100 Reasons To Say 'Why I Love My Dad'

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Fathers are the backbone of a family. Most of us love our dads unconditionally; if you ask me, it would be difficult to list down the reasons why I love my dad. Most of you would relate to this feeling, isn’t it? Our fathers do infinite things to protect us from difficult situations. They make sure to clear all the problems from our paths without expecting a word of acknowledgment or appreciation. However, it is great for him to know how much you treasure his presence in your life. In this post, we bring you some of the millions of reasons to love your dad. Read on.

100 Reasons To Say ‘Why I Love My Dad’

These reasons are a reminder of his unconditional love and care for us. So, say, “I love my dad because:

  1. He laughs at my lame jokes.
  2. He is witty.
  3. He taught me how to ride a bicycle.
  4. He farts silently and then blames it on my mother.
  5. He bought me my first music concert tickets.
  6. He works so hard that we are never short of anything in life.
  7. He is a chess champion.
  8. He is the best cook in the world.
  9. He loves my mother deeply.
  10. He is brave.
  11. He is humble.
  12. He took care of my guinea pig when I went to summer camp.
  13. He laughs like a child.
  14. He helps people even when they are unable to ask for help.
  15. He is optimistic and never feels bogged down by difficulties.
  16. He has good knowledge of music.
  17. He loves gardening.
  18. He gave me his share of the pie when I wanted to eat more.
  19. He secretly gives me extra cash whenever I run out of money.
  20. He respects women.
  21. He came for me when I got in trouble at school.
  22. He is a self-made man.
  23. He taught me that failing an exam does not make you a loser.
  24. He makes funny faces to make me laugh until my stomach hurts.
  25. He calls my drawings ‘masterpieces.’
  26. He looks cute in his golf pants and sweater.
  27. His love for jazz music rubbed off on me.
  28. He told me ghosts were afraid of pretty children, so I never felt scared of them.
  29. He never told mom that it was me who broke the TV remote.
  30. He quietly allows me to get in when I get home late.
  31. He deliberately lost in Ludo so I could be a happy winner.
  32. He is always ready to go on an adventure trip with me.
  33. He taught me how to stand back up after falling from a bicycle.
  34. He supports my dreams and goals in life.
  35. He cheers me up each time I get upset after an argument with my siblings.
  36. He taught me how to tie my shoelace.
  37. He is not judgmental, and so I can talk to him about anything and everything.
  38. He teases me each time my favorite wrestler comes on TV.
  39. He taught me the value of a cent.
  40. He has been donating a part of his income to charity for many years.
  41. He never complains about food.
  42. He taught me how to eat with chopsticks.
  43. He loves petting dogs.
  44. He loves me more than I do.
  45. He reads a book faster than me.
  46. He motivates me to work hard and chase my dreams.
  47. He always has my back and encourages me to take risks in my career.
  48. He gives me a bear hug whenever I ask for it.
  49. He loves solving puzzles.
  50. He spams my inbox with silly memes and jokes.
  51. He gets strict at times, especially when I neglect my responsibilities.
  52. He consoled me after my first breakup.
  53. He loves cooking my favorite fried chicken for me.
  54. He sings romantic songs for my mother whenever she is upset with him.
  55. He doesn’t stop me from taking ‘the road less traveled.’
  56. He is the best host for any party.
  57. He entertains my friends by narrating funny incidents of his workplace.
  58. He loves skiing.
  59. He enjoys Mexican food as much as I do.
  60. He patiently listens to all my problems.
  61. He never complains about anything in life.
  62. He taught me how to invest money wisely.
  63. He has excellent comic timing.
  64. He guides me whenever I need him.
  65. He never questions my decisions in life.
  66. He enjoys watching MMA with me.
  67. He has the answers to every question of mine.
  68. He loves to drive.
  69. He is always willing to try new things.
  70. He does not know what ROFL is but sends it randomly to the family group.
  71. He knows all the Kardashians and Jenners by their first name.
  72. He is strong not only physically but also mentally.
  73. He enjoys watching cartoons.
  74. He can open a beer bottle without a churchkey.
  75. He did not get angry when I scared him with a ghost mask at night.
  76. He loves to play with little children.
  77. He has never lost a single game of Scrabble.
  78. He is the most handsome bald man in the world.
  79. He taught me the importance of integrity and loyalty.
  80. He once saved a puppy from drowning in a pond.
  81. He loves embarrassing me.
  82. He enjoys having conversations with young children.
  83. He makes friends everywhere he goes.
  84. He bought me my first car.
  85. He never loses his temper in front of me.
  86. He helps my mom with daily chores.
  87. He used to carry me to my room after I’d fallen asleep on the couch.
  88. He gets me out of trouble when I’m stuck.
  89. He gives me a chance to put forth my views and opinion.
  90. He sacrificed a lot to give us a comfortable life.
  91. He is terrible at dancing.
  92. He likes to watch anime.
  93. He never hesitates to admit his mistake.
  94. He teams up with me to pull my mom’s leg.
  95. He wants to scuba dive someday.
  96. He is always excited to share details on ‘how to grow plants.’
  97. He forgives easily and never holds grudges.
  98. He can fix anything in the house.
  99. He looks cool even in mismatching outfits.
  100. He will always love me no matter what I do or where I go.”

Sometimes you may think of the “reasons for why I love my dad” and imagine how unconditional a father’s love is. Father is the one who loves you unconditionally, no matter where you go or what you do. He laughs at your lame jokes and appreciates your talent before anyone else. Fathers influence many aspects of life, including a child’s attitude and behavior. You may express your love and care to your dad and tell him how he inspires you in life. You may also share childhood memories and cherish some time together.

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