Raspberry Ketones During Pregnancy - Uses And Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

Raspberry Ketones During Pregnancy

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Have you gained a lot of weight during pregnancy? Are you feeling bad that you no longer fit into your old jeans? Is all of it too much for you to handle? Do you consume or plan to consume Raspberry Ketones as a supplementary for weight loss? Are you worried about the side effects of the same on your unborn baby?

If yes, then read our post to understand how safe is raspberry ketones during pregnancy.

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones are chemicals that occur in the Red Raspberry. The chemical not only promotes weight loss but also helps increase the mass of a lean body. Scientists conclude that Raspberry Ketones have a similar molecular structure like capsicum which prevents weight gain. In light of these conclusions, an experiment on mice that proved that Raspberry Ketones do trigger weight loss.

Raspberry Ketones has become popular since it was advertised worldwide in 2012. After many satisfied customers, this product is termed as a miracle weight loss supplement. Raspberry Ketones help boost the metabolism rate of the body. The supplement actively works on the hormone called as adiponectin that causes the weight gain of the human body (1).

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Raspberry Ketones Effectiveness And Uses:

The primary uses of Raspberry Ketones are:

  • Hair Gain:

Studies prove that using Raspberry Ketones on the scalp will help in hair gain.

  • Weight Loss:

Many satisfied customers have seconded this statement that Raspberry Ketones help in weight loss.

  • Skin Care:

Studies prove that the application of Raspberry Ketones helps skin tightening and improves its elasticity.

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Side Effects Of Taking Raspberry Ketones While Pregnant:

Can you take raspberry ketones when pregnant? Raspberry Ketones have never been tested on humans. All the experiments are done on animals. Therefore, there is no sufficient information available on the effects of the drug on human beings. Since the product is just a few years old, there are no live examples that will help us approve or disapprove the use of Raspberry Ketones.

  • Raspberry Ketones fluctuate blood sugar levels. Hence, moms with diabetes should consult their health care practitioner before using the same.
  • Raspberry Ketones also cause heart palpitations, inflammation, and shakiness.

Use Of Raspberry Ketones During Pregnancy:

Considering the side effects of Raspberry Ketones, it is wise to take advice from your medical practitioner before starting the same. Apart from this, if you are taking Raspberry Ketones for weight loss and have just confirmed your pregnancy, then stop it for a while until you take medical assistance.

Consider The Following:

  • Currently, there are no proper studies on how Raspberry Ketones will react with other drugs. Since women have to take supplements like folic acid, iron, etc. during pregnancy, it is not wise to combine such supplements with Raspberry Ketones as the side effects can be lethal.
  • Apart from this, there is no proper evidence of the effect of Raspberry Ketones on the fetus.

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Rather than inviting complications in the future it is better to stay away from any supplement that may cause harm to you and your baby. If you are continuing with Raspberry Ketones even after you conceive, please consult your health care practitioner. She may have better alternatives or advice on how to continue using Raspberry Ketones.

To conclude, we can say that Raspberry Ketones help thousands of people shed weight, but nothing is more important than your baby’s safety. Enjoy motherhood and the weight gain. If you have something more to share about Raspberry Ketones, then please share it with our fellow mothers here. Leave a comment below.

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