6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Using Rosemary Oil During Pregnancy

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Are you pregnant and skeptical about using aromatic oils? Do you think essential oils are toxic and can harm your baby? Do you think ingesting or inhaling rosemary can be disastrous for your baby’s health? If you nodded along to the above questions, then reading this post is a good idea. Here we talk about whether it is safe to use rosemary oil during pregnancy.

What Is Rosemary Oil?

For the uninitiated, rosemary essential oil is derived from the leaves of the rosemary herb. The herb is also known as Rosmarinus officinalis.

Uses Of Rosemary Oil

Not only does rosemary oil have aromatic properties, but you can use it as a medicinal herb to cure various ailments. Also, it is a very famous culinary herb in Mediterranean regions, and its oil is added to various dishes to add flavor. Romans used the herb in many of their religious ceremonies as well.

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Health Benefits Of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil has been around for ages, and ancients used them for various purposes. There are innumerable health benefits of using rosemary oil in pregnancy.

The oil is used to cure many ailments. Here we list some common benefits:

1. Effective Mouthwash:

Rosemary oil is a brilliant disinfectant and therefore used as mouthwash.

2. Cures Respiratory Problems:

If you suffer from throat congestion, then you can use Rosemary oil to get some relief. The oil helps cure a sore throat, allergies, cold, etc.

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3. Stress Relief:

When you feel stress, the glands secrete cortisol. If the amount of cortisol in the bloodstream increases, then you are likely to feel anxious. Moreover, stress causes hormonal imbalance. So, if you are in stress, you can inhale a drop or two of Rosemary oil to reduce stress level.

4. Boost Immunity:

If you want a robust immune system, then go for aromatherapy that includes rosemary oil massage.

5. Prevents STDs [Sexually Transmitted Diseases]:

Some studies reveal that Rosemary oil has antimicrobial properties, and it helps in reducing inflammation caused due to the herpes virus.

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6. Reduces Pain:

If you have pain in your muscles, headache, joint pain or sprain, then massage that area with Rosemary oil. It stimulates blood circulation reduces pain. Also, it helps quicken the healing of wounds.

Some Other Benefits Of Rosemary Oil Include

  • Cures Flatulence and Stomach disorders
  • For Hair care
  • For Skincare

Is Rosemary Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

You tend to be a bit doubtful about using a product if you are pregnant, considering the safety of your growing baby. Here are some do’s and don’ts s of using Rosemary oil if you are a would-be -mother. Consider the health related issues before using not just Rosemary oil but any other aromatic essential oil as well. Check with your physician before using any such oil during your special months.

Rosemary oil, in particular, is considered unsafe during pregnancy due to the following reasons:

  • It contains camphor.
  • It is a uterine stimulant. Thus, expecting moms shouldn’t consume large amounts of it as it can lead to miscarriage.
  • It is a diuretic and also emmenagogue in nature i.e. it causes menstruation and depletes amniotic fluid essential for fetal growth.

Also, use it in dilute form and don’t consume or apply the concentrate. Consuming the herb in small amounts does not impede or negatively affect fetal growth.

Did you use rosemary oil during pregnancy? If yes, then how much did you use? Did your doctors advise you against using it? Share your story with other would be mommies here. Leave a comment below.

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