5 Reasons Why Kids Need Their Dad Too

5 Reasons Why Kids Need Their Dad Too

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As a child, we all would have often heard from elderly people how the mother is the pillar of a house and a father is its roof. With time and experience, we couldn’t agree more with them. No one can underestimate the importance of a mother in a family; but a father is equally important, if not less, because both parents influence their children in diverse ways. Here we give you 5 of the many reasons that kids need their Dads around for:

1. Fail-Safe Opportunities

The fear of failure is what prevents most of us from taking risks. At every step of life, be it big or small, we are worried about failure as an outcome and its repercussions. This is where a Dad fills in for a child. While mothers may push children towards excelling in whatever they do, it is fathers who encourage the risk-taking and thrill-seeking behavior. Their I’ll-catch-you-if-you-fall guiding approach towards life gives children the much-needed confidence to try and seek different life goals.

2. To Fall In Line

To Fall In Line

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When it comes to disciplining children, the older generation believed in the adage – “spare the rod, spoil the child”. But, the current generation seems to have abandoned the baton altogether due to the ill-effects of this aggressive behavior on a child’s impressionable mind. However, this certainly does not mean that disciplining needs to have a physical approach. A Dad’s awe-inspiring personality and baritone voice instill a healthy sort of fear among children. No one knows the psychological reason for this. But chances are, despite being strict, children tend to perceive that mothers can be easily manipulated emotionally into leniency. Whereas fathers, who rarely express emotions, could prove to be a tough nut to crack.

3. A Second Opinion

Whenever children need an opinion, they straightaway head to their mothers. Though they may often value her opinions and trust her judgment, there may be occasions where they might not have got all the answers that they are looking for or convinced with her reasoning. This is when a Dad’s perspective comes into the picture. A second opinion sometimes proves to be more appropriate than the first. Although the final decision is eventually the child’s call but getting to see two different sides of the same picture helps them improve their decision-making skills.

4. A Safety Shield

A Safety Shield

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Call it the superhero syndrome or what you will, but from an early age, children assume their fathers to be their safety shield from all sort of harm. Again, it’s not like mothers are not protective. It’s probably the tall and physically-fit-looking Dad who creates such an impression on a child’s tender mind compared to the mentally strong Mom. One more reason why children associate Dads with protection could be the fact that Moms too call out to them instinctively in the face of any danger – like saving her from a pest she abhors!

5. The See-Saw Factor

Dads need not be all strong and strict; and moms, all tender and sweet. At times, Mom and Dad need to trade their respective traits among themselves. For instance, depending on a situation, a Dad may be required to pull off a strict role. Whereas on other occasions, he may have to mellow down and be sweet and jolly with his kids. This kind of a see-saw behavior is necessary for maintaining a fine balance at home.

Bringing up children the right way is the prerogative of both parents. Each one contributes to the values that children grow up with in their own unique way. And both perspectives are necessary to have a well-brought-up child!

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