11 Best Nursery Gliders and Baby Rocking Chairs In 2021

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You may want to buy a number of things for the nursery to ensure the baby’s safety and comfort. But a nursery rocking chair is not usually one of them.

A nursery chair or a glider chair is an essential piece of furniture that makes it easier for you to spend time in the baby’s room. With a rocking chair, you can comfortably feed the baby in the nursery, or just stay close to the baby when they’re sleeping. Picking the right nursery chair is not rocket science, but you may want to consider all the available options before choosing one.

In this MomJunction post, we tell you more about nursery rocking chairs, their benefits, and choosing the right one from among the best nursery rocking chairs and gliders.

11 Best Nursery Chairs

1. Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

Babyletto’s swivel glider is a stylish piece of furniture that fits in with the rest of the home decor.


  • The upholstery of the chair is made from water-resistant, stain-resistant microsuede fabric. The base is made from durable metal.
  • The fabric is very soft, which means you can comfortably sit in the chair for long hours.
  • The upholstery is free from chemicals including flame retardants and formaldehyde.
  • The backrest has contours to provide adequate support. You also get a 360-degree swivel movement.


  • It has no footrest. You may also not find adequate neck support when you recline, although it depends on the height of the parent.
  • Some parents did not find the product ideal for long term usage.

2. Angel Line Monterey Glider & Ottoman

Angel Line Monterey Glider & Ottoman

Angel Line’s glider and ottoman are perfect for a nursing mom. The design of the chair and ottoman ensures that the parent can sit comfortably.


  • There is padding all over the seat, including the armrests. Many parents report the chair is very comfortable to sit in.
  • The chair cushions can be removed for easy, spot cleaning.
  • Both the chair and ottoman frames are made from high-quality, durable wood


  • Parents report squeaking sounds from the chair after months of usage.
  • Many parents report the chair breaking either by the wood cracking or by the moving parts failing. However, such scenarios could occur due to overloading and improper assembly.

3. Storkcraft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Storkcraft offers a reasonable level of customization with this product, letting you pick one that fits in with the other furniture in your home.


  • Color and pattern options available for the upholstery, making it nearly a custom-made glider.
  • The armrest comes with a side pocket.
  • The frame is made from durable wood. The metal ball bearings enable smooth motion of the glider.


  • The upholstery is not water-resistant, and the product does not come with an upholstery cover.
  • The weight limit is only 250 pounds (113 kilograms), which is on the lower side.
  • Some parents report the padding going out of shape and the movement of the chair becoming noisier after months of usage.

4. Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider

Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider

This nursing glider is made for mothers who are looking for the ultimate comfort while breastfeeding.


  • The ottoman has a well-cushioned seat and also glides smoothly like the chair.
  • There is a foldable footrest at the base of the ottoman. You can use the footrest while seated on the chair.
  • The seat is plush and well-padded. The upholstery can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


  • The chair lacks any protective cover, and the upholstery is not water resistant.
  • The weight limit of the chair is 250 pounds (113 kilograms), which is on the lower side when compared to other glider chairs.

5. Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker

Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker

It is a modern nursery rocker chair that is big enough to accommodate individuals with a heavy build comfortably.


  • The base of the chair is arched and made from hardwood for durability.
  • The chair has a wide stance thanks to the legs that are spaced right for improved stability during rocking.
  • The manufacturer ships the chair with a lumbar pillow for extra support to your lower back.
  • The upholstery is durable and can be spot cleaned.


  • There is no protective cover for the upholstery.
  • The wider stance gives the chair a low backrest, which may be uncomfortable for some users.

6. DaVinci Ruby Recliner and Glider

If you are looking for a gliding motion, reclining feature, and swivel in the same chair, then DaVinci Ruby is for you. It offers these features and more – all in one package.


  • The circular metal base allows for a 360-degree movement. A gliding metal frame lets you glide the chair.
  • A safety feature prevents the chair from gliding when it is reclined.
  • A lumbar cushion keeps your lower back comfortable.
  • There is a retractable footrest attached to the frame of the chair. Pull the footrest out when you need it and push it down to fold it back when not in use.
  • The upholstery is made from soft and durable polyester, which is easy to spot clean. No chemicals and flame retardants are used in the making of the chair.


  • Some parents say that the chair is too deep for people of short stature.
  • A few report that the cushioning is a bit firm, but it can depend on one’s personal preference.

7. Baby Relax Double Rocker

Baby Relax Double Rocker

It is a super-wide version of the standard nursery rocker. This chair is ideal for both moms and dads.


  • The chair has a wide stance. The manufacturer claims that it is one and a half times wider than regular rocker chairs.
  • The arched wooden base is designed to prevent the chair from dangerously rocking backward.
  • The chair comes with minimal parts, which makes assembly easy.


  • The padding may come across as firm for some parents.
  • Some users found it hard to rock the chair and also felt the degree of rocking was not sufficient.

8. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

The glider chair has the broadest angle of recline. It is the ideal chair for moms who like to stretch and relax a little on their nursery chair.


  • A circular base allows for a 360-degree of motion. It also has a metal frame that allows for a gliding motion.
  • The angle of recline is high. You can also pull out a foldable footrest to rest your legs while reclining.
  • The spring core foam seat makes it comfortable to sit for a longer duration.


  • The chair can hold a maximum weight of 225 pounds (102 kilograms), which is on the lower side.
  • There is no lumbar support; neither through built-in cushioning nor through an additional pillow for the back.

9. Windsor Glider and Ottoman

Windsor Glider and Ottoman

It is a practical glider with functional features such as a sliding ottoman, padded armrests, and storage pockets.


  • There is a generous amount of padding on the chair.
  • There are storage pockets on the outside of each armrest to keep the baby’s supplies accessible during breastfeeding.
  • The chair comes with an ottoman that can be used as a footrest or a stand-alone stool.


  • Some parents complain of squeaking sounds after a few months of usage.
  • Some reported a crack or a break in the frame following regular usage for months, although it can depend on the item received.

10. Naomi Home Brisbane Glider and Ottoman

Naomi Home Brisbane Glider and Ottoman

Naomi Home’s glider is an excellent combination of comfort and durability. The product ships with an ottoman too.


  • A comfortable seat with soft cushioning even on the armrest. The comfort level is the same as the ottoman that can be used as a footrest.
  • There are large storage pockets on both sides of the chair to keep the baby’s supplies at an arm’s distance away.
  • The backrest is tall and will provide sufficient head support when you lean backward.


  • Some parents did not find the product very durable. Also, a few parents noticed the shaking and cracking of the chair’s frame after several months of use.

11. Dutailier Sleigh Glider

Dutailier Sleigh Glider

Dutailier’s glider offers the perfect reclining angle to feed your baby comfortably.


  • The backrest of the chair is designed to shift into multiple positions. A lever at the base of the chair allows you to move the backrest to your favorite angle of recline.
  • The frame of the chair and the ottoman is made from high-quality, durable wood.
  • The edges of the chair and ottoman have smooth edges for added safety. The product is not treated with any harmful chemicals.


  • A few parents did not find the quality of the product as good as the other products in the market.
  • Some parents found the cushioning to be too firm, but that can vary as per one’s personal preference.

What Is A Nursery Chair?

A nursery chair is a padded, cushioned chair made for a parent to sit and feed the baby. Since the chair is likely to be placed in the baby’s nursery, it is also called a nursery chair.

The difference between a nursery rocking chair and a nursery glider is that rockers have curved feet, shaped like an arch, to allow for them to rock while a glider chair has its feet assembled within a frame, which works as the base of the chair. The feet move back and forth within the frame, making it seem like the chair’s base sits on the rails. The frame of a glider also works as a safety mechanism to prevent the chair from rocking dangerously.

Some glider chairs also have a swivel function, which allows the chair to turn 360°. The complex mechanism of glider chairs can make them a bit expensive when compared to rocking chairs. There are plenty of choices available in nursery chairs, but parents may wonder if it is a good idea to invest in one.

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Do You Need A Nursery Chair?

You may consider getting a nursery chair for your baby’s room because:

  1. It provides a comfortable space to feed. The cushioning of the nursery chair lets you feed the baby comfortably. Plus, the chair can be an exclusive place in the baby’s room where you can sit and breastfeed in peace.
  1. It takes the strain off your body after delivery. Also, your belly region would be more tender if you have had a C-section. A nursery chair avoids any additional strain on your belly and back, thanks to its padding. Some chairs also have a recline option, which further alleviates any bodily discomfort.
  1. It can be soothing for the baby. The rocking motion of the chair can soothe and calm an upset baby. You can use the chair to calm a crying baby or help them fall asleep without any fuss.

Different brands of nursery chairs have different features, which you must evaluate before making a choice.

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How To Choose The Right Nursery Chair?

Keep the following checklist of features with you when shopping for nursery rocking chairs and gliders:

  1. Smooth motion: The movement of the chair should not feel jerky and uncomfortable. It should also be easy to set the chair in motion.
  1. No noises: Squeaky sound from a rocking chair and clanking of metal from a glider are a no-no. These sounds will be an annoyance to you and will disturb the baby’s sleep.
  1. Comfortable: Check for adequate lumbar support and the presence of armrests. Some chairs ship with a footrest, which further elevates the comfort levels.

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  1. Easy to sit: Pick a chair that does not require you to pull it before sitting. A chair that is easy to sit in and get out of is ideal since you will be holding the baby.
  1. Sturdy construction: A nursery chair is where you will often sit with your precious little one in your arms. With that in mind, a strong, well-built rocking chair or glider is the one you must pick.
  1. Convenient to clean: Chairs that come with protective covers are preferable since they are easy to clean.
  1. Extra furniture: Some nursery chairs ship with a cushioned stool or ottoman that can also double as a footrest. Such chairs are definitely a great option.

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A rocking chair and glider are unlike any other piece of furniture but can be highly functional after you have a baby. Pick a rocking chair or a glider that you’ll be most comfortable in. Choose one that you are likely to use long after your baby becomes a child. Or pick one that you can move into the common living area when it is no longer needed in the baby’s nursery.

Did you buy a nursery rocking chair or glider? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.


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