8 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Constipation During Pregnancy

Remedies To areat Constipation During Pregnancy

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Has your toilet session turned into a nightmare ever since you became pregnant? Do you feel that the functioning of your intestines has become sluggish of late? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea!

From nausea and heartburn to insomnia and backache-pregnancy comes with a lot of tough spots to deal with, which may be overwhelming at times. Constipation is one of the most common complaints among pregnant women. Are you keen to end your bowel discomfort but are wary of using medications that may harm the little one in your womb? Fret not! Read this article to find out home remedies for constipation during pregnancy!

What Causes Constipation During Pregnancy?

Constipation is a common problem experienced by women during pregnancy, and it tends to worsen as pregnancy advances. (1) Most of the times,constipation during pregnancy occurs due to a combination of hormonal and mechanical functions that slow down the working of the gastrointestinal system. (2) The consumption of oral iron supplements, lack of exercise, dehydration, and increase in the production of the progesterone hormone may cause constipation during early pregnancy. Constipation during late pregnancy may be due to additional factors like stress, enlargement of the uterus, and pelvic pain. (3)

Home Remedies For Constipation In Pregnancy

Making a few lifestyle changes can prove to be of great help in regulating bowel movement and preventing constipation during pregnancy.

  • Consuming fluids like water, fruit juices especially prune juice can help soften the stools and ease its passage.
  • Going for a short walk daily or doing light aerobic activities can also help prevent pregnancy-related constipation. You can seek your doctor’s advice on safe exercises during pregnancy.
  • Adding fiber-rich foods to your diet is also a healthy way to prevent constipation while expecting. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are some super foods that can boost your digestion. (4)
  • You can also check with your nutritionist on how to avoid the intake of iron supplements and consume rich sources of dietary iron instead. (5)

Home Remedies For Constipation During Pregnancy:

You may come across many home remedies to tackle constipation, but not all of them are safe during pregnancy. Here are some home remedies for constipation while pregnant.

1. Including fiber-rich foods such as prunes, wholemeal bread, breakfast cereals, fruits, and vegetables in your pregnancy diet can help push the intestines to work hard and alleviate constipation. (6)

2. You can try consuming natural laxatives like senna to stimulate bowel movement. (7)

3. Increasing fluid consumption and regularly exercising can help you keep constipation at bay during pregnancy.

4. Intake of foods rich in probiotics can help alter the flora of the colon and stimulate bowel function. (8)

5. You can safely use certain laxatives and lubricants like mineral oil, bran, and psyllium during pregnancy.

6. Adding the juice of half a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water and consuming this mixture every morning can also boost your bowel movement. (9)

7. The consumption of cabbage soup too can help regularize bowel movements.

8. Milk offers multiple health benefits. Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed can help provide you relief from constipation during pregnancy. (10)

It is advisable to consult your doctor before you try any home remedy to treat constipation during pregnancy.

Have you tried any of these home remedies during your pregnancy? Did it help cure constipation? Do share your experience and advice with us in the comments box below.

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