7 Reasons Why Ready-to-Cook Food Made Their Way Into Indian Kitchens And Mom’s Hearts!

When someone talks about ready-to-cook food, instant noodles is probably the first to pop to mind in desi households. However, there is a wide range and variety of fast Indian recipe mixes that can be tasty as well as wholesome. This trendy food wave is gaining popularity for all the right reasons. What started as a safety precaution has now become a go-to, staple option for many Indians. Whether they are stay-at-home moms or working moms, they have cracked the code of coping with many fast-paced lifestyle changes.

Many people are now more aware of the importance of health and wellness. There is a rapid growth in the joy and therapeutic factor of cooking at home. The crux of ready-to-cook food is tied to bringing the fun of dining out to the comfort of home, saving time and effort while consuming tasty food. Let’s look at why ready-to-cook food has become a mommy favorite and why it is a priority choice lately ft. INDIMIX!


1. Nutrition & Hygiene

It is a common misconception that ready-to-cook food is not healthy or tasty. This is not true entirely. With cutting edge technology, manufacturers ensure that the food is healthy and fit for consumption. INDIMIX, for example, has a wholesome breakfast as well as lunch range that can cater to varied taste requirements. Their Uttapam mix, for instance, tastes like maa ke haath ka khana. This is great for people who are weight watchers or are looking for more varied eating options. There is no compromise with hygiene, sanitizing, or deep-cleansing as the food comes in sealed packs.

Nutrition & Hygiene

2. Affordability

Every household deserves access to healthy, tasty, and affordable food for a productive and functioning society. INDIMIX range contains a plethora of food mixes ranging from brunch dishes like Bedmi Poori priced at 67 INR only, and rich, scrumptious sweets like Moong Dal Halwa mix at INR 65 only. Why is that so convenient? In a restaurant, spending INR 60 for a plate of Dahi Bhalla will suffice for one person. But with the INDIMIX Dahi Bhalla mix of about the same price, the whole pack can satisfy the hunger of the entire family.

3. Convenience

Usually, cooking is considered a basic life skill but sometimes takes away the credit from the amount of effort that goes into cooking a meal from scratch. Mothers, for example, look like superhumans as they can cook up a feast in no time every single day without breaking a sweat. But with changing and fast-paced lifestyles, the need for convenience and quick results have increased. In order to cis a savior. INDIMIX has taken it up a notch by ensuring that the ingredients cater to the hustling generation of today, ready-to-cook food are easy to cook, convenient and time saving. For moms juggling between work and family, instant food is a blessing in disguise. There is no extra time required to chop up vegetables, prepare masalas, or create batters. It is all ready-made which can be a blessing on busy mornings or during sudden guest surprises.

That’s the beauty of INDIMIX. Minimal preparation is required for maximum satisfaction. It cuts down on the time spent in the kitchen and saves one from the tiring effort. So, take it easy and make it easy. #NoJhanjatInCooking guaranteed!

4. Consistency Of Taste

Let’s burst the bubble of ‘bad’ taste in ready-to-cook mixes. There is a myth that instant recipe mixes do not compare to food made from scratch. That is not the case with evolved ready-to-cook food from INDIMIX range. The instant recipes are carefully formulated to give you the original taste, whether it is the fluffy Uttapams, soft and tasty Bedmi Poori, or delicious Moong Dal Halwa. The consistency of taste is not something you will have cause to complain about!

Consistency Of Taste

5. Satisfying Food Craving At Home

The joy of spending more bucks on online food delivery or going out to eat is unparalleled. But narratives around financial management as well as food are now changing. You can satisfy your craving for scrumptious food easily at home. How? With INDIMIX instant food mix. Not only is it more hygienic to eat at home in comfort, but it reduces a lot of effort and delivers good taste. With this INDIMIX range, it becomes easier to stay home and prepare restaurant-like food without the hassle of stepping out, taking the car out and hunting for parking areas. Also, it puts less pressure on mothers to stir up a meal from scratch. INDIMIX’s ready-to-cook food covers a wide range of breakfast and lunch dishes that can be made quickly.

Satisfying Food Craving At Home

6. Ease Of Cooking

For experienced mothers, cooking may seem like a piece of cake but, combined with the lifestyle demands of the 21st century, it can quickly become exhausting. The most commendable feature of ready-to-cook foods is that it produces instant results. The INDIMIX product range has cracked all the codes of a perfect instant food mix.

7. INDIMIX Ready-to-Cook Food Caters To The Indian Taste

Ready-to-cook food may not be an Indian concept, but INDIMIX has made it desi in the best way possible. Nothing can satisfy the Indian tongue that craves chatpata, sometimes meetha, and kabhi alag breakfast quickly like an instant recipe mix. It is a perfect fit for the multitasking, modern Indian mums who want to ensure that her family eats authentic and tasty food.

INDIMIX Ready-to-Cook Food Caters To The Indian Taste

Treat every day like it is Mother’s Day by bringing home INDIMIX instant food range. These ready-to-cook mixes are delicious, and hygienic. The narrative of eating at home is here to stay, and the food industry is now slowly getting inundated with ready-to-cook mixes with amped-up quality. To get your share and explore the variety of recipes by INDIMIX, tap here and introduce your mom to this dazzling world of authentic and easy-to-make foods!

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