15 Reasons Why 'My Dad Is My Hero And I'm His Biggest Fan'

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As we grow in life, cross several milestones, and collect different experiences, our relationship with our fathers undergoes many changes. A father becomes a friend, a teacher, a hero, and sometimes even a villain. But what remains the same is that he wants us to be happy forever.

We may or may not understand him always, but he knows and feels our fear and pain. He silently stands like a protective shield to ensure his family’s safety without even showing the discomfort on his face. Every dad is the first true hero in his child’s life. Below are 15 reasons why we say, “why my dad is my hero.”

15 Reasons Why “My Dad Is My Hero”

  1. He works hard to provide the best: A father works hard for several hours to provide the child with the best, from a comfortable lifestyle to the finest education. No matter what difficulties they encounter, fathers strive to create a bright future for their children.
  1. He teaches the importance of hard work: When children show off their new shoes to their friends, little do they realize their fathers’ effort to pay for them. A father wakes up on time every day to be able to reach work without fail. It requires a lot of discipline to be able to work and make a comfortable living. Nothing comes easy in life, and a father is the first to teach this to his children.
  1. He acts strictly for a reason: Fathers act tough and discipline their little ones to prepare them for the future. Discipline is a way of educating children that certain behaviors are not only unsafe but also unacceptable. Fathers scold or punish their kids to teach them about the consequences of their choices and actions. He may shout and rebuke if the child fails to understand, but he does that to make them tough and smart in life.
  1. He goes tough on kids to make them stronger: Fathers are straightforward and say what they have to the child without hesitation. He hopes that his children are strong enough to cope with any situation and all kinds of people they meet. He may criticize or scold their children for things that may seem wrong, but he would also praise them when they do good deeds. The aim is to make them strong enough to face life.
  1. He wants his children to be brave: Dad brings a sense of security to his kids and gives them the feeling that no one can hurt them when he is around. When little kids sit on a swing for the first time, they feel scared of falling. But seeing their father behind them, they know they will be safe because he is always there to protect them.
  1. He can also pamper the children: When mothers become tough and forbid their children from doing something, children tend to turn to their fathers for support, which they get undoubtedly from the doting dads. Dads sneak in behind moms’ back and hand them the last cookie. If he is caught, he will take full responsibility and face the mama’s wrath.
  1. He will transform into a cartoon to make his children laugh: A father cannot see his children sad and crying. He will do his best to ease their emotions and make them smile. He won’t mind playing a monkey to make his child laugh uncontrollably.
  1. He shows the meaning of endurance: No one can hide pain better than a father who tries to keep his children strong. Fathers try to prove to the children that they are strong and can stand up under any circumstances. Even when fathers are in pain, they smile so that the family does not worry about them. A father hides his pain and puts a brave front for the sake of his kids, who think of him as a hero.
  1. He never gives up on his children’s dreams: Constant challenges in life may bog anyone down, and children may lose the confidence to move on. But a dad will never give up on his children and their dreams. He will push them to aim higher and support them to work harder. He will pick them up each time they fall and will always be their support system.
  1. He is always willing to help make a choice: Whether attending a party or choosing a dress for attending a graduation ceremony, whenever children are confused about big or small things, they can always rely on their father to help make choices. A father may or may not give the best of opinion, but he will support his children in their decisions.
  1. He solves problems for his children: A child may have some trouble with studies or other activities. If their father learns about it, he will directly or indirectly try to help his child solve the problem. If the child is not good at math, the father will brush up on his math and try his best to help. If the child is having trouble understanding a new language, the father will learn the language himself, then simplify the language for the child, or hire private tutoring.
  1. He gets his children out of trouble: When children are young, they want to explore many things. Sometimes harmless and sometimes harmful. They get the courage to do it because their dad will get them out of any trouble. Their father will surely get mad at their behavior but will undoubtedly rescue them even from the deepest of problems.
  1. He can be a fun company to keep: If a dad senses that his child needs a friend to play with, he will instantly turn into their partner and even have his nails painted for his child’s sake. He will sit with his child for a football game and give some fun commentary to entertain his kids.
  1. He protects his children from making mistakes: A father does not want his kids to make the same mistakes. He would let the children sit down, listen to him and even punish them for not obeying him. No matter what he does, he is there to support and eliminate the hurt and disappointment from the child’s life.
  1. He loves them unconditionally: Kids may be inconsiderate of their father’s feelings and may even hurt him on several occasions, intentionally or unintentionally. But a father will never hold it against his kids. No matter how many times they are rude or disobedient, he will always love them.

A father can be his children’s biggest critic and biggest fan. He can be their best friend and greatest confidant. A father can mold into any shape and take up any role for his kids. Although his selfless nature is usually taken for granted, he will never complain because he only cares about his children’s happiness.

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