100 Magnificent And Royal Rajput Names For Boys And Girls

Rajput, meaning Raja-Putra or son of a king, refers to the patrilineal clans of the northern, western, central, and some parts of Pakistan known for their bravery and might. So if you’re in search of powerful names for your baby, we suggest you take a look at this list of royal Rajput names. Rajputs belonged to the warrior clan of Northern India, which gained prominence between the 6th to 12th centuries. The Rajputs ruled over many places in India but were grouped into the Rajputana Province, i.e., the current Rajasthan of India. The tales of these mighty warriors still echo through the pages of the many history books. These tales are carried forward through the royal names. Even today, the names of the clan are bestowed upon the younger generations that remind the glory of the once prominent Rajputs. If you wish to name your child that reflects strength, bravery, and courage, here are a few royal Rajput names for you.

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Royal Rajput Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Ajay

If you’re interested in a historical Rajput name with modern day relevance, try Ajay. It’s one of the most popular Indian rajput boy names, meaning ‘invincible’.

2. Amar

Amar is a confident, one syllable Rajput baby name, meaning ‘immortal’. The popularity of this moniker knew no bounds in the 1970s when it featured in several Hindi movies.

3. Amit

Amit is one of the most favored name choices in India. This popular name originates from the Sanskrit word Amita, which means ‘endless or boundless’.

4. Arjun

The appeal of Arjun lies in the heroic and brave warrior whose skill with a bow and arrow could be surpassed by none. The meaning of Arjun is ‘white or clear’.

5. Bhagwant

Bhagwant deserves a special mention in our list as it belonged to the powerful Kacchwaha ruler of Amber. The meaning of Bhagwant is ‘one whose heart is full of loving devotion; fortunate or lucky’.

6. Bhairon

Bhairon, meaning ‘fear inducing’, is quite an original baby name choice. It sounds rich, refined, and in no way pretentious.

7. Bhupinder

With Sanskrit origin, Bhupinder is a Rajput name that you don’t get to hear too often, probably because it sounds a bit old timey. But you can bring it back to its former glory by giving your son this name. Bhupinder means ‘king of the Earth’.

8. Chandraprakash

Here’s another oldie but highly approved Rajput name. Chandraprakash means ‘moon light’, simply perfect for the light of your life.

9. Chitranjan

This positive name, meaning ‘inner joy’ or ‘one who has a joyful heart’, will fill your son’s life with love, laughter, and happiness.

10. Dalip

What could be more royal than choosing a name that means ‘king’ itself? Did you know, the Great Khali’s real name is Dalip Singh Rana? And he even happens to be a Rajput.

11. Devendra

Devendra is a charming and cool name, meaning ‘God’. We feel it will appeal to several readers, not just because of its uniqueness, but also because of its uplifting meaning.

12. Digvijay

If you want a Rajput name with a bold meaning, look no further than Digvijay, which means ‘who is victorious over everyone’.

13. Eshanth

A name that means ‘Lord Vishnu’, is obviously a solid choice for baby boys. And the fact that’s it’s relatively uncommon and unheard of offers originality to parents looking for something different for their sons.

14. Gaurav

Gaurav, meaning ‘honor, pride and respect’, is a timeless and classic Indian baby boy name. Give your child this name with the hope that he’ll bring pride or a good name to the family, society, and nation.

15. Girish

This Sanskrit name, meaning ‘lord of the mountains’, sounds poetic while still being rooted in Indian culture.

16. Gulab

Gulab, Royal Rajput names

Image: IStock

Gulab, meaning ‘rose’, is a sweet and straightforward name, used mostly by Gujarati and Rajasthani parents today. It is also a great option for parents into floral names.

17. Hanuman

Hanuman, the name of Hindu Lord associated with valor, loyalty, bravery, and honesty, is also commonly used by the Rajputs. The name Hanuman means ‘one with a broken cheek’.

18. Hardik

Hardik, meaning ‘affectionate, cordial, heartfelt’, has a friendly and upbeat sound to it.

19. Hari

Hari, meaning ‘sun’, is an illuminating name for your baby boy. It also happens to be another name of Lord Vishnu.

20. Harish

Harish is a positive and spiritual moniker as it honors Lord Shiva. It’s mildly popular right now, but has been growing consistently over the years.

21. Jai

Jai is another commonly used name in the Rajput community. It was borne by several famous Rajput kings, such as Jai Singh I, the King of Amber, and Jai Singh Prabhakar Bahadur, the ruler of Alwar.

22. Jaswant

While Jaswant brings to mind the valiant ruler of Marwar, Maharaja Jaswant Singh, the name is strong and beautiful even without the influence. It means ‘victorious or worthy of praise’.

23. Kamal

An old school name, it still sounds fresh and appealing, just as the flower it’s named after. The meaning of Kamal is ‘lotus’.

24. Karan

Karan, meaning ‘ear’, is the name of the greatest warrior from Ancient India. Karan was loved by all for his sacrifice, courage, and generosity. No wonder this name is used so widely among the Rajputs.

25. Kunal

If you’re looking for a refreshing and original name, choose Kunal, which means ‘lotus’.

26. Kunwar

Kunwar is cool, zippy, and comes from Sanskrit, the mother of all languages. Meaning ‘prince’, Kunwar is also used as a term of endearment for young boys of the royal family.

27. Lakshay

Bestowing this name on your son will serve to him as a reminder that he must set goals in life and should give his best to attain them. The name Lakshay means ‘aim, goal, or destination’.

28. Madan

Exotic, unique, and deep, Madan is a striking baby name option for your son. It means ‘a man filled with beauty or God of love’.

29. Madho

Honor Madho Singh I, the ruler of Jaipur and the son of Maharaja Sawai Jai Sing II, by naming your son after him. His contribution in the field of literature, art, architecture, and town planning is still unparalleled. Madho means ‘lord’.

30. Mahendra

This Sanskrit name comes from the elements ‘Maha’, meaning ‘highest position’ and ‘Indra’, meaning ‘king of God’. One of the most famous Rajputs bearing this name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former Indian Cricket Team captain.

31. Maldeo

Rao Maldeo Rathore, fondly referred to as the ‘most potent prince of Hindustan’, was the ruler of Marwar and the scion of the Rathore clan. We think it’s one of the least used Rajput baby boy names in India.

32. Narendra

Now made famous by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the name originally comes from Sanskrit ‘Nar’, which means ‘man’ and ‘Indra’, which means ‘lord’. And together, the name means ‘leader of all human beings, king of men’.

33. Naresh

If you love the sound of Narendra or Suresh, but want something a little less popular, Naresh, meaning ‘lord of man’, could make an excellent choice.

34. Omprakash

If you’re looking for a name with traditional roots, consider Omprakash, which means ‘light of Om’. It’s one of the many names of Lord Shiva and is preferred widely by East Indian parents.

35. Pankaj

Pankaj, Royal Rajput names

Image: Shutterstock

Parents looking for a soft, sensitive, yet manly Rajput name can consider Pankaj, which means ‘lotus flower’. The popularity of this moniker isn’t limited to India. It’s well used in Nepal as well.

36. Prakash

One of our favorite Rajput baby boy names, Prakash sounds both serious, and light hearted as it means ‘he who radiates the light’. With ties to some of the most famous Rajput kings, Prakash also sounds royal.

37. Pratap

This classic Indian name, meaning ‘bravery’, is perfect for your little prince. Its most famous Rajput bearer is Maharana Pratap Sing, the king of Mewar who faced the Mughals in the Battle of Haldighati.

38. Prithviraj

Prithviraj Chauhan, the Indian King from Chahamana, has a name that no one can beat. It’s weighty and mighty and will definitely make your child stand out. Prithviraj means ‘king of the earth’.

39. Raja

This common name, meaning ‘king’, is best suited as a nickname than a given name today.

40. Rajeev

Rajeev is one of those Rajput names that needs no introduction. It was hugely popular in the 1980s and 1990s and is still not entirely out of radar. Rajeev means ‘achiever or blue lotus’.

41. Rajendra

Raja may sound childish, but Rajendra, meaning ‘lord of kings’, sounds macho and happening. You can perhaps choose Raja as the nickname for Rajendra.

42. Rajnath

There’s something very mature and stately about the name Rajnath. It sounds very Indian and proper. The meaning of Rajnath is ‘ruler or aristocrat’.

43. Rajyavardhan

Who could forget Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, the silver medalist at the 2004 Olympics Games in the shooter category? Rajyavardhan means ‘Increasing grandeur’.

44. Rakesh

Rakesh, meaning ‘lord of the full moon day’, is one of those names that catches both eyes and ears. And it’s solid too, given the fact that it has survived decades of usage.

45. Raman

Parents who’re in search of an enigmatic and mighty name might want to consider Raman, which means ‘wise protector’.

Royal Rajput Names

Image: Created with Dall·E

46. Rana

Rana, denoting absolute monarch, is a surname used by the Rajput. Formerly, it was used by the Rajput kings as a title of martial sovereignty. Rana means ‘gaze or look’.

47. Ratan

Parent looking for a shiny and glorious name for their son can zero in on Ratan, which means ‘jewel’.

protip_icon Trivia
A popular name-bearer is Ratan Tata, industrialist, philanthropist, and former chairman of Tata Sons.

48. Ravindra

Ravindra, meaning ‘the sun lord’, packs some serious punch. And we give brownie points to this name for its grandeur.

49. Rawal

Rawal, meaning ‘king’, initially originated as a given name for boys residing in the princely states in Western India or Rajputana. Today, it’s used as a surname of caste designation by several communities.

50. Sandeep

Sandeep, meaning ‘a lighted lamp’, is a stately name full of power and significance. And it has an excellent staying power too, considering it’s still pretty popular.

51. Saurabh

Another Rajput name, which has been around for decades, but is still heard widely, in all its variations, Saurabh means ‘fragrance’.

52. Shardul

Shardul, meaning ‘tiger’, is a name that’s unique, robust, and memorable. It’s old fashioned, yet offbeat and has a bold meaning too.

53. Shekha

The name Shekha is derived from Shekhawat, the name of the Rajput clan found mainly in Rajasthan, India. The clan descends from Shekha of Amarsar, a former Rajput ruler of Shekhawati.

54. Tapan

Tapan is a name of ‘Lord Surya’ and means ‘burning or heating’. A blazing name, indeed.

55. Tarun

This Rajput name, meaning ‘gain’, is all rave and has been pretty steadfast too.

56. Uday

Uday, Royal Rajput names

Image: IStock

Despite being an overused name, Uday, meaning ‘the rising or to rise’, retains much of its originality. And the heavy and encouraging meaning of this name gives it more depth and dimension.

57. Umesh

Umesh may have become a bit passe today, but there was a time when it was at the height of fashion. Umesh is a name of Lord Shiva and means ‘God of Uma’.

58. Vaibhav

Vaibhav is one of the names of Lord Vishnu and means ‘moral, ethical, or right path.’

59. Vanraj

This Rajput name has one of the finest etymologies in our opinion, ‘king of the forest’. An awesome option for parents looking for a nature inspired name.

60. Vardhan

Despite being uncommon, Vardhan is seeing some traction these days. This is probably owing to the trend of reviving old fashioned names. Vardhan is a name of Lord Shiva and means ‘blessing’.

61. Vikram

This delightful and traditional Indian name is best known via the famous Rajput ruler, Vikramaditya Singh, the Maharana of the Mewar Kingdom. As a name, Vikram is derived from Vishnu and means ‘fearless, valorous, or one who is wise’.

62. Vinay

This macho Sanskrit name of Indo Aryan origin means ‘guidance, humility, modesty, and politeness’.

63. Vineet

There are several reasons to like the name Vineet. Its meaning ‘knowledge or understanding’ is very reassuring and optimistic and its roots in Sanskrit add further interest and dimension.

64. Vishwanath

There’s a certain pleasantness and modesty to the name Vishwanath, even though it means ‘lord of the universe’. Vishwa would be a perfect nickname for Vishwanath.

65. Vishwaraj

Vishwaraj is entirely neglected and seriously underused right now. It was used pretty extensively in the 18th and 19th century, but is in limbo since then. Why don’t you give it a new lease of life by giving your son this name? Vishwaraj means ‘king of the world’.

66. Yogendra

Yogendra is unique, ancient and loaded with spiritual significance. Not to mention its lovely etymology, ‘God of yoga’.

67. Yogesh

If you want a modern sounding variation of Yogendra, you can choose Yogesh, which also means ‘God of yoga’.

Royal Rajput Baby Girl Names With Meanings

68. Anjali

Anjali, meaning ‘gift or offering with both the hands’, never seems to get old. Parents are as drawn to this name today as they were decades or centuries ago.

69. Anju

Anju, meaning ‘she who lives in the heart’, conjures up all sorts of positive connotations such as warmth, nourishment, happiness, and love.

70. Ankita

The name Ankita, meaning ‘one with auspicious signs or engraving’, is a pretty popular name in India.

71. Baruni

This two syllable name has a simple elegance combined with an Indian flavor. The name Baruni means ‘Goddess Durga’.

72. Beena

Beena, meaning ‘a musical instrument or wise or far sighted’, is a pretty name that musically inclined parents are sure to covet.

73. Bhairavi

Another attractive naming option for music lovers, Bhairavi is a name of Goddess Durga and is a melody (raga) in classical music.

74. Bindu

Bindu, Royal Rajput names

Image: Shutterstock

Bindu, meaning ‘drop of water or point’, is different, but in no way obscure. It isn’t flashy or pretentious in any way, but is definitely not boring, to say the least.

75. Charu

This common Indian baby girl name is used in conjunction with several suffixes, such as Lata. Charu means ‘genteel or something graceful, beautiful, and pure in the spiritual sense’.

76. Ekta

Give your vibrant and vivid little girl a powerful, yet feminine name Ekta, meaning ‘unity’.

77. Jayanti

Jayanti, one of the names of Goddess Parvati, is confident and filled with strength and passion. This name means ‘victory’.

78. Jodha

This Rajput name will forever be linked with Jodha Bai, the Rajput wife of Emperor Akbar. The meaning of Jodha is ‘princess’.

79. Kaamini

With Sanskrit roots, timeless endurance, and classic sound, Kaamini, meaning ‘a desirable, beautiful and affectionate woman’, will make a captivating name for your little one.

80. Karishma

Karishma, meaning ‘miracle’, is one of those names that defies fashion trends. So even if it falls out of favor for a while, it will bounce back eventually.

81. Karuna

Whether you believe it or not, but children make parents way more compassionate. And a name that asserts this notion is Karuna, meaning ‘compassion’.

82. Lata

Lata, meaning ‘creeper’, has a simplistic elegance of Lata Mangeshkar – The Nightingale of India.

83. Madhu

Madhu has been quite popular as a Rajput girl’s name, and several famous Indian actresses bear this name. The meaning of Madhu is ‘nectar.’

84. Neena

Neena is a pretty, charming, and delicate Rajput baby girl name, meaning ‘darling or little girl’. Since Naina has become overused, Neena might be worth considering as its alternative.

85. Neha

Meaning ‘rain or eyes’, this beautiful and elegant name has several famous bearers such as Neha Kakkar and Neha Bhasin.

86. Padmavati

If you love unusual names with interesting meanings, you must feast your eyes on this moniker. Padmavati is a variation of Padmini and shares it meaning.

protip_icon Trivia
The exalted queen of Chittor known as Padmavati was renowned for her beauty and intelligence.

87. Padmini

The name Padmini will forever be associated with the queen of Chittor who immolated herself when Alauddin Khilji attacked the town. The memory of Rani Padmini is still kept alive in bards and songs. Padmini means ‘lotus’.

88. Pallavi

Since Pallavi was highly popular in the 70s and 80s, it will make a perfect throwback name for parents looking for a retro name. Pallavi means ‘new leaves’.

89. Rachita

Rachita, meaning ‘create’, will make an excellent middle name as it flows effortlessly with every female name.

90. Ragini

Ragini is a perfect example of a classic name with great staying power. This name means ‘melody’.

91. Riya

Riya is a lovely, yet simple name with a beautiful etymology, i.e. ‘singer’. The soft, delicate sound, and simple spelling of this name make it a winner.

92. Roopa

Roopa, meaning ‘blessed with beauty’, is still a stunning option, even though its trending days are over.

93. Ruchi

Ruchi is a short and sweet name meaning ‘luster or light’. This cheerful, two syllable moniker does not even require any nickname.

94. Sandhya

This minimalistic, two syllable name is a winning pick, and will definitely make way to the charts soon. The name Sandhya means ‘evening, dusk, twilight’.

95. Sapna

Sapna, meaning ‘dream’, is a darling name for any girl.

96. Sarita

Sarita, Royal Rajput names

Image: IStock

Nature inspired name will forever be loved by parents. And if you’re also one of them, you should fix your gaze at Sarita, which means ‘river’.

97. Shikha

It would be safe to assume that every parent wants their children to reach the pinnacle of success in every endeavor. Shikha, meaning ‘top of the mountain or hill or apex’, will affirm the faith you have in your daughter.

98. Uma

Uma is one of the thousand names of Goddess Parvati, and means ‘tranquility or splendor’. This moniker is exotic and has strong global appeal, all thanks to Uma Thurman.

99. Vaishali

A name dripping with Indian culture and heritage, Vaishali is Sanskrit for ‘an ancient Indian city’.

100. Vandana

Babies are the embodiment of love and adoration. So if you’re looking for a name that reflects the same, pick Vandana, which means ‘adoration’. This name was a major hit last decade and still continues to make a splash.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How have Royal Rajput names changed over time?

Royal Rajput names have evolved over time with influences from various cultures and traditions. People prefer to choose names that conform to the norms of a particular region or area. Names were altered over time to make them relatable to societal status. The spelling and pronunciation of many names have been changed to gain more acceptance.

2. How are Royal Rajput names typically chosen?

Royal Rajput names are typically chosen based on their cultural and traditional significance. Parents often choose names that reflect their family’s lineage or traditions. Some names may be chosen based on their meanings and their significance in Rajput culture. Parents may choose religious or mythological names based on the deities or heroes they worship.

3. What are the differences between Royal Rajput names and other Indian names?

Royal Rajput names often have a strong connection to their cultural and historical heritage. In contrast, other Indian names may be derived from different languages and cultures and can vary from region to region.

The royal Rajput names are an excellent choice for parents seeking names with a combination of style and elegance. If you are a Rajput or inspired by their cultures and traditions, these names will let you honor their rich history. The legacy of Rajputs is such that their traditions and names are known throughout the country, which is why you might have heard of these many times. Find a name to which you and your partner relate the most, and let the Rajputs’ history shine through your baby’s name.

Infographic: Royal Rajput Names For Boys And Girls

Rajput names carry a unique, strong significance, and giving these names to your little one could mean adding confidence, strength, and pride to them. Check out this infographic, as it could help you pick a royal Rajput name for your little prince or princess.

give your baby a powerful and royal name (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Royal Rajput names reflect the rich heritage of the Rajputs, who are known for their honor, bravery and might.
  • Typically inspired by Hindu mythology and historical figures, these names carry significant meanings.
  • Examples such as Devendra, Mahendra, Baruni, and Uma are associated with the names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
  • For nature-themed choices, Uday, Vanraj, Shikha, Bindu, and Pankaj represent elements of nature.
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