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Top 20 Reindeer Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones

Norway Islands ReindeerReindeer Coloring Page Norway Islands Reindeer Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerReindeer Coloring Page Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Simple Reindeer Coloring SheetReindeer Coloring Page Simple Reindeer Coloring Sheet Enjoying The SnowReindeer Coloring Page Enjoying The Snow Reindeers in FlightReindeer Coloring Page Reindeers in Flight Rudolph With SantaReindeer Coloring Page Rudolph With Santa Color By Number ReindeerReindeer Coloring Page Color By Number Reindeer A-heraldic-reindeer-by-goldReindeer Coloring Page A heraldic reindeer by gold A-Reindeer-Coloring-Pages-babyReindeer Coloring Page A Reindeer Coloring Pages baby A-Reindeer-Coloring-PagesbellReindeer Coloring Page A Reindeer Coloring Pagesbell A-Reindeer-Coloring-Pages-christmasReindeer Coloring Page A Reindeer Coloring Pages christmas A-Reindeer-Coloring-Pages-stReindeer Coloring Page A Reindeer Coloring Pages st A-reindeer-rudolf-coloring-pageReindeer Coloring Page A reindeer rudolf coloring page black-and-white-of-a-deerblack and white of a deer vintage-deervintage deer Reindeer Dancer 17Reindeer Dancer Happy ReindeerHappy Reindeer A Reindeer Coloring Pages FreeA Reindeer Coloring Pages Free Sven color to printSven Alaska Yukon Barren Ground CaribouAlaska Yukon Barren Ground Caribou Caribou With DeerCaribou With Deer The Eurasian Woodland ReindeerThe Eurasian Woodland Reindeer

When people talk about reindeer, they mostly visualize Rudolph and his friends pulling the Santa’s sleigh. However, there is much more to these reindeers than fantasy stories. Reindeer, also known as caribou, is a medium sized animal belonging to the deer family. They are native to the northern pole of the world. Reindeers mainly inhabit the Arctic Tundra, North America, Europe, and Asia.

The hooves of reindeers adapt the season. They are soft and wet during the summer and tight and sharp during the winters. This enables the reindeers to cut the ice and crusted snow, thereby preventing them from slipping. A reindeer has two layers of fur with a thick, wooly undercoat underneath.

Top 20 Reindeer Coloring Pages:

The association of reindeers with Christmas has made them one of the most adored animals among kids of all ages. They are counted as one of the most popular subjects for coloring sheets too. The interesting christmas reindeer coloring pages allows the children to experiment with different shades and techniques. Here are 20 free reindeer coloring page printable with simple outlines for your kids.

1. The Eurasian Tundra Reindeer:

The Eurasian Tundra reindeers are the most widely found reindeer in the world. Just like other reindeers, the Eurasian Tundra reindeer sheds their antler during the winter or early spring.

The Eurasian Tundra reindeer have a strong sense of smell, which enables them to find the lichen under the snow. The long, facial hair of reindeers covers their mouths while grazing, protecting their muzzles from the snow.

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2. The Eurasian Woodland Reindeer:

The Eurasian Woodland Reindeer is a subspecies of the Rangifer tarandus reindeer. The male Eurasian Woodland reindeers are larger than their female counterparts.

The Eurasian Woodland Reindeer are relatively short in size with brown fur. In winter, the fur turns lighter in color. The thickness of their coat gives a short-legged appearance to these reindeers.

3. The Alaskan Caribou:

The Alaskan Caribou is a clove-brown colored reindeer with white feet, neck, and rump. Ask your child to use these shades for coloring this Alaskan caribou.

The Alaskan Caribou has large, concave shaped hooves that support them in the snow. The thick coat of the Alaskan Caribou acts as insulation against the cold temperatures. The hollow hair helps trap heat close to the body, making them buoyant.

4. The North-American Woodland Caribou:

North-American Woodland Caribou is another species of the reindeer. Their migration speed is 7 kilometers per hour. They feed mostly on lichens, mosses, grass and bushes.

5. The Tundra Caribou:

The Tundra Caribou is a large reindeer with a body length of about 1.2 to 2.2 meters.

They have a thick, brown coat that turns gray during the winters. The underside is pale in color and tails is white. The male reindeers shed their antlers after the runt while the females keep them until the spring.

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6. The Svalbard Reindeer:

The Svalbard reindeer is a reindeer subspecies native to the Svalbard archipelago of Norway. They are one of the smallest species of reindeer.

Svalbard reindeers have a small and rounded head. Their light fur turns thicker during the winter. The Svalbard reindeers become well adapted to the harsh climate as they are mostly found in nearly all the non-glaciated areas of the archipelago.

7. The Peary Caribou:

The Peary Caribou is a subspecies of reindeer found in the Arctic islands of Canada. They are the smallest species of North American Caribou.

The male Peary Caribou grow their antlers from March to August, and the females grow their antlers from June to September. Their white and thick coat of the Peary Caribou is made up of hollow hair, which helps them to trap warm air and insulate the caribou.

8. Norway Islands Reindeer:

Norway Islands Reindeers, as the name suggests, are native to Norway’s Islands.

It is a slate-gray colored reindeer with white legs. Female Norway Islands reindeers weigh 53 kilograms while their male counterparts weight 65 kilograms.

9. Finland’s Forest Reindeer:

Finland’s Forest Reindeers are the largest subspecies of reindeers. The males weigh up to 25 kg while the females weigh up to 100 kg.

Finland’s Forest reindeers are native to the Europe’s Fennoscandia Peninsula and northern Finland. They have three grazing grounds. Finland’s Forest Reindeers are slowly becoming a threatened subspecies, with a very small population left all over the world.

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10. The Mountain Reindeer Of The Arctic Tundra:

The Mountain reindeer is the second largest wild reindeer. They are found from the Fennoscandia Peninsula to the Arctic Tundra.

They thrive in the barren plateaus of the Hardangervidda region, feeding on lichen during the winter months. The population of Mountain reindeers has been constant throughout the years, with more than 8000 reindeers on the plateau.

11. Sven:

Sven, the reindeer, is one of the primary characters in Disney’s animated film “Frozen”. He is a loyal pet and companion of Kristoff. Sven and Kristoff run an ice harvesting business together.

Sven is a goofy and childish reindeer who spends most of his time by Kristoff’s side, acting as his closest pal. He has a strong moral character and always persuades Kristoff to do the right thing.

12. Dancer:

Dancer reindeer is the leading character in ‘Prep and Landing’, a festive film. He serves as the lead reindeer of the Santa’s sleigh team. He is a fun loving reindeer who enjoys purchasing new ornaments at the Holiday Craft Fair, which he hangs at the annual Christmas Party from his antlers.

Dancer loves watching soap operas. He is a huge of North Pole singer, Harold Angel. Every year, Dancer shed his antlers, which he puts under his pillow awaiting a visit from the Antler Fairy.

13. Simple Reindeer Coloring Sheet:

Here is a simple reindeer-coloring sheet for the younger children to color at the Christmas party. This coloring sheet is ideal for kids below five years of age.

Children can also make backgrounds to go with this picture. Share some fun facts about reindeers with your kids as he colors the sheet.

14. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, also known as Santa’s Ninth Reindeer is a cartoon reindeer with a glowing red nose. He is depicted as the lead reindeer of Santa’s sleigh on the Christmas Eve.

Rudolph is well known for his glowing red nose that illuminates the team’s path through the winter weather. He was often mocked and ridicule by his peers because of this trait. He proves himself when one Christmas Eve Santa Claus catches the sight of his luminous nose and asks him to lead his sleigh for the evening.

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15. Rudolph With Santa:

This coloring sheet features Santa doting over his beloved reindeer. It seems that the reindeer is none other than Rudolph. Santa is busy feeding apple to his beloved reindeer.

While coloring this sheet, ask your child to use sable brown to accent his fur, dark brown for his antlers. For Santa, I would advise you to stick with red and white, his signature colors. This is one of the exciting reindeer colouring pages that will get your child into the Holiday spirit.

16. Color By Number:

Get your child into the Christmas spirit with color by number worksheet.

Your child will have to color the spaces according to the color key to reveal the picture. Make sure they color the red nose. This coloring sheet will hold your child’s interest until he is finished doing the sheet.

17. Happy Reindeer:

This coloring sheet features a cute and adorable baby reindeer. The reindeer is all set to carry Santa to the earth on his sleigh.

Who do you think it is? Rudolph or one of his friends? Let your child decide that as he colors it however he wants. Give your child this coloring sheet as he counts the days of the merriest holiday of the year.

18. Reindeers in Flight:

This coloring sheet features the red-nosed reindeer Rudolph with his friend as he flies through the sky.

It looks like they are on their way to your hometown. Tell your child to use bold colors to bring this cheery scene to life. You can also display your child work to spread Christmas cheer to your home.

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19. Connect The Dots:

This reindeer is missing his outline. Can you ask your child to complete this picture by connecting dots in the numerical order?

When he is done, tell him to enjoy coloring the reindeer in his favorite colors.

20. Enjoying The Snow:

Here is a pretty and detailed coloring sheet of a reindeer enjoying with the bears in the snow.

The trio is looking very excited for the Christmas celebrations. This coloring sheet will not just keep the magic of Christmas alive but will also double as a good story telling exercise for your children.

It has been proven that kids who regularly color , use their knowledge more efficiently. These coloring sheets will help to develop many important skills in children like hand-eye coordination, color concept, and picture comprehension. These skills will form the foundation for early learning success.

We hope your kids enjoy our selection of free printable reindeer coloring pages online. Get your child involve in these amazing rudolph the red nosed reindeer coloring pages.

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