66 Classy And Beautiful Royal Girl Names For Your Baby

Your daughter is the princess of your house, and hence you need a name that defines her. So, we have included various royal girl names that may be suitable for your daughter. Most of these names in this list are inspired by the names of queens and princesses. They are classy and have an aristocratic feel to them. Although some are traditional names, they are still popular due to their meanings and history. Thus, read on to choose the right name for your daughter.

Top 66 Royal Girl Names With Meanings

1. Adela

The vintage-sounding name was held by King Stephen’s mother, Adela of Normandy. Adela, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘serene’ is an unusual take on the popular name Adele.

2. Albertine

Albertine is a German name for girls. It’s said to be the feminine form of Albert and means ‘noble’ or ‘intelligent’. The name was borne by Albertine Agnes of Nassau, the daughter of Dutch ruler Frederick Henry.

3. Alexandra

Alexandra has a serious royal pedigree. Alexandra of Denmark, the great-grandmother of the present British Queen, was the first royal lady to bear this name. It is a Greek name and the feminine form of Alexander, meaning ‘defender of men’.

4. Alice

Alice, meaning ‘of a noble kind,’ may bring to mind the famous Wonderland adventurer, but it was also the name of Queen Victoria’s great-granddaughter, who went on to become the Princess of Hesse.

5. Anastasia

The name Anastasia belonged to one of the daughters of the last czar of Russia. This is one of the most beautiful royal baby girl names meaning ‘resurrection,’ which made it totally appropriate for the princess considering the Russian history.

6. Anne

Anne is a tried and true royal favorite. It was the name of the two wives of Henry the VIII and four other queens of England. Anne is a Hebrew name meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’.

7. Beatrice

Beatrice, meaning ‘Bringer of joy’ in Latin, had a resurgence in popularity, thanks to Prince William’s cousin, Princess Beatrice.

8. Berenice

Princess Berenice was the ruler of the Roman province of Judea between BC39 and AD92. Berenice is a beautiful Greek name, meaning ‘one who brings victory’. You can even spell the name as Bernice.

9. Camilla

This pretty and feminine name has some of the most famous royal associations. It is the name of Prince Charles’ wife, and the daughter of King George III. The meaning of Camilla is ‘free born’.

10. Caroline

Caroline is another extremely popular name from the echelons of royal history. It is an Italian name meaning ‘strong’.

11. Catherine

History has seen six royal ladies named Catherine, including Catherine Middleton, the present Duchess of Cambridge and Catherine of Aragon, whose wedding with Henry VIII sparked the Protestant Reformation. Catherine is a French name meaning ‘pure’ or ‘clear’.

12. Charlene

Charlene, a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa, became the Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Albert II. Charlene is a variation of Charles, which means ‘full grown, a freeman’.

13. Charlotte

Charlotte, a gracefully regal name is the female form of Charles. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams, is the current famous bearer of this name. It means ‘strong and virile’ or ‘vigorous’.

14. Christina

The name Christina is of Greek origin and means ‘Anointed’ or ‘follower of Christ’. Christina, also spelled Kristina, was the moniker given to the Queen of Sweden and Princess Christina of the Netherlands.

15. Clementine

There have been several famous bearers of the royal courts with the name Clementine, such as Clementine of Orleans and Princess Clementine of Belgium. This pretty, classic, yet uncommon name means ‘mild and gentle’. It is also the name of a hybrid orange fruit.

16. Cordelia

If you’re looking for a unique and original royal baby girl name, go for Cordelia, which means ‘jewel of the sea’ in Welsh, or the ‘heart of a lion’, if derived from the French word Coeur. A famous royal bearer is Cordelia of Britain.

Did you know?
Royal babies, particularly those at the top of the line of succession, are often given at least three names.

17. Cosima

Cosima is a chic and fashionable name considered to be the feminine version of Cosimo, which means ‘order’ or ‘decency’ in Greek. It was chosen for Lady Cosima Rose Alexandra Windsor, by her parents, the Countess and Earl of Ulster.

18. Diana

Diana, the Roman goddess of women, childbirth, and hunting, is another royal name that you can consider for your princess. It has been used as a name since the 15th century but gained ground in the early 20th century. The name, possibly derived from Indo-European languages, means ‘heavenly, divine’.

19. Eleanor

Eleanor, meaning ‘bright’, was the name of the female ruler England in the Middle Ages. The name is derived from the Provencal Alienor, and is not very common, even though it has a classy ring to it.

20. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is one of the strongest royal names for a baby girl. It was borne by two reigning queens, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II, along with a series of princesses and queen consorts. Elizabeth became the royal name for the first time in 1306 when Elizabeth de Burgh married Robert I. The name is derived from Greek Elisheva, which means ‘oath of god’.

21. Eloise

This moniker, meaning ‘battle maiden or famous warrior’ will give elegance to any girl. The name could have also been derived from the French name Heloise, which in turn was derived from the German word Helewidis, which means hale and healthy. The most famous royal bearer of this name is Eloise of Orange-Nassau, daughter of Prince Constantijn.

22. Eugenie

Eugenie, meaning ‘well-born’ is a name with royal sheen. It was borne by a number of queens and princesses, such as Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg and Princess Eugenie of York.

23. Fiona

Fiona is the updated version of Irish and Scottish names Fionnuala and Finola. Fiona may be the name of a fictional princess, but it sounds trendy and is a great pick for your little girl. If you want to go the traditional way, then Finola and Fionnuala can be considered. Fiona means ‘fair, white’.

24. Frances

The name Frances may not have a royal lineage, but has close family ties with the Duke and Duchess. It is the female version of Francis and means ‘free one’ in French.

25. Gabriella

Lady Gabriella, who is now a journalist, is the beautiful daughter of Prince and Princesses Michael of Kent. She is the 40th in line to the throne. Gabriella is an Italian girl name that means ‘woman of God’.

26. Georgiana

Ultra classy Georgiana is a feminine form of George and is derived from a Greek word that means ‘farmer’. Its royal cred is Georgiana Cavendish, a British duchess known for her beauty and nature.

27. Grace

When you think of Grace and royalty, you think of Hollywood legend Grace Kelly, who went on to become Princess Grace of Monaco. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’ which means ‘God’s favor’.

28. Gwyneth

Gwyneth is derived from the Welsh word Gwyneth, which was the name of an ancient Welsh kingdom. This name, meaning ‘white, fair and blessed’, sounds beautiful and exotic, just like its namesake Gwyneth Paltrow.

29. Helen

The name Helen, meaning ‘light’ is simple, sophisticated and serious, just perfect for a royal baby. Lady Helen Taylor, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent and the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, is its royal namesake. Also, there’s Helen of Troy, the fictional Spartan queen, who made the name as popular as it is today!

30. Helena

Helena is derived from Greek Helene which means ‘light, torch or bright’. The name Helena is commonly used as a tribute to Roman Empress St. Helena, but it has a royal connection as well. Helena was the name of Queen Victoria’s third daughter. Ellen and Helen are great nicknames for this name.

31. Henrietta

Henrietta is another elaborate and elegant royal name for girls. The name was first used in the 16th century as a feminine form of Henri and means ‘home ruler’. Princess Henriette Marie of France, the daughter of King Henry VI is one of the first notable bearers of this name.

32. Isabella

Isabella, the Spanish form of Elizabeth, has been given to more than 20 queens and royal women of different countries. The names means ‘devoted to God’.

33. Isla

Isla, pronounced as ‘eye-la’ means ‘an island’ in Scottish. It is the name of Peter Philips’ daughter and Queen Elizabeth II eldest grandchild. Isla is also the name of a Scottish river and an island. No wonder it’s so popular in Scotland.

34. Isobel

Isobel is a variation of popular name Isabel and means ‘God’s promise’. It was borne by Isobel of Huntingdon, the daughter of Matilda of Chester and Earl of Huntingdon, David.

35. Jane

Jane is not always a plain name. It belonged to two of the most famous queens: Jane Seymore, the third wife of Henry VIII, and Lady Jane Grey, who reigned only for nine days. Jane is the feminine form of John and means ‘Jehovah has been gracious’.

36. Kate

Kate is derived from the Latin Katharina, and short for Catherine. It means ‘pure’. As you already guessed, Kate Middleton is perhaps the most popular princess to bear this name.

37. Lilibet

Queen Elizabeth was lovingly called Lilibet by her family members, when she was young. There is no specific origin to this name as it is said to have derived from the way the Queen used to call herself when she was a child. It means the same as Elizabeth — the ‘oath of god’. Lilibet Diana is now the name of the second child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

38. Louise

Lady Louise, Prince William’s cousin, was named after Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter. A French name, Louise means ‘famous warrior’.

39. Lucia

Lucia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies was born a princess, but became a Duchess when she married Prince Eugenio of Savoy, the 5th Duke of Genoa. This lilting Italian name means ‘graceful light’.

Did you know?
The word Lucia is derived from the Latin word ‘lux.’ The other variants of this name include Luce, Lucile, Lucy, Luci, Lucie, Lucio, Luciana, Lucinda, Luca, and Luz.

40. Makeda

Makeda, better known as the Queen of Sheba, ruled the ancient kingdom of Sheba. This Biblical name of Hebrew origin would definitely make a unique choice. It means ‘the beautiful’.

41. Margaret

Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’ has a long-term royal connection. We had Margaret of Anjou, the wife of Henry VI. And before that, there was Queen Margaret of Scotland.

42. Marie

Derived from the Hebrew Miryam, which means ‘Sea of bitterness’, Marie has a rather unfortunate connection with Marie Antoinette, who was beheaded during the French Revolution. But other successful royal women have borne this name too, so it is not all bad.

43. Marjorie

This English origin name derived from Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’, was brought to England as Margery, but was soon transformed into more elaborate Marjorie. Its royal namesake is Princess Marjorie, the daughter of the Scottish King, Robert the Bruce.

44. Mary

Mary is a Biblical name, but it was a top pick for both royals and commoners in the 14th and 15th century. Remember Queen Mary I, the predecessor to Queen Elizabeth I? Or Mary Queen of Scots? Yes, that is why we picked it.

45. Matilda

Matilda, the Latin form of Maud, is an excellent Royal name. Matilda also has German Gothic origins and is derived from the word Maht, which means ‘might or strength’. Empress Matilda was the first female ruler of England after King Stephen’s rule.


This lacy name, which was extremely popular centuries ago, but is rarely heard now, is tied with Queen Maud of Norway. Maud is a short form of Matilda and means ‘battle mighty’.

47. Mia

This chic and sporty name has found its way to the royalty as well. It’s the name of Zara Philip and Mike Tindal’s daughter. This spunky and non-traditional name means ‘bitter’ ‘wished-for child’ and ‘rebellion’ as well.

48. Noor

The beautiful Jordan Queen comes to our mind when we hear this name. The Arabic name Noor, which means ‘light’, is a unisex name but sounds feminine.

49. Patricia

Patricia of Connaught, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria, is best known for renouncing the title of a British princess in order to marry a commoner. The name Patricia is of Latin origin and means ‘noble’.

50. Philippa

Philippa, the feminine form of Philip, is the name of the Queen of Sweden and a 3rd century martyr and saint. Pippa is the nickname for this Greek name. Philippa means ‘lover of horses’.

51. Quinn

Quinn is the latest addition to the royal girl names list. It is derived from the Irish surname O’Cuinn or Conn which means wisdom, intelligence or reason.

52. Rosalind

The name Rosalind is tied with the great-grandmother of Diana, the Princess of Wales. Rosalind Hamilton became a British Duchess by marrying James Hamilton, the Marquess of Hamilton. In Spanish, Rosalind means ‘beautiful rose’.

53. Rose

Rose is the middle name of Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowdon. She was King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s daughter and Queen Elizabeth II only sister. Rose is the name of a flower.

54. Savannah

Peter Philips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, bestowed this elaborate name of native American origin on his first daughter. A fresher alternative to Samantha, Savannah means ‘flat tropical grassland’.

55. Sibylla

If you’re looking for an unconventional and out-of-the-box royal baby girl name, Sibylla would be a perfect pick. Princess Sibylla of Albany is the mother of Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden. Sibylla is of Greek origin and means ‘oracle’.

56. Sophia

The sophisticated and smart name, meaning ‘wisdom’, is tied with Sophia of Hanover, a member of the powerful House of Stuart.

57. Theodora

The feminine form of Theodore was used by several empresses of the Byzantine Empire. The name is of Greek origin and means ‘gift of God’.

58. Thyra

Two of the Danish princesses carried the name Thyra, meaning ‘Thor’s struggle.’ This rhythmic Scandinavian name is pronounced as ‘Tara’. This is one of the best royal names for girls.

59. Ursula

It’s believed that the Roman-British Christian saint Ursula was the daughter of a king, and she was martyred because she refused to get married. Ursula is a Latin name, meaning ‘little female bear’.

60. Victoria

Scores of princesses in the past have been named Victoria to honor the stalwart Queen. Victoria, derived from the Latin word ‘victory or conquer’, can be shortened to the trendy Vicky too!

61. Wanda

You must have heard the story of the Polish Queen, who committed suicide by drowning herself to avoid marrying an enemy. Her name was Wanda! Besides, it’s also the name of the central character of Ouida’s novel. The meaning of Wanda is ‘wanderer’.

62. Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina was the name of the Queen of the Netherlands who ruled from 1890 to 1948. The name means ‘defender or protector’ in German.

63. Xenia

Xenia is a Greek name meaning hospitality. The Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia was the muse to Danish composer Valdemar Vater.

64. Yasmin

Yasmin found its way to the royalty via the daughter of Prince Aly Khan and Rita Hayworth. And it’s quite a fitting choice for a royal baby girl, considering how regal it sounds. The meaning of Yasmin is ‘jasmine flower’.

65. Zara

Zara, meaning ‘beautiful’, was the name of the beautiful granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and daughter of Princess Anne.

66. Zetian

Zetian sounds exotic. It was used by a female emperor of China in the year 624. The meaning of this lovely royal girl name is ‘day’.

A royal name adds regality, class, sass, power, and benevolence to one’s personality. You may or may not be a king, but your daughter is your princess. These royal names can help your daughter feel valued and respected. Diana, Elizabeth, Eugine, and Mary are some famous yet common royal names for girls. Run through our well-curated and elaborate list of royal names for girls with meanings and make the right choice.

Infographic: Royal Baby Girl Names Inspired By Christianity

Every daughter is a princess to her parents. If you want your baby girl’s name to reflect the elegance of the royal world and the optimism of the Christian culture, the infographic below includes some influential names from different eras. Take a look and pick the best from the lot.

royal christian names perfect for your princess [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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