25+ Unique And Budget Friendly Return Gift Ideas For Kids

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The little ones get excited about being invited to the parties, not just for fun but also for the return gifts. Having a list of return gift ideas for kids can help you pick something that would cheer up your young guests while they are ready to leave. Choosing age-appropriate and practical gifts for children is essential to delight them. If a kid’s party plan is in your mind and you are searching for the right return gifts options, read on as we provide a list of wonderful ideas for you.

26 Return Gift Ideas For Children

1. Pencil box

Pencil box

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Pencil boxes are a classic choice for a return gift idea for children above three years of age. They are useful, gender-neutral, and expansive in terms of designs, shapes, and colors. You can choose between a metal or plastic pencil box and their eco-friendly alternatives, like cloth or jute pencil pouches. The price range is also broad to fit every budget.

2. Eco-friendly stationery set

Eco-friendly stationery set

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Stationery sets can either be used as accessory items or an individual return gift. In either case, you have two major choices – regular stationery sets and eco-friendly stationery sets made from sustainably sourced wood. Eco-friendly stationery sets are unique and safe (lead-free), but they could be high-priced. They are suitable for school-going children above four years of age.

3. Fancy lunch box

Fancy lunch box

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A fancy lunch box is a perfect gift idea suitable for children across ages. Lunchboxes are mostly gender-neutral and have a wide array of options based on their design, shape, pattern (two or more inner sections), and material type (plastic or metal).

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4. Coloring book

Coloring book

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Coloring books can boost creativity and hone fine motor skills.  If you plan to buy them, look for books with age-specific coloring patterns. For instance, coloring animals or simple illustrations are suitable for young children. Coloring books with supplementary items, like colors and glitters, can be economical.

5. Clay modeling kit

Clay modeling kit

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Clay modeling kits are an excellent educational and recreational gift choice for children between the ages of three and 12. The price range for clay modeling kits can vary depending on the brand, quality of clay, modeling tools, and accessories. Always pick a kit that comes with washable, safe, and non-toxic clay.

6. Piggybank


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Piggy banks are available in varying colors and shapes, like a rocket, elephant, turtle, and the conventional pig shape. There can be variations in the size of the piggy bank and its material, like plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal. Choose a material that is appropriate for a child’s age. For instance, an unbreakable metal piggy bank is suitable for younger children. Piggy banks are an ideal gift to teach children the importance of saving money.

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7. Alphabet and number magnets

Alphabet and number magnets

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Alphabet and number magnets can help teach letters and numbers in a fun way. They are most suitable for children above three years of age. Look for options that are easy-to-clean, non-toxic, and durable. Ensure to large-sized magnets since smaller magnets can be a potential choking hazard.

8. Collectibles


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Collectibles, such as cartoon figurines, are a delightful return gift for children above four years of age. You may opt for figurines such as Barbie dolls or superheroes like Batman and Spiderman. You can also keep it gender-neutral or buy figurines based on the party theme. Select durable and easy-to-clean options over those made from inferior plastic.

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9. Finger puppets

Finger puppets

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A finger puppet is an amusing return gift that also helps in improving dexterity and agility in young children. You can select puppets shaped like different animals or cartoons. Cloth, plastic, and rubber are common materials for finger puppets. Choose a material that is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and non-toxic. Finger puppets are best suited for children of kindergarten age or older.

10. Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle

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A jigsaw puzzle is an engaging return gift that helps improve spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination. If you plan to select them as return gifts, then look for age-appropriate options to ensure proper use and effective learning. It is best suited for children above four years of age who can use the puzzle independently.

11. Pin badges

Pin badges

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Pin badges are perfect accessory items to have fun.  They come in different shapes and sizes and are economical. These are best suited for children of school age who can safely use them to decorate their belongings, like a schoolbag.

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12. Stuffed toy

Stuffed toy

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Young children love stuffed toys for their colorful appearance and soft-to-touch feel. They are available in different sizes and forms, like animals, birds, and cartoon characters. Select stuffed toys that are age-appropriate and easy-to-maintain. Prefer alternatives that do not have small pieces or parts, like eyes, nose, and buttons.

13. Bubble wand

Bubble wand

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Bubble wands are a fun return gift item for children across ages. Depending on the wand size, you can get as many as four wands in a set with different designs. If you are planning for a creative party theme, then bubble wands can be a part of the fun. You can consider them for children above three years of age.

14. Kaleidoscope


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A kaleidoscope is a classic return gift choice that is amusing and gender-neutral. It can even be a fun way to learn different shapes and colors. Older children can find it a delightful medium to entertain themselves. This charming return gift is ideal for children above four years of age who could use it with ease.

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15. Finger paints

Finger paints

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Finger painting is an engaging way of creating art, and children across all ages enjoy using them. Pick washable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly finger paints for return gifts. The price of the paints can vary based on the number of colors in a set. They are a perfect item for children aged three and above.

16. Jewelry-making kit

Jewelry-making kit

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Jewelry making is a creative activity that promotes creative thinking and proper eye-hand coordination. You can choose a basic jewelry kit that will be loved by both boys and girls. Each kit consists of beads, ribbons, strings, glitters, etc. for making ornaments, like a necklace. The small parts may pose a choking hazard. Therefore, it is an ideal gift for children over seven years of age.

17. Toy cars

Toy cars

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A toy car is a thrilling and exciting return gift for children, especially boys above three years of age. You can prefer toy cars for their easy availability, affordability, and wide style and size range. Some of the brands, like Hot Wheels, provide a wide assortment of toy cars in a single pack.

18. STEM DIY kit


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The STEM DIY kits are interactive learning toys based on the concept of “learning by playing.” They are good at teaching basic science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to children above four years of age. They can be expensive, thus best suit parties with only a few guests.

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19. Snow globe

Snow globe

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Children find a snow globe charming and delightful. They are available in different patterns, several sizes, and can be personalized. You can pick a type of snow globe depending on your budget. It is a suitable gift for children above three years of age.

20. Rubik’s cube

Rubik’s cube

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Rubik’s cube is a suitable return gift for children above eight years of age who prefer problem-solving games. However, young children can also use it to boost cognitive abilities, spatial awareness, and eye-hand coordination. You can select a small or large Rubik’s cube based on the age of the party guests and your budget.

21. Pop-up book

Pop-up book

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Pop-up storybooks are a wonderful gift choice for children above two years of age who get fascinated by 3D illustrations. The purpose of 3D books is to boost reading abilities and teach the value of visualization. If you are looking for a return gift that is delightful and engaging, then pop-up books are a good choice.

22. Glow-in-the-dark stickers

Glow-in-the-dark stickers

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Glow-in-the-dark stickers are an inexpensive choice for parents and an entertaining return gift for the children. Several stickers of different patterns and colors are readily available at almost any budget store. You can choose one depending on the interest of the children or party theme. Prefer large stickers that are easy-to-apply, easy-to-clean, and with good adhesion quality.

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23. Comics


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It is an awesome gift for children to regulate their screen time and develop an interest in reading. Besides, they are affordable and have an expansive range for various interests and age groups. It is an ideal gift for children above five years of age who have developed substantial reading abilities.

24. Globe


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Globe is a useful educational gift available in different sizes. You can choose between regular and interactive globe options, depending on your budget. Interactive globes often demonstrate illuminated locations and constellations in the dark. The globe makes for a unique gift for children above four years of age.

25. Alarm clock

Alarm clock

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An alarm clock is a great return gift for children above five years who are familiar with the concept of time and numbers. They are readily available and have a wide selection range based on the design, pattern, color, and features, like music or a famous cartoon voice. It is one gift type that fits most of the budget ranges.

26. Terrarium kit

Terrarium kit

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A terrarium is a miniature garden inside a sealed plastic or glass container. You can buy a DIY terrarium kit that comes with all the items, like soil, seeds, and some kits may even feature LEDs to glow in the dark. Pick a kit based on your budget and choice of complexity. Since terrarium requires work and maintenance, it is a suitable return gift for children above seven years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a return gift important?

Return gifts are the best way to express gratitude for family and friends on the day of any special event. Choose the right gift for your guest to make a positive impression. Gifts are often exchanged to reaffirm or establish our relationships with others. Therefore, they serve as a reflection of the relationship between the donor and the recipient.

2. What to gift someone who does everything for me?

Spending quality time with someone is the best gift you can give them. Alternatively, if they love receiving material gifts, you may pick one to suit their tastes and preferences. You can also present an indulgent gift such as a spa day, taking them on a shopping spree, etc.

While you plan your kid’s birthday party, add to the fun and delight of their friends and little guests by treating them with a return gift. Children coming to the party would love to walk back with something in hand. Return gifts are lovely ways to show love and encourage bonding between kids. Try to wrap these gifts in attractive sheets to make the kids excited. You may also leave a sweet note with some lovely messages that they may read and cherish.

Key Pointers

  • Make your child’s birthday memorable by giving cool return gifts, such as a fancy lunch box.
  • You may give a clay modeling kit or fun finger puppets to bring out the creativity.
  • Classic stuffed toys are a part of everyone’s childhood.
  • Jewelry kit, bubble wand, puzzles, and many more ideas as you scroll down.

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