21 Graceful And Classy Royal Boy Names For Your Baby

Royal names for boys are so regal, no pun intended! Such names have been rather popular with royalty, and there’s nothing disputing the power, majesty and tradition of these names.

So, now that you are thinking of a name for your bundle of joy, why not give him a regal and glorious name? Royal names have an aura of majesty and power, the traits that every mommy wants her son to have! So, MomJunction has rounded up a list of 21 wonderful royal boy names here. From the classic to contemporary, we’ve included everything. Peep on!

Royal Names For Boys, With Meanings

1. Archie

Archie is the latest name to enter the royalty as Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan, have named their baby Archie. The name doesn’t have any royal connotations but has been one of the most popular names in England. Archie means “genuine”, “bold” or “brave”.

2. Edward

The name Edward appears through the royal history. It was the name of eight English kings, including the name of the youngest son of the current queen. The name Edward means ‘happy guardian.’ Unlike most of the royal baby boy names, Edward is truly classic. It keeps moving in and out of fashion.

3. William

William has been a noble name in the United Kingdom for nearly a thousand year. Prince William, the son Prince Charles is the most famous bearer of this name. The meaning of William is ‘resolute protector’.

According to news reports, in 2015, a couple in France was banned from naming their child ‘Prince William’ as Judges in Perpignan wanted to save the child from a ‘lifetime of mockery.’

4. Ernest

Ernest, royal names for boys

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Ernest is a funky and clunky Germanic imported name with a literary and adventurous flair. Ernest, the derivative of the Latin word Ernis, was brought over by the Normans. The name was not much used by the British royal family and was more popular in Germany. The name kicked off when George III named his fifth son Ernest in 1771.

5. Augustus

Augustus is an ancient, awe-inspiring name of the kings and emperors. Derived from the Latin word meaning ‘majestic, venerable, and noble,’ Augustus was originally a religious term derived from the word ‘augur.’ It became a name when it was bestowed upon Caius Octavius, an honorary cognomen by the Roman Senate.

6. Philip

Philip is a decidedly royal and traditional. It is perfectly familiar but is little used today. Phillippos, a variation of the name Philip was well used in antiquity, especially among the elites. The name later evolved into the short name Philip. The most famous bearer of this name is Philip II of Macedon, Alexander, the Great’s father.

7. Frederick

Frederick is a distinguished royal baby names for boys with a flair and panache. The Normans brought the Old Germanic name ‘Frithuric’ to Britain, where it merged with the Old English name Friðuric. Frederick has been borne by monarchs of Sweden, Denmark, Prussia, Norway, and Saxony.

8. Lionel

Lionel, royal names for boys

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Lionel is a symbolically majestic name with a cozy and crusty vibe. The name has now got a new lease, all thanks to Lionel Messi, the superstar footballer. You can trace the name Lionel to the Arthurian legend. Sir Lionel was the second of King Bors of Gaul and the cousin of Lancelot. The name was rarely used until Edward III bestowed it upon his son.

9. Christopher

If you want a name that’s regal and traditional, but in a friendly way, then Christopher is worth a second chance. The use of Christopher as a royal name can be traced back to the 13th century. And in the 14th century, the cult of this royal baby names for boys was at its peak. The name continued to flourish for three centuries. Even though Christopher has been a perennial favorite for centuries, it is currently underused.

10. George

Do we need to mention its current famous bearer? Well, it’s Prince George of Cambridge, the son of Charlotte and Prince William.

Did you know?
The name George is a derivative of the Greek name ‘Geōrgios.’ Its feminine variants are Georgia, Georgiana, and Georgina.

11. Adrian

Well used in English in the 20th century and the moniker of several saints and one Pope, Adrian would be a winning choice. This royal baby boy name was neglected in the past because of its similarity to the female name Adrienne but is now being reconsidered. If not Adrian, then you can consider Hadrian, the Roman Emperor version. The meaning of Adrian is ‘man of Adria’.

12. Arthur

Arthur was inspired by the name of the seventh son of Queen Victoria

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Arthur was a top royal name for boy in the 17th and 18th century. Even Queen Victoria named her seventh son Arthur. After being neglected for several years, the name is being polished and revived by traditional parents.

13. Alfred

Alfred the Great, the King of Wessex, is a notable royal bearer of this name. He was a compassionate, wise and learned king of Old England in the 10th century. The name Alfred reached the height of its popularity from the late 18th to the early 20th century. Fred and Alfie would make perfect nicknames for this one.

14. Henry

Henry is truly a timeless royal name. To date, there have been eight King Henrys, the last one, Henry VIII being the most famous. Prince Charles’ second son is also named Henry but is affectionately known as Prince Harry.

15. Charles

Popularized by Charles the Great, this name and its variations have been used royally in several countries. Prince Charles, the present heir to the throne of England and its dominions, is the most popular holder of this name. The meaning of Charles is ‘free man’.

16. David

David, Royal names for boys

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David is another favorite with the Royals. It witnessed a surge in popularity in the 18th century. It is also believed that King Edward VIII was the informally known as David, the last of his seven names.

17. Brice

Brice is the family name of the famous Scottish King Robert, who led his country to Independence in the year 1320. Don’t you think Brice is an uncommon royal boy names? At least, your kid won’t fear of bumping into another Brice in school.

18. Indulf

Indulf is the English version of the medieval Gaelic name ‘Ildulb’. Indulf Mac Causantin, the king of the Scots, is a famous possessor of this name.

19. Alexander

Alexander, meaning defender of humankind goes back to the 4th century. After Alexander the Great, eight popes, three emperors, and numerous kings and saints were named Alexander. The other variation of Alexander includes Xander, Alex, and Alessandro.

20. Richard

Richard means 'a dominant ruler'

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Richard, meaning ‘dominant ruler’ was favored by the kings and rulers in the 15th and 16th century. The most famous king was King Richard, fondly dubbed as “Richard the Lionheart”. Richard has vast possibilities for nicknames like Ricky and Richie.

21. James

Six Scottish Kings were named James, including James I who ascended to the British throne after the death of Elizabeth. The royal name for baby boy, James also shares its roots with the Biblical name Jacob.

Whether you are a king or not, your son is your prince. And therefore, you may want to give him a royal name. These names can add a class, grit, and regality to your child’s personality. William, Philip, Henry, and Arthur are some of the many royal names for baby boys. Pick one of these interesting names for your baby from this well-curated list of royal names and their meanings. You can consider checking how these names go with their middle name and last name to get the sound of the name right.

Infographic: Baby Boy Names That Reflect Royalty

For ages, kings and queens were the highest officials to rule. Even now, you can find many royal families around the world. They are the perfect example of graciousness and mannerisms. So, if you want to give your baby a royal name, look at the infographic below for suggestions.

royal names for your little prince [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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