolate and top with marshmallows. They are sure to love them.

3. Play Hide And Seek:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Play hide and seek

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Always a classic, it turns out cute when the very little ones even disclose their hide-out spots before they actually go hide  The older ones will manage to hide in the most secret places and not come up until you give up!

4. Go On A Treasure Hunt:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Go on a Treasure hunt

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Can there be a better indoor game than this when you have kids ever ready to bring the ceiling down? It will be even more fun if you can have their friends come over too in their expedition to the treasure.

5. Arrange A Mini Puppet-Show:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Arrange a mini puppet-show

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Use toy animals, carton boxes, mini sheer sheets and color papers among other things that you might want to create props for your mini puppet-show. A little bit of mimicry can bring the whole show to life!

6. Pitch A Tent In The Backyard:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Pitch a tent in the backyard

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Kids will love this cozy little den. If you don’t have a tent, then you could create their little space with mats, pillows and covers in the porch or indoors. They will be willing to settle in here for as long as it might take  Believe, this rainy day activity for kids will definitely amaze them.

7. Infuse The Smell Of Baking:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Infuse the smell of baking

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Making brownies and cookies can be so sweet-smelling! Kids love to have cupcakes and icing toppings too. They will have their share of baking lessons their way. Don’t forget the gloves though and watch them before they make it messy and manhandle the oven.

8. The Home Karaoke Show:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - The home karaoke show

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Ah, here come our super singers. Make them a dais. And make few medals. Let them sing to the highest pitch.

9. Spur Of The Moment Fancy Dress Party:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Spur of the moment fancy dress party

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Of course, rains aren’t planned for. So it might not be time for a themed fancy dress party. But you could get kids to have some funky dress on to allow them to get creative. How about gluing together recyclable papers and confetti?

10. A Tug-Of-War:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - A tug-of-war

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This activities for kids on rainy days can be fun with more and more kids. Give a shout if you want to gather more. Just move the furniture or other obstacles from the room. And this will give you more room for pulling the ends. Else take it to backyard if you don’t mind getting a bit dirty in the puddles.

11. Have A Paper Boat Race:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Have a paper boat race

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Make as many paper-boats as possible. Your kids and their friends would love to have boat race in the little puddle out there.

12. Splashing Muddy Puddles Just Got More Fun:

Rainy Day Activities For Kids - Splashing muddy puddles just got more fun

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Yes, they won’t stop kicking and splashing the muddy puddles no matter how dirty that might turn them and no matter how much you dissuade them. Just allow in their rain gears and capture as many pictures as possible during these fun moments. They are sure to laugh at all the frolic when they revisit the pictures.

Rains are meant to be full of frolic. You just need to know how to make the best out of them. Aren’t the above rainy day activities for kids sound great?

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