300+ Romantic, Cute, And Funny Nicknames For Husband

Nicknames are intimate and make a person feel special and loved. If you are looking for some cool nicknames for husband, your search ends here. Every husband is different. Some husbands are funny, some are romantic, some are short-tempered, and some are sweet. Hence, finding a suitable nickname for your husband can be quite a task. A nickname should be unique and also match the personality of your husband. In this post, we have listed several nicknames that you can use to express your love for your husband. Scroll down and take your pick.

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Romantic Nicknames for Husband

Many couples exclusively address their partners using a romantic nickname until and unless they are upset with them. This is what Lisa Alexander, a wife, does as well. She says, “From the time we were dating, Charlie (her husband) and I have always referred to each other as ‘hon.’ We rarely say each other’s names, unless we are annoyed… I don’t know how ‘hon’ started. ‘Honey’ must have been too many syllables. I like ‘hon.’ It’s affectionate, but sort of impersonal (i).”

Thus, you can use a nickname for your husband not just to be romantic, but also to indicate how you’re feeling.

If you and your husband are hopelessly romantic, then here are some pet names that could suit him.

  1. Lover: Does seeing your husband make you feel weak in your knees? Maybe the name “Lover” describes him best.
  2. Tarzan: Tarzan seems an apt name for a partner who is primal, aggressive, and passionate.
  1. Captain of Love: If your husband is the captain of your love boat, then bestow him with this well-deserved title.
Bestow him with this well-deserved title

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  1. Prince: Your husband is the prince of your dreams; this nickname is just what you would want to call him.
  2. Honey Bun: If thinking about your husband gives you the same feeling when you walk into a donut shop, then he is your indulgence.
  3. Romeo: Is your husband good at expressing love? Then he is your Romeo, and you are his Juliet.
  4. My Only One: This nickname will definitely make him feel special, as he is the only man who owns your precious heart.
  5. My Sunshine: If a glimpse of your husband’s face or his smile can brighten up your mood, then this is the perfect name for him.
  6. My Everything: Choose this name if even a minute of your day does not pass without thinking of him.
  7. Soulmate: Do you believe that it’s not just your heart but soul also found a match in your husband? Then he is your soulmate.
  8. Mr. Handsome: If your husband has the killer looks, which leave your heart in a puddle, then he deserves this nickname.
  9. Cuddly Bear: Is your man tall, chubby and loves to cuddle? Then give him this name.
  10. Mr. Good Looking: For the man whom you adore for his looks and sense of style.
  11. Beast: If your man cannot get enough of you, then you are his beauty and he is your beast.
  12. Darling: Old is gold, and so is this nickname.
  13. Sugar Lips: When he gives you leg-popping kisses every single time.
  14. Amore Mio: Express your love in Italian, this means “my love”.
  15. My Hero: For the hero of your romantic life.
  16. Cutie Pie: Reserve this nickname for those times when you feel your husband is as cute as a puppy.
  17. My Knight: If your husband is always there for you, then he is your knight in shining armor.
  18. Key to My Heart: For the guy who makes you open up your heart with his love.
  19. Hottie: If your husband is sizzling hot, then you have just the name for him.
  20. Dimples: Men with dimples are adorable. If your husband has them, then call him with this name.
  21. XOXO: For the man who gives you unlimited hugs and kisses.
  22. Heart Throb: If looking at your husband makes your heart beat fast, then pick this name for him.
  23. Dream Guy: When your husband is all that you have ever dreamt of.
  24. Superman: For the man who has superpowers to do what you think is impossible.
  25. Mi Amor: Give this nickname to your hubby, if you want to call him “my love” in Spanish.
  26. Man of My Life: Call your husband with this name to tell him how irreplaceable he is in your life.
  27. My Drug: If you are addicted to your husband, then this is the perfect name.
  28. My World: For the guy who means the world to you.
  29. Hunk: If your husband has the body of a Greek god, then this is the nickname for him.
  30. Alpha: For the man who is dominant but in a loving and caring way.
  1. Heartbreaker: Did your man break a few hearts when he tied the knot with you? Or did he have a reputation of being the most wanted bachelor? Use this nickname without hesitation.
Heartbreaker if he had been the most wanted bachelor

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  1. Ken: If your guy is fashionable and always well-groomed. He is Ken and you are Barbie.
  2. Snuggles: For the warm and comfortable person your husband is.
  3. Extra Hot: When your husband is super-duper hot to handle.
  4. Love Muffin: He is sweet and full of love for you.
  5. Mr. Killer Looks: Is your man blessed with good looks and do women look at you with envy for having him all for yourself? Then, pick this name.
  6. Sexy: Do we need to say anything?
  7. All Mine: That adorable and caring man is all yours.
  8. My Valentine: Your husband is your Valentine for life; name him this.
  9. My True Love: When your love for your man is pure, he is your true love.
  10. Other Half: Pick this name when you feel your husband completes you.
  11. My Muse: He inspires you with his love and creativity.
  12. Heart Keeper: He holds the key to your heart, keeping it safe and cherished.
  13. True North: He guides you in the right direction, just like the North Star.
  14. Passion Pinnacle: His passionate love takes you to the highest peaks happiness.
  15. My Guiding Light: He illuminates your path in life with his love and wisdom.
  16. Joyful Heartbeat: His love is the rhythm that keeps your heart beating.
  17. Love’s Euphoria: His love brings you to a state of pure bliss and euphoria.
  18. Passion Poet: He expresses his love through the eloquence of his heart.
  19. Everlasting Flame: For the one whose presence fills your life with warmth and love.
  20. My Anchor: For the one who keeps you grounded and stable, no matter the tide.
  21. Viking: The one who stole your heart.
  22. Cutie Patootie: Everything he does, he always makes his way to your heart cutely.
  23. Pitbull: Despite being rough sometimes, he is the one who loves you unconditionally.
  24. Pudding Head: A playful and sweet nickname for when he’s feeling a bit goofy.
  25. Puppy Muppy: Evokes his adorable and affectionate nature.
  26. Nintendo Man: Ideal if he’s a fan of video games and brings out the inner child in him
  27. Chipmunk: Perfect for his energetic and cheerful personality.
  28. Elmo: For the one who is playful and vibrant, just like the famous Sesame Street character.
  29. Hungryman: Celebrate his appetite and love for good food.
  30. Simba: The king of your heart, just like the lion king himself.
  31. Pieman: The one who fills your life with love and sweetness in every moment.
  32. Bagel: Always a comforting and delightful presence in your life.
  33. Peach Pop: A playful and endearing name that captures your husband’s sweetness.
  34. Wonder Boy: When every day with him is a journey of discovery and amazement.
  35. Sprinkler: When he showers your days with joy and love, and makes everything brighter.
  36. Guapo: A Spanish term of endearment that perfectly captures your husband’s handsome charm.
  37. Bello: An Italian word that reflects the beauty your husband brings into your life.
  38. Partner In Crime: A fun and mischievous nickname that represents your adventurous journey together.
  39. Monsieur: An elegant French term that captures your husband’s sophistication and charm.
  40. Honey Boo: A term of endearment combining sweetness and closeness.
  41. Bestie: When he is not just a husband, but a true friend you can always rely on.
  42. Carebear: For the protector and comforter who cares deeply for you.
  43. Honey Bee: To signify his importance and the sweetness he brings.
  44. Boo Thang: A playful and affectionate way of expressing your special connection with him.
  45. Bees Knees: Celebrating his unique and wonderful qualities.
  46. Butter Babe: Portraying his smooth and charming persona.

protip_icon Trivia
Babe is one of the popular nicknames among couples around the world.

Sweet Nicknames for Husband

You married a loving, caring and a sweet guy. Your husband is the emotional one in the relationship, he never hides his feelings and expresses his love without any fear. Express your love for such a man by choosing a sweet nickname for him.

  1. Sweetie: If you are old-fashioned, go for this famous nickname for your husband.
  2. Moonpie: For the husband who is nummy nummy and you can just eat him.
  3. Teddy Bear: Is your man huge, cute and has a soft heart? This name suits him.
  4. Marshmallow: A marshmallow is soft, mushy and sweet just like your husband. Then why not call him so?
  5. Rockstar: Is your husband good at many things? Does he manage his job and family well? Then, he deserves this nickname.
  6. Sweet Cheeks: Give this nickname to your husband if you just cannot resist pulling his cheeks.
  7. Momo: Is your husband like a momo? Plain on the outside, but is warm and caring on the inside. Then, call him with this cute and sweet nickname.
  8. Mr. Perfect: There is no such thing as a perfect man, but one man is absolutely perfect for you. If your husband is a perfect fit for you, then pick this name.
  9. Amigo: If your husband is also your best friend, then he is your Amigo, which means friend.
  10. Hot Chocolate: A cup of hot chocolate is always comforting; if your guy is hot as well as caring, then call him by this nickname.
  11. Sweet-tooth: Is your man a sucker for sweet things (both food and you), then he deserves this nickname.
  12. Twinkling Star: Just like the twinkling star, if your husband guides you in your life, then pick this name for him.
  13. Wild Tiger: Your husband is both fearless and wild and you want to remind him about this every day.
  14. God’s Gift: When you feel that your husband is a gift from God.
  15. Bumblebee: This name is for all those hardworking husbands out there.
  16. Mr. Attractive: Your husband may not be the most handsome guy, but, if there is some attraction in him which makes him adorable to the people he meets, then why not call him with this nickname?
  17. My Smilemaker: Pick this name for the reason of smiles in your life.
  18. Sweetheart: Another classic nickname for your husband.
  19. Sweetie: When your husband happens to be sweet. Add the “ie” for extra cuteness.
  20. My Angel: How sweet it would be to call your husband angel from heaven.
  21. Baby Love: A baby is the epitome of sweetness; combine it with love to give him a sugar rush.
  22. Love Bug: If you are smitten by your husband, you can pick this sweet and cute nickname.
Love Bug if you are smitten by him

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  1. Biryani Monster: Is food his second love? Then go ahead and pick this nickname. We have used Biryani, but you may replace it with your husband’s favorite food.
  2. Honey: Yet another classic nickname, choose this name if your relationship is not only sweet but also long-lasting.
  3. My Dear: May sound like the opening of a letter. But, the word dear is a sweet way to express deep feelings. So, this cannot go wrong.
  4. Diamond: A sweet way to imply he is as precious as a diamond.
  5. Sugar: If he gives you a sugar rush with his charm then give him this nickname.
  6. My Rock: Is your husband your rock? Does he calm all your anxieties?
  7. Tough Guy: For a guy who can handle any difficult situation with ease.
  8. Champ: When he is great at anything and everything he does.
  9. Smiley: Does your husband always have a smile on his face? Then, he deserves this nickname.
  10. Mr. Right: For the man who is the right match for you.
  11. Giggles: When you love the way he giggles.
  12. My Sweet Boy: He is sweet, and he is yours forever.
  13. Honeypot: Is he full of sweet things like a honeypot? Then, this is the perfect name for him.
  14. Favorite Man: When your husband is your favorite thing in the whole world.
  15. Treasure: You found the treasure, and he is yours forever.
  16. Beloved: Sounds old school but is one of the classic ways to convey your love to your husband.
  17. Master of my Universe: If your world revolves around your husband then he is indeed the master.
  18. Mister Man: Your pillar of strength and reliability who is always there when you need him.
  19. Mister Complete: He fills every corner of your heart with his presence and love.
  20. Macho Mack: Your rugged and strong protector, ever ready to take on the world for you.
  21. Dude: Your best friend, your confidant, and the love of your life – all rolled into one.
  22. Mr. Spectacles: With his wisdom and insight, he helps you see the world in a whole new light.
  23. Mr. Professor: Because his knowledge and curiosity inspire you to learn and grow alongside him.
  24. Heart Stealer: For the one who captured your heart completely, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
  25. Button: Small and adorable, for the one who is a cute little button and adds charm to your life.
  26. Binky: Like a comforting blanket, he brings you solace and peace whenever you need it.
  27. Firecracker: His energy and passion ignites your life with excitement and sparks.
  28. Wolf: He is your loyal and protective partner, who is always ready to stand by your side.
  29. Major: The one who is a major part of your happiness and the love story of your life.
  30. Soulmate: In him, you have found the one who completes your soul and understands you like no other.
  31. Better Half: When he completes you, making every aspect of your life better just by being in it.
  32. My Wonder: His uniqueness and brilliance never cease to amaze and inspire you.
  33. Wonder Man: He possesses qualities that make him truly extraordinary in your eyes.
  34. Iron Man: His strength and resilience are matched only by his heart of gold.
  35. Handyman: With his skills and care, he can fix anything – including your heart.
  36. Mr. Clumsy: Even his clumsiness brings a smile to your face, reminding you of his adorable quirks.
  37. Knace: For your knight in shining armor, always ready to protect and cherish our love.
  38. Managina: He manages every situation with grace and care, making life beautiful.
  39. Marquis: A title fit for your regal and unique partner in life.
  40. Poo in the Boots: Like a cute surprise, he brings unexpected joy to your days.
  41. Woody: With his strong foundation, he is the support you lean on in every situation.
  42. Buzz Lightier: His energy and excitement bring lightness to your life like no other.
  43. My Cabbage: For the most unique and charming partner.
  44. My Duckling: For the one adorable companion who is waddling through life together.
  45. Hubby Bubs: A cute nickname for the man of your dreams.
  46. Pupo: For the one who makes your heart melt with his cute, cuddly love and sweetness.
  47. Mr. Dependable: For the one you can count on through thick and thin and ebb and tide.
  48. Mr. Chocolate: Comparing his appeal and sweetness to that of chocolate.
  49. Waffles: A quirky and endearing nickname that reflects his unique charm.
  50. Candyman: Equating him to a source of delight and sweetness.
  51. Beau: For your elegant and handsome man.
  52. Baby Booga Boo: A playful and loving nickname that’s uniquely his.
  53. Lamb Chops: A cute and endearing nickname that shows his gentleness and charming appeal.

Cute Nicknames for Husband

Can you have multiple nicknames for your husband? Why not! Use these names when your husband is incredibly cute.

  1. Pookie: This word means cute, so you know the drill!
  2. Pancakes: If you simply love pancakes, go ahead and name him the same.
  3. Snuggle Bear: How cute it is when you tell him that you feel safe in his arms!
  4. Sparky: Pick this name if he adds sparks to your life.
  5. Panda: If your guy is cute, cuddly and adorable just like a panda.
  6. Pumpkin: Another classic nickname which drips cuteness.
  7. Bunny: He is as cute as a bunny, and you cannot live without him. Text him this and see how happy he will feel.
  8. Mister Cutie: This is like calling him cute with some respect.
  9. Cupcake: Just like a cupcake if your husband is also filled with sweetness, then this nickname is for him.
  10. My Sweet Boy: If your husband is sweet and enchanting then choose this nickname.
  11. Cotton Candy: Is your husband soft and sweet like cotton candy? If your answer is yes, then you have the perfect name for him.
  12. Cowboy: This is a cute way to tell that your husband will protect you no matter what.
  13. Hercules: He may not be the ultimate macho man in the world, but for you, he is as high as the demigod.
Hercules, nickname for husband

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  1. Mr. (the first letter of his name): This idea is adopted from Harley Quinn and the Joker, although their love story is a bit scary, the idea is too cute to let go.
  2. Winnie: If like the pooh bear your husband is soft-voiced, friendly, thoughtful and loveable, then he is your Winnie.
  3. HunBun: This is another cute way to express your love for your husband.
  4. Sugar Puff: Is he a sweet and cute person? Then go for this.
  5. Gummy Bear: If gummy bears are your favorite candy or his.
  6. Funny Hunny: Is your husband both funny and cute?
  7. Honey Badger: If your husband is as cute as a honey badger and feisty too.
  8. Curly Locks: Guys with curls are super attractive, and if your guy has a head full of curls then make him proud by calling him with this nickname.
  9. Naughty Monster: Is your husband known for his naughtiness? Does he always play pranks which you enjoy? Then he is your naughty monster.
  10. Big guy: This is a charming way to call your manly husband.
  11. Kiddo: If you have recognized the child in your man, then this nickname is for him.
  12. Babylicious: When he is cute, soft and irresistible.
  13. My Kind: Is your husband the only one who gets you, and both of you often complete each other’s sentences? Then, this is the best nickname for him.
  14. Apple: He is the apple of your eyes.
  15. Numnums: For those moments when your husband is so cute that you are gonna die.
  16. Macho Man: He is the muscular man with ultimate muscles.
  17. Captain Charming: He’s the leader of your heart and a true charmer.
  18. Honeydew: For the one who adds a sweet and refreshing flavor to your life.
  19. Mr. Romantic: For the one who knows how to sweep you off your feet with his romantic gestures.
  20. Angel Heart: For the one whose heart is full of love, kindness, and compassion.
  21. Honey Dove: When his gentle and soothing presence is as calming as a dove’s coo.
  22. Amour Aviator: When he flies high in the skies of love and explores its vast horizons.
  23. Soul Sculptor: For the one who sculpts your soul’s connection into a work of art with his love.
  24. Affection Admiral: If he commands the ship of your affection with skill and care.
  25. Love Maverick: He’s daring and innovative in the ways he shows his love.
  26. Tender Knight: For the one who is both tender and protective, just like a knight from a fairy tale.
  27. Soulful Sailor: When he sails the sea of life with a soul full of love and devotion.
  28. Dreamweaver: The perfect one who weaves dreams of love and togetherness into reality.
  29. Cherub Cheeks: If your partner’s cheeks are as cute and rosy as a cherub’s.
  30. Pumpkin Pie: If he’s as delightful and heartwarming as a slice of pie.
  31. Moonlight Marvel: If he brings a sense of wonder and magic, just like the moonlight.
  32. Sugarplum: If he is the delightful sweetness that adds flavor to your days.
  33. Angel Eyes: For the one whose eyes reflect the kindness and purity of an angel.
  34. Jellybean: A colorful burst of joy in your life.
  35. Mr. Enchanting: The one who is the definition of enchanting.
  36. Heartstrings: The one who plays your heartstrings.
  37. Chocolate Heart: Whose heart is as sweet as chocolate.
  38. Love Magnet: Attracting your love effortlessly.
  39. Snickers: Always bringing a smile and a chuckle.
  40. Chocolate Chip: Like a delicious morsel of happiness.
  41. Honeyed Whispers: His sweet words are like soothing whispers to you.
  42. Honey Butter: Just like butter, his love melts your heart.
  43. Baby Boo: A playful and affectionate term of endearment.
  44. Treasure Trove: The one who is a treasure chest of love and joy.
  45. Heartfelt Haven: If his love is a safe haven for your heart.
  46. Love Sorcerer: For the one who is a master of casting love spells on your heart.
  47. Love Alchemist: The one who turns everyday moments into golden memories.
  48. Love Explorer: He who explores the depths of love and emotions with you.
  49. Honeyed Serenity: The one whose presence brings serenity and sweetness.
  50. Love Artisan: He who crafts your love story with creativity and care.
  51. Snookums: A sweet and affectionate name for your special someone.
  52. Mr. Errand: The reliable one who always takes care of things.
  53. Big Papa: An endearing term that acknowledges his importance and role.
  54. Lovey-Dovey: Capturing your and his affectionate and romantic bond.
  55. Ke Aloha: Hawaiian for “Beloved,” signifying his cherished place in your heart.
  56. Cookie Monster: Playfully referencing his love for all things delicious.
  57. Mr. Squishy: A playful and endearing nickname highlights his cuddly nature.

protip_icon Point to consider
Having nicknames for each other is considered a secret language of romance. You can use a cute nickname for your spouse when you wish to get playful (1).

Funny Nicknames for Husband

Some couples share a weird sense of humor, the world will not be able to get their joke, but, for them, it is as funny as it can get. If your husband is funny in a way which only you can understand, then here are a few nicknames that can be your secret code. But, be careful while choosing a funny nickname as your husband could feel offended.

  1. Bingo: This word is used when someone wins a game of bingo. If you think your husband is lucky or unlucky (a little sarcasm) then, pick this name.
  2. Mr. Turtle: If your husband does things at his own pace, then this is a cute and funny nickname to give him.
  3. Daredevil: Be it skydiving, zorbing, or any such extreme sports, your man is always on the front row to try it out.
  4. Bromancer: This is a funny nickname to tease your husband if he is spending more time with his guy friends than with you.
  5. Baloo: Just like this sloth bear, if your husband is the ultimate chill bro, but would fight the world to protect you, then he is your Baloo and you his Mowgli.
  6. Genie: Does he satisfy your secret and dark cravings? Then, this name is perfect for your husband.
  7. Dishwasher: Sarcastic nickname for a husband who never helps you with chores.
  8. Sir Crankster: If your husband can get cranky easily, then he is the honorable Sir Crankster.
  9. Snoring Lion: Does your husband snore like a trumpet? Then, he has most definitely earned this nickname.
  10. King of Lazy Land: If there is a competition for laziness, will your husband win unanimously? Then, pick up this name.
  11. Popeye: Whenever you are in trouble, do you cry your husband’s name just like Olive Oyl? Pick this name without any further ado.
  12. Speedy Joe: For a guy who drives his car fast.
  13. Hitler: You must get ready by 6pm sharp!! If your man enforces strict rules, then he very well deserves this name.
  14. Owl: Does he stay up all night and sleep in the morning? You now know what to call him.
  15. Encyclopedia: From how to cook pancakes to how to repair a car, if your man knows everything, then choose this nickname.
  16. Hoover: A funny way to call a husband who eats quickly, gulping large amounts of food and makes noise.
  17. Wolverine: Is your man as mysterious, manly and irresistible as the character Wolverine of the X-Men? Then, he is definitely worth this name.
  18. Master Chef: The idea is to call him the opposite if your man cannot even manage to boil water without your help.
  19. Slick: Does he get what he wants all the time without starting a fight?
  20. Caveman: If your husband loves to have some alone time, or prefers to be a loner.
  21. Jealous Cat: Does he get jealous very easily? Then you could call him with this nickname.
  22. Buddha: Is your husband full of wisdom? Can he stay calm in any situation?
  23. Spock: If your husband is a Star Trek fan and if Spock is his favorite character then, this name will make him happy.
  24. Foodie: Is your husband enthusiastic to try new foods and experiment with new flavors? Then he deserves this nickname.
  25. Partyosaurous: Does the word party get your husband all excited? Or he never leaves an opportunity to party?
  26. Goofy: To the world, he might be clumsy, but for you, he is unique, intuitive and smart.
  27. Book Worm: If books fascinate your husband more than anything, give him this nickname.
  28. Gizmo: This name is for all those husbands who can love and understand gadgets.
Gizmo, nickname for husband

Image: IStock

  1. Mr. Bean: Is your husband simple, childish and can make you laugh with his quirkiness?
  2. Iceman: If your husband rarely gets angry and is always chilled out.
  3. Monkey Man: If your husband is as naughty and mischievous as a monkey?
  4. Einstein: When your man is super intelligent.
  5. Bandit: He did steal your heat, didn’t he?
  6. Clockwork: Is your husband a big fan of planning? Then, he would surely love this name.
  7. Chubs: If your husband is chubby and he is ok with it then, it is safe to pick this nickname.
  8. Friday Night: Do you look forward to meeting your husband as much as you wait for a Friday night? Then, go ahead and give him this nickname.
  9. Couch Potato: When he loves lazying around on the sofa all day long.
  10. Movie Buff: Can your husband spend a whole day watching movies? Does he have all the movie information on his fingertips? Then give the man this nickname.
  11. Boss Man: If he is the one in charge of your relationship.
  12. Punny King: He who is the master of wordplay and puns that keep you laughing always.
  13. Hot Sauce: He who adds a spicy touch to life and keeps things exciting.
  14. Dance Dynamo: The one who may have two left feet, but is always ready to boogie.
  15. Snuggle Monster: He’s your go-to for cozy cuddles and warmth.
  16. Grumpy Bear: Whose morning grumpiness is oddly endearing.
  17. Beard Boss: Whose beard is a statement of his manliness and style.
  18. Pajama King: Whose love for lounging in pajamas knows no bounds.
  19. Master of Munchies: He who brings the best snacks for every movie night.
  20. Prince of Playfulness: The one whose playfulness keeps the spirit of fun alive in your relationship.
  21. DIY Doodlebug: He whose artistic DIY projects are often accompanied by doodles and drawings.
  22. Snackmaster: He whose love for snacks and culinary adventures is unmatched.
  23. Knight in Shining Apron: The one who is your culinary savior, whipping up delicious meals.
  24. Professor Pout: Whose adorable pouting gets him out of trouble every time.
  25. Snoring Symphony: He whose unique snoring patterns create a hilarious nighttime melody.
  26. Dreamboat: For the man of your dreams who sails you through life’s challenges.
  27. Witty Wizard: He who conjures up witty remarks and clever comebacks effortlessly.
  28. Energizer Bunny: For the one whose energy and enthusiasm seem endless, just like the battery bunny.
  29. Remote Control King: The one who is always in control of the TV remote, reigning over entertainment.
  30. Huggable Hulk: Despite his size, he’s a teddy bear on the inside.
  31. Poodle: A lighthearted and funny nickname for your husband, depicting his friendly and mischievous nature.
  32. Tickling Tsar: The one whose tickling skills can bring even the toughest giggles.
  33. Lullaby Luminary: Whose lullabies can soothe you into the sweetest dreams.
  34. Salsa Sorcerer: He whose salsa dancing skills are enchanting, even if he’s not a pro.
  35. Balloon Animal Whisperer: He who is surprisingly adept at crafting intricate balloon animals.
  36. Bacon Ballet Dancer: He who could turn frying bacon into a graceful dance routine.
  37. Radiant Roarer: Whose laughter roars with positivity and exuberance.
  38. Merry Muse: He who inspires laughter and cheer, just like a muse does for artists.
  39. Comedy Kingpin: He who rules the realm of comedy, making you his loyal subject of laughter.
  40. Jovial Jedi: He who wields the power of mirth and jest like a true Jedi master.
  41. Gigglesome Guru: He who is a pro at spreading giggles and good times.
  42. Amorzinho: Give this nickname to your man if you want to express your love and call him “little love” in Portuguese.
  43. Lyubov Moya: Express your love to your hubby by calling him by this, which means “My Love” in Russian.
  44. Eye Candy: To highlight his good looks and the joy of seeing him.
  45. Wookie: For the man whose playful cuddliness can be compared to the beloved character from Star Wars.
  46. Dulce de Leche: A delicious and sweet reference to symbolize his sweetness.
  47. Goober: Embracing his quirks and unique personality with affection.
  48. Drogo: A strong and powerful nickname, evoking his protective nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use nicknames for my husband?

Using nicknames for your husband can be a fun and playful way to show affection and intimacy in your relationship. It can also add a personal touch to your interactions and help create a sense of closeness and connection. Using a nickname can also be a way to break down barriers and foster a sense of intimacy, especially if the nickname is one that only the two of you use.

2. How can I make a nickname for my husband?

To make a nickname for your husband, you can use variations of his name, physical characteristics, personality traits, or inside jokes unique to your relationship. The goal is to make the nickname personal and meaningful to both of you and to express affection and intimacy. Keep it simple, lighthearted, and respectful, and make sure your husband is comfortable with your chosen nickname.

3. Does BAE mean boyfriend?

“BAE” is an acronym for “Before Anyone Else” and is often used as a term of endearment for a significant other, whether a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. However, it can also be used more broadly to refer to someone important or special to you, such as a close friend or family member.

Every wife would love to have a special and personalized nickname for her husband. Calling your husband a sweet, adorable, and romantic name not only makes him feel loved but also adds a spark of romance and humor to your relationship. Choose a name that defines your husband’s persona and interests or pick one that you are sure will bring a grin on his face. If you love two names and can’t decide which one to select, you may choose one as his contact name on your phone and the other to call him.

Infographic: Lovely And Cute Nicknames For Husband

Whether you have just stepped into married life or been married for years, having your own love-filled name for your hubby will never go out of vogue. So, how about giving him a sweet nickname that will make him feel loved and special? We present you with some cute nicknames in the below infographic.

what you may call him with love (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Looking for romantic names to call your man? Check out this video for 60 sweet names for your boyfriend or husband! These names can be your inner secret, to be used only when you are alone!

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