7 Recommended Relaxation & Breathing Techniques During Labor

Relaxation & Breathing Techniques During Labour

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Labor is probably the most intimidating and concerning part of pregnancy, especially if you are a first-time mom. Thankfully, you can handle it better by simply trying out a few breathing and relaxation techniques during labor.

Many doctors and midwives believe that such exercises can help you stay calm during labor, and can make the process less hard on you. Let’s find out how these exercises may help.

Do Relaxation And Breathing Techniques During Labor Really Help?

To answer it simply: YES it does.

  • Controlled breathing and relaxation exercises do work, and can significantly reduce the intensity of labor pains.
  • It has been found that women who exercise these practices during labor tend to feel more in control of their bodies, and are able to experience childbirth much easily.
  • Slow breathing exercises, when practiced during labor, are thought to help women handle contractions better.
  • What’s more, rhythmic breathing exercises are also thought to reduce the risk of both assisted and Caesarean births in women.

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4 Major Problems Faced During Delivery:

For a first time mom, experiencing contractions and progressing into childbirth can be a fearsome experience.

1. This makes most women breathe and hyperventilate. Thus, the expecting mother inhales short bursts of oxygen.

2. This is detrimental to the process of delivery, as the mother needs to curb her feelings of fear and dread, in order to facilitate a good delivery.

3. Panic and irregular breathing sends the body signals, indicating to halt the production of oxytocin. It is the hormone that is responsible for helping you progress through labor.

4. The muscles of the body tend to tense and contract due to the exposure to panic mode, which causes the mother to breathe slowly and heavily. This in turn cuts the supply of oxygen to the body, which is much needed during labor.

Controlled breathing exercises, on the other hand, helps the mom-to-be to focus on conserving her body’s energy. This helps her to deliver her baby effectively during labor.

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7 Recommended Breathing Techniques During Labor And Delivery:

One of the best ways to calm down during labor is to focus on your breathing and keep it steady and deep. Here are some tips to keep a check while performing breathing techniques during labor:

1. Rhythmic breathing during delivery thought to help you de-stress and minimize many complications associated with a normal delivery.

2. As you slip into the pushing stage of labor, your breathing may become shorter and shallow. Try to control it and keep repeating the word ‘relax’ to yourself as you breathe in and out.

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3. You could also try counting your breaths. Count up to 5 as you breathe in and repeat the same when you breathe out.

4. Make sure your breathe-ins and breathe-outs cover the same length of time, and have a short pause in the middle.

5. Another great way to stay relaxed is to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. This technique is more helpful when you are experiencing strong contractions.

6. It is important to note that holding your breath for a longer period of time, at any point during labor, can be dangerous.

7. A good idea is to keep practicing breathing exercises throughout your pregnancy period so that it becomes more of a ‘habit’ to you, and comes naturally.

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You may want to get yourself enrolled for some pregnancy yoga classes to learn more about different breathing techniques to try during different stages of labor.

We hope this article helps you. Did breathing exercises during labor helped you? Do let other parents know in the comments box below.

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