'Why I Love My Husband': 21 Simple Reasons You Will Agree With

Most happy marriages have something in common—the equal partnership of the husband and wife. If you have been pondering over ‘reasons I love my husband,’ many things may come to your mind. While a woman is credited for keeping her family together, the hard work of a husband may often go overlooked.

Often, the wife’s unconditional love for her husband stems from all his kind and romantic gestures—small or big. It’s time to let your husband know your admiration for him, what he means to you and how important he is in your life.

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21 Reasons ‘Why I Love My Husband’

Most wives love their husbands for the following reasons; check to see if you find them relatable. If you do, it’s time to let your beloved know about it.

  1. Gives time. Time is the most precious thing one could ever give you. And if he makes time for you, even after a decade of being together, then it’s a big reason to love him for his unwavering patience.
He finds time for me

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  1. Does his bit. Your husband is never shy about helping you with household chores. He is understanding of your work and respects it, so he helps you by taking half of the load.
  1. Remembers your special dates. He forgets his birthday but always has plans for your birthday, anniversary, and special times such as your promotion. What more can a wife ask for when she has such a loving assurance of her husband?
  1. Plans surprise dinner dates. He knows you have a thing for intimacy on date nights; hence, he never fails to surprise you now and then. Be it at home or going out, he ensures that you enjoy the most romantic dinner dates.
He plans dinner dates

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  1. Spends time with the children. He gets involved in changing diapers to getting them ready for online classes, he does everything despite his job being quite taxing. His infallible commitment is something a wife needs to appreciate.
  1. Tickles with his crazy sense of humor. Your husband is an expert and can make you laugh with his quirky sense of humor and sarcasm whenever you feel dull or low.
  1. Keeps the house organized. A husband in action, he always keeps things where they are. He neither throws wet towels on the bed nor leaves the wardrobe messy. Does a partnership get better than this level of reliability?
  1. Lets you make decisions. Whether big or small, he looks to you to make a call on something as small as what food to order to big decisions like choosing a house, your husband lets you make important decisions because he thinks your opinion equally matters.
He is always there to support

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  1. Impresses with his good looks. He is a perfect blend of good looks and a great heart. He is beautiful inside and out, this reflects in his appearance and calmest voice. This is something to love him for.
  1. Gives space. He knows that you are not in the best of moods with all the work, at home and in the office. Hence, he lets you be free at times with zero interference as his subtle way of encouragement.
protip_icon Point to consider
When someone gives space, it also means that they also need space. So, don’t be a clingy wife.
  1. Acceptance of challenges. When you are going through hurdles and challenges, he calmly tries to find a solution as you are his priority. When a person helps you come what may, you can’t do anything but love him for all the protection and support he provides when you face any problem.

KMarie, a wife and blogger, shares how having each other’s back in tough times helped her husband and her navigate the vagaries of life together. She says, “We have always been FOR each other in a chosen partnership, in good times and bad times. We actively choose to get through the hard years because we know that we would just have to eventually traverse a similar path with someone else. All relationships have their eventual ebb and flow.

We knew we valued commitment, and nothing, barring two definite rules of ours, would be worth losing what we had. In tough times, if we work on our relationship and actively choose to try, eventually, the feelings will come back. We chose to have each other’s backs despite our issues (i).”

  1. Shows maturity. While you have disagreements or arguments, he never snaps at you and makes the wisest decisions with clarity and openness. This way, your problems are resolved without getting messier.
protip_icon Did you know?
You are mature when you realize that always giving a reaction is not necessary.
  1. Aspires to achieve goals in life. He does what it takes to achieve something he has set his heart on. That is probably the reason why he is loved by his peers for his warm friendship and lauded by his bosses.
  1. Organizes foodie excursions. If you are a foodie, he pampers you with different cuisines. He takes you to new restaurants, cooks at home, and delights you now and then.
Delights you now and then

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  1. Warms your heart with his smile. His cuteness and the tenderness in his smile never cease to amaze you. It comforts you like no other thing in the world, even on the saddest of days.
  1. Plans special events. Be it one dinner or family-friendly activity, he organizes everything like a pro. He plans every minute detail of family outings and makes a memorable event for everyone.
  1. Shows kindness to everyone. His willingness to help others and generosity make the world a better place, making you love him even more. His sweetness and affable nature is liked and loved by everyone.
  1. Compliments you. Does he never leave a chance to flatter you? He likes the food you cook, he appreciates your style and admires your decisions. Such gestures cannot stop you from loving him.
  1. Supports you. Your husband stands by you in every situation. Even when you are apart, his late-night phone calls keep you going during the tough days.
He supports you

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  1. Thinks alike. While discussing a topic, you come up with the same idea which makes the planning and execution better and smooth. . A like-minded husband can make your marital journey lovely, establishing a natural compatibility.
  1. Cooks great food. When your husband knows how to cook great food, you have nothing more to ask for. No more struggle to cook food after a tiring day as you trust that your husband can be the savior.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I express my love for my husband in words?

YoYou can express your love and passion for your husband by noticing and appreciating all the little things he does to make you happy. Tell him how lucky and grateful you are to have him in your life. Better yet, mention specific instances where he has surprised you with his thoughtfulness.

2. How do I make my man feel special?

You can make your man feel special by fulfilling small wishes he has passingly mentioned. For example, you could get him a fandom t-shirt he once mentioned he wanted. You could also leave him cute notes in his work bag to brighten up his day at work. Also, you could compliment him in front of his family and friends to show your adoration and loyalty.

3. How can a husband make his wife feel safe and secure?

He communicates his thoughts and feelings honestly and listens to what you say. Since trust and reliability are vital to feeling safe and secure, he keeps his promises and consistently demonstrates honesty and integrity. In addition, he offers emotional support and understanding that helps create a safe space for you to express your feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

4. How can a husband appreciate the little things his wife does?

A husband can write a short love letter or an appreciation note. He can hold her hand and express his appreciation verbally or simply offer a big hug. Listening emphatically without judgment is also a great way to show appreciation. Cooking her favorite meal, taking her on a coffee date, and helping her with household chores are some more ways husbands can appreciate their wives for all the adoration they shower upon them.

5. How do I thank my husband?

You can express your appreciation and gratitude toward your husband verbally. Alternatively, you may leave a little thank-you note for him. You may also surprise him with little gifts or passes to some event he wanted to attend for a long. Taking him for a movie or weekend getaway to his favorite place are more ways to thank your husband for all his love and care for you.

There could be umpteen reasons for loving your husband as he is the most important companion in your life. He goes out of the way to make you smile; he loves you unconditionally and gives you space. He is a cook, a dedicated working professional, and a great father. He understands your emotional needs and stands by you in tough times. If you can relate to all of these, you are blessed. Also, make sure you express your love, devotion, affection, and gratitude to him once in a while because nothing can make him happier than genuine esteem and appreciation from the love of his life.

Infographic: Additional Reasons For Loving Your Husband

You love it when he does romantic things to impress you, but sometimes the little things he does for you make you fall in love with him all over again. In this infographic, we present the reasons why you love and adore your husband the most.


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Key Pointers

  • There can be several reasons why you love your husband, such as he gives you wonderful compliments and supports you in all your endeavors.
  • From planning spontaneous dinners to surprise you and taking care of the children and household chores, he does it all, making your fondness for him deeper.
  • Your affection for him will increase several folds if he makes you laugh, is kind-hearted, super affectionate, and caring.
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