Things You Couldn’t Relate To With Your Mom Until You Became One Yourself

Moms — none of us can live without them no matter how tough you are! Do you remember being a teenager and wanting to scream at your mom all the time? She was probably trying to stop you from doing stupid things (as every mom with a teenager does), but it would make you upset and annoyed that you would tell yourself that you would never treat your kids the way she treats you. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there! But now, you have kids of your own, and you finally understand what your mom went through, especially if you were a naughty kid.

The journey of motherhood helps an individual to form perspectives that were earlier not conceivable by them. Suddenly, your little one becomes your whole world and you could do all the hardships to keep him/her happy. You would sacrifice your own convenience and interests just to see a smile upon the child’s face. And this is when your appreciation for your own mother starts taking center stage. You start realizing the small things that she would do for you when you were a child and probably thought you were entitled to them or unknowingly took it for granted.

We’ve curated a list of seven mom moments that you couldn’t relate to until you became one:

1. No Day Without Nagging


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You always wondered why your mom nagged you on so much, but now that you’re in her shoes, you completely understand it. If you don’t nag your kids to do their homework, finish their summer assignments, clean their rooms or keep the plate in the sink, it’ll never get done.

You tell yourself that sometimes you just need to back down a little and let your little one handle it on their own. And then immediately they would end up doing exactly the opposite of that you say. And so now you’ve decided to accept the fact that you are probably turning into a nagging mom and will continue to be one till the time they’re old enough to handle it on their own!

2. Cleaning Spree

Cleaning Spree

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It’s one thing to be slightly messy and totally a different case when the children just leave the room to go to the drains. Unless you step in and do some intervention, there’s no sign of them cleaning and tidying it up. It’s tiresome to say the least but you have accepted the fact that there’s nothing else you can do about it.

You can finally relate to every time your mom told you to clean your room or keep the house clean. After a long day of work, you don’t want to come back to a dirty space, and you wish you had cleaned your room when your mom had asked you to!

3. Joy (Wrath) Of Cooking


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You enjoy cooking for your kids and really derive joy from the whole process. However, that can change to wrath very quickly when your kids refuse to eat the food you’ve prepared with so much love and effort. You even feel bad for all the times you ordered back in the day in spite of your mom cooking some delicious food!

This takes you back to the days when you yourself acted like a brat and threw a tantrum every time your demands of your favorite food items were not met. You can’t help but feel a pang of guilt  and the fact that your mom had handled those situations so calmly makes you wonder how patient and nice she actually was. This brings a smile to your face and you decide you’ll let it slide this time with your kid too.

4. The Proud Mamma Bear


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No one is more proud of her little ones than their beloved mother. Every time your teacher told your mom that you excelled in something, she would celebrate you. Instead of being happy, you would say she embarrassed you and walk away. But you fully understand the depth of that pride now that you’ve become a mom and have kids of your own who make you proud every day!

Today you take pride in your baby’s every little milestones and successes and no matter how embarrassing it may be for him/her, you will not let the moment go uncelebrated! You know one day they will understand the feeling just like you do today.

5. Celebrated Me-Time


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You never understood why your mother needed that me-time once a week. You were not allowed to talk to her or call out for her every two minutes. While you never got it back then, being a mother of two (or even one) kids, you crave that me-time. It’s the only thing that helps you get back on your feet after a tiring day with hyper kids.

6. How Much Your Kids Mean


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When your mom used to say that she feels pain when you do, and she could give your life up for you, it sounded like a whole load of bullsh*t. You called her dramatic and even dissed her for going so overboard. But years down the line, you know exactly what she meant because you would do anything (literally ANYTHING) for your kids!

7. Emotional First Times


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You would have probably seen your mom being the most emotional person in the room during significant events in your life — the first time you graduated, your big wedding day, the time you landed your dream job, and when you had your baby. But you never fully understood it. But when your little one lost her first tooth or went to her first-day of high or even her school prom, you sobbed like a baby.

You’re probably lying if you say you haven’t heard your mom saying, “You won’t understand until you become a mother”. And she was right. You never thought you would, but you started relating to her on a deep level as soon as you embraced motherhood. How many of these moments could you relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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