125 Cute And Winning Responses To "I Love You"

I love you more.

Often, you may see yourself at a loss for words when you have to give responses to “I love you” from your significant other (SO)? You might become anxious and say the world’s most overused phrase, “I love you too.” However, in such a case, coming up with a creative and unique response can make you dearer to your special someone. With some surprising and loving remarks, if you reply to your dear one that you love them more than they do, it can help you earn some brownie points. These efforts can earn you appreciation and admiration, spice up the passion in your relationship, and give your SO the assurance they require. Continue reading this post to learn various ways to respond to the phrase “I Love You.”

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121 Ways To Respond To I Love You

  1. “I love you two, three, four, five, six, seven… up to infinity.” (Watch him grin from ear to ear as you say this.)
  2. “Did you know that you make the world a better place?”
  3. “You’re the only person who makes me smile constantly.”
  4. Thank you for loving me.” (You could add more lines from Bon Jovi’s song “Thank You for Loving Me.”)
  5. “Hearing you say that delights me.”
  6. “I love you more.”
  1. “No words!”
  2. “You’re so wonderful that you made me forget my reply to your ‘I love you.’”
  3. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life.”
  4. “I love you too, and I cannot live without you.”
  5. “I feel the same way, and I can prove it to you.”
  6. “Well, you deserve a kiss.”
  7. “I’m devoted to you forever.”
  8. “You are my beginning and my end.”
  9. “There is a piece of cake in the fridge — just for you.”
Hearing you say you love me makes me so happy

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  1. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet. And so are you. And I say I love and adore you.”
  2. “That sounds so promising.”
  3. “Of course, you are the one for me.”
  4. “You make my soul sing in glee whenever you utter those words.”
  5. “No, I love you!”
  6. “You’re the sunshine of my life.” (Steal some more lines from Stevie Wonder’s song “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.”)
  7. “You embody everything that I am looking for.”
  8. “Your words are like candies — All very sweet!”
  9. “Who, me? Well, you have a classic taste.”
  10. “I love you more and more each day.”
  11. “I would do anything and everything as long as I’m with you.”
  12. “You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  13. “Can you say that again? I want to relive the feeling!”
  14. “Here, have this candy!”.
  15. “I love you more than anything else!”
  16. “I’ll never get enough of you.”
  17. “You love me; I love you.”
  1. “Can I give you a long, warm hug?”.
  2. “I want to spend the rest of our lives together.”
  3. “Every time you talk to me, I fall in love with you more and more.”
  4. “You drive me crazy, baby.”.
  5. “You read my mind, didn’t you?”
  6. “I want to be the parent of your child.”
  7. “I’m so into you.”
  8. “I love you the most in the entire universe.”
  9. “How do you say “I love you” in French?”
  10. “That’s the sweetest thing I have ever heard.”
  11. “Can you say that again? And again? And again?” (End it with a tight hug)
  12. “Have you heard the song, “You Had Me at Hello?”
  13. “You complete me. Oh, yes, you do!”
  14. “We’ll build something that will last.”
  15. “Wanna go out for dinner? Yes or yes? ”
  16. “I want to hug you tight.”
  17. “We complete each other.”
  18. “You are the yin to my yang.”.
  19. “You better!”
  20. “Each day makes me realize why I love you.”
  21. “Have been waiting for this.”
  22. Oh! You just stole my words!
  23. “I’ve always thought happiness started with ‘H.’ I now realize that it actually starts with ‘U.’”
  24. “You sure? I just might take you seriously this time!”
  25. “You made my day, sweetheart.”
  26. “Let’s celebrate this.”
  27. “My heart belongs to you and only you.”
My heart belongs to you alone

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  1. “Yeah, but actions speak louder than words.” (Do not forget to smile when you say this.)
  2. “We are meant for each other.”
  3. “How I wish I could listen to those words again and again.
  4. “You are deep in my heart.”
  1. “Well, my lonely days are over then.”.
  2. “Close your eyes.” (Surprise your SO with something adorable.)
  3. “So kiss me!”
  4. “These words coming from your mouth sound magical.”
  5. “You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be.”.
  6. “It must be fate  that we’re together right now.”
  7. “You should know that I’m not letting you go if you come any closer to me!”
  8. “I feel breathless every time I see you.
  9. “We were destined to fall in love.”
  10. “My smile says it all.”
  11. “It makes me want to cuddle with you.”
  12. “We were made for each other.”
We were made for each other

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  1. “I was born for you.”
  2. “How could you not when I’m this awesome?”
  3. “If you love me, why don’t you order a pizza for me and then let me decide about the intensity of your love.”
  4. “Cause all of me, Loves all of you…” (Sing it out loud).
  5. “I feel like touching your lips with tenderness.”
  6. “As I suspected!”
  7. “Words are not enough to tell you how much I love you.”
  8. “Awww, you make me blush!”
  9. “God only knows what I’d be without you.”
  10. “Let’s get under the sheets.”
  11. “My world is a better place because of you.”
  1. “I will love you until the stars go out, and the tides no longer turn.”
  2. “I know you do, darling!”
  3. “I am the luckiest person in the universe.”
  4. “I don’t believe you!”
  5. “I will choose you over pizza every single day of my life.”
  6. “And you are my one and only sweetheart!”
  7. “I can’t imagine life without you by my side.”
  8. “Duly noted!”
  9. “With that, it’s now time for action.”
  10. “I want you to be around me always.”
  11. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful romance.”
  12. “I’ll be with you until the end of time.”
  13. “You are the sunshine of my days and the moonlight of my nights.”
  14. “What took you so long?”
  15. “I’ve been dying to hear that from you.”
  16. “Ti amo anch’io.” (It’s Italian for “I love you too.”)
protip_icon Quick tip
Try sending ‘I love you,’ but in another language each time they express their love for you. So, next time they send an ‘I love you,’ respond with ‘seni seviyorum’ (‘I love you’ in Turkish). Don’t explain the meaning, and let them find it out.
  1. “I’ll stand by you, now and forever.”
  2. “This is the first day of my life.”
  3. “I am yours.”
  4. “Everything you do in my life adds to my happiness, subtracts my sadness, and multiplies my joy!”
  5. “Every time I think of you, I feel love.”
  1. “If this were a dream, I’d choose not to wake up.”
  2. “I like the way you say those three magic words.”
  3. “You belong to me.”.
  4. “For you, I will risk it all.”
  5. “I am glad to have found you in this lifetime.”
  6. “I will love you until infinity runs out.”
  7. “All the sweet and cute love quotes are not enough to describe how much I love you.”
  8. “My heart is anchored in yours.”
  9. “I want to be with you in this relationship forever.”
I want to be with you forever

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  1. “Would you like to be my permanent roommate?”
  2. Yay! You said it first!
  3. “That’s good because loving you would be kind of awkward if you didn’t.”
  4. “Damn, you were worth the wait.”.
  5. “Please send your application letter and resume to my email address.”
  6. “Just say the words again, and I will be your partner in crime for my entire life.”
  7. “Did you just say ‘I love you’? I’m blessed.”
  8. “Fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy night.”
  9. “That makes two of us!”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I have a hard time saying I love you?

For most people, it is either the fear of rejection or bitter past experiences that stop them from saying these three magical words. However, if you genuinely like someone and are sure about their feelings, avoid overthinking and trust your gut to take the relationship to the next level–show the enchantment and endearment you have for your SO.

Louise Morris, a blogger, shares her personal experience of how difficult it was for her to say ‘I love you’ to her partner. She says, “ We were in a relationship for two years. During that time the words, ‘I love you’, were said once.

“It was the final day of our trip to Bali — we had booked a villa which he had (secretly) requested to be filled with flowers. At midnight, as we floated amongst the petals in the candle-lit private pool he told me he loved me. I wrapped myself around him and kissed him. I held him tighter than I ever had before… but said nothing.

“It wasn’t because I didn’t love him — I definitely did. I just couldn’t say it. My mouth refused to move, my throat had closed up, it was physically impossible for the words to come out (i).”

2. What is the fear of saying I love you called?

The fear of falling in love is also sometimes referred to as philophobia. The word philophobia originates from Greek, where “Philo” means love and “Phobia” means fear. Sometimes, this fear could be so intense that people find it difficult to love someone or stay in a relationship.

3. What are the benefits of responding to “I love you”?

Responding to I love you is a way to acknowledge and validate your partner’s feelings and emotions. In fact, expressing your emotions for your partner can foster a deep sense of trust and intimacy, providing you and your partner with emotional security and stability. Above all, expressing love to each other can bring a sense of joy and emotional fulfillment that will increase your happiness and overall well-being.

4. What are some of the common mistakes people make when responding to “I love you”?

Sometimes people may not know how to respond to “I love you.” Instead of acknowledging the sentiments, they may ignore or dismiss the declaration. Using humor or sarcasm as a defense mechanism or a way to downplay the situation can be hurtful to the person who shared their love. Sometimes, they might change the subject, deflect, or evade the conversation altogether, leaving the other person feeling vulnerable and unheard. Also, overthinking can lead to delayed or awkward responses, creating confusion or uncertainty in the relationship.

5. What are some tips for responding to “I love you” in a positive way?

Reciprocate the sentiments using endearing words like “I love you too.” Be authentic and express your feelings genuinely. Show appreciation for their love and share your feelings for them in customized ways, such as writing love notes or letters. Be vulnerable and showcase your love without hesitation to boost intimacy and strengthen the relationship.

6. How can one show their appreciation for being told “I love you”?

Showing appreciation for being told “I love you” can be a beautiful way to reciprocate and strengthen the bond between you and the person expressing their feelings. Allocate quality time to be with them, engaging in activities you both enjoy. Be fully present when they talk and show that you genuinely care about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Surprise them with their favorite meal, or a handwritten note expressing your love.

By now, you must have several responses to ‘I love you’ to impress your beloved. Not everyone is blessed with love, and so, when you find true love, cherish it and welcome it with open arms. Whether you have newly discovered love for each other or have been a couple for quite some time, the three magic words from your special person color your whole world with blissful hues. Use these witty, sweet, and warmhearted romantic phrases to let them know how much they mean to you.

Infographic: Ways To Respond To I Love You

A sentence that conveys your love for your partner and expresses how much they mean to you would be the perfect response to their “I love you.” These sweet phrases can be your special love exchange. So instead of saying “I love you too,” make your responses unique and different from what other couples use.

romantic phrases to say instead of i love you too (infographic)

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A sweet response to “I love you” can make your partner feel special. Learn how to make your loved one feel appreciated with this video!

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