11 Rules All Couples In Love Need To Follow

11 Rules All Couples In Love Need To Follow

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What do Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Snow White have in common? Well, you don’t have to be a genius to answer this question. Ever wondered how the characters in these fairytale stories lived happily ever after? If you are in a loving and healthy relationship, you never need to think about that as you can write your own fairytale!

So, what are those small secrets couples need to know for a happy life together?

1. Communicate:

To communicate is a way to connect, anytime and anywhere. A healthy conversation is more than enough to wipe out any misunderstandings between the couples. When you are not happy with some decision or do not agree on a point, then talk it out. Talking will relieve you both and let you speak your minds. Communicating doesn’t include nagging and complaining. It is more about understanding your partner’s view and placing yours.

2. Respect each other’s interests:

Understanding and respecting each other’s interests is the essential for modern day relationships. Your partner might not have the same interests as you do, but appreciating and being positive about their choices, be it sports, gadgets or anything else, makes them friendly and leads to a cheerful relationship. In fact, you, too, will begin liking those activities.

3. Spend time together:

In these fast paced lives, there is hardly any time left to spend with your loved one. Try to take some time off, take him for a surprise movie and sit back with popcorn. Or take an hour break from your work and go out for lunch together. Also, do some small favors for your partner. They will take you a long way in your relationship.

4. The story of your lives:

Sitting idle with your partner and digging up into your childhood is an amazing feeling. When you open up to your partner about your earlier life, your family, and friends, he will know you better.

5. Identify the stressors:

It is crucial to notice situations that stress you and your partner. Stress could take a toll on your relationship. But when you understand each other’s stressors, you are prepared to face it or help your partner deal with it.

6. Cuddle huddle:

Being in bed together doesn’t always have to be to have sex. Sometimes simply lying down with your partner under the blanket and cuddling, will comfort both of you and instigate a sense of security.

7. Planning your future together:

Talk about your future plans, your ambitions, and your aspirations. Discuss how you can help each other. See how you can reach your common goals. This gives you both a lot of confidence that the most important person in your life is there to support you in your endeavors. It gives you a new direction and vigor to pursue your goals.

8. Forgiving each other:

Couples in love should work on their tolerance levels. We all are humans and we tend to hurt each other, but clinging on to them and refusing to forgive your partner results in frustration and creates a gap between you and your partner. So letting go off little annoyances in life is a sign of a healthy relationship.

9. Frequent appreciations:

Be generous in appreciating your partner. If he has done a nice job, let him know about it, if he has cooked a tasty dish for you, thank him, if he is looking handsome, give him a compliment. It will brighten up his day, and he will look forward to spending more time with you, not because you compliment him but because he finds warmth in your company.

10. Introvert vs. extrovert:

Couples need not have the same nature. You might be a book lover and your partner a party animal or vice versa. You can’t blame him for being quiet in a crowd or avoiding any parties or people. Understand that he prefers to be left alone. Also, appreciate that he loves to be alone with you and cannot feel free with you amidst several people. Enjoy your differences.

11. Give space to each other:

The most important thing to follow is to give your partner the space he requires. Do not suffocate him with your presence in every moment of his life. Leave him alone for some time. Respect his choices and let him be them. This also makes him appreciate your maturity.

No relationship is perfect. For sustaining a healthy and long-lived relationship, one needs to be patient and understand each other. What is your say on it?

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