30 Emotional And Sad Goodbye Letters To A Lover

While breaking up with your partner is heart-wrenching, many couples may not know how to end a relationship amicably. Writing a goodbye letter to a lover is not easy, but it is one of the most respectful and loving ways to bring a relationship to an end.

No one likes to end a beautiful relationship where they have invested so much, but sometimes, it is better to let go than to hold on for your wellbeing. So, in this post, we bring you some sample goodbye letters to help you write one and move on.

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How To Make Someone Cry In A Goodbye Letter?

  1. Show gratitude: Demonstrate to your boyfriend or girlfriend that you value the time you spent together. You can also include some happy memories from your time to mitigate the impact of the breakup. Thanking your partner for the joy you’ve shared helps to make the breakup process less painful.
  1. Be honest: Making someone cry in a goodbye letter requires you to be honest and open about your feelings, why you feel the way you do, and what caused your feelings to fade. Your reason for ending the relationship should be stated politely in an emotional goodbye letter to partner.
  1. Be direct: If you want your significant other in your life as a friend, it’s a good idea to write about it in a goodbye letter. If you’re wondering how to make someone cry in a goodbye letter, you must avoid blaming. Make sure you say goodbye at the end of the letter.

30 Sample Goodbye Letters To A Lover

Emotional Goodbye Letter To Boyfriend

Emotional Goodbye Letter To Boyfriend.

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1. My Dearest (His Name)

Writing this, I already realize I’ll regret it forever. However, the joy you brought me was unlike anything I had ever experienced from any other man, and it came at a time when I needed it most. You brought out my best qualities simply by being yourself. I believed that our love would endure the test of time, and nothing could separate us.

It deeply hurts me that we cannot be together, and I know my heart will be scarred. However, now that we no longer influence each other positively in the way we used to, the best thing for both of us is to part. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Au revoir and good luck.

(Your name)

2. Dear (His Name)

I sat propped up in bed, on the verge of dozing off and going bonkers. For days, my body hurt, and I couldn’t eat. As I took shallow breaths, I felt as if I were dying, but it was my heart that hurt the most. Filled with sorrow, my heart shattered into a million pieces. My mind was racing with questions about why we were no longer together.

I finally realized we’re not right for each other, and we won’t be happy together. I’m finally going to get off this roller coaster. I am truly sorry for the pain that this breakup will cause you. I wish you the best of luck, regardless of what happens.

So long then, goodbye

(Your name)

3. My dearest (His Name)

Saying goodbye to you breaks my heart. Never had I imagined that this day would come and our future would be extinguished like the last candle after a joyous celebration. Life with you was nothing less than a dream. But I forgot that not every dream turns into a reality. The reality of saying goodbye makes me emotional. Saying that I’m moving on without you will be difficult is an underestimation. It will be one of the hardest things for me and I know healing myself will be long and painful.

Know that my heart aches as I type these words. But I know it is probably best for us to part ways. I hope that you understand my decision. Take care. I wish all the best for your future.


(Your name)

protip_icon Quick tip
While goodbyes are inevitable, expressing gratitude for the relationship you both shared is also important. This can also help ease the pain.

4. Dear (His Name)

I’ve been depressed and stressed for the past few days. I once printed out at least 15 photos of the two of us from various dates and hung them up the entire staircase in the hopes of tugging at your heartstrings. I used to cry myself to sleep at night. I called my family almost every day in tears, relying heavily on them. I made several phone calls to all of my closest friends and began to speak in circles, repeating the same thoughts and feelings over and over again. Now that I think about it, I cringe at the thought of such desperate measures.

I have realized that our relationship hasn’t worked for a long time. Now, I’m more optimistic about my independence, newfound confidence, and the possibility of a new beginning in love. I’m rebuilding my life, figuring out what I want in a partner, and trying to come to terms with the fact that I’ve decided to move on. I hope you accept my separation letter and not ask me to reconsider my decision. I wish you the best of luck.

Goodbye, my friend

(Your name)

5. Dear (His Name)

I wish I was one of those lucky ones who never had to go through a breakup. I am still reeling from the shock of having to discover that we are not made for a happily ever after. Now I feel like a fool thinking of myself as a princess living the most beautiful fairytale. It is like I have woken up from a beautiful dream. I feel so alone with you and there is nothing that you can do. You seem so far away even when you are by my side. All the joy that I felt before has vanished and it feels like only I am chasing the dream to grow old with you. Clearly, this isn’t working.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope that life gives you all the happiness you deserve.


(Your name)

6. Dear (His Name)

I’m numb from crying too much

Image: Shutterstock

Nothing in life made me feel as terrible as I do right now. I’m dazed with a throbbing pain in my heart. The heartache is excruciating. It is as if my entire world has collapsed and as if my body is about to explode. I’m numb from crying so much. I had many sleepless nights, which made it difficult for me to function at work, and I would cry at random times throughout the day. For a long time, we were in love, and a tiny section of my core will always remember that love. However, I eventually realized that love does not conquer all without equal investment from both of us.

Love isn’t something we give or receive; it’s something we nurture and grow, a bond that can only be formed between two people when it comes from the heart. Unfortunately, we could not nurture the love, and our connection is broken beyond repair. Our relationship is no longer working, and it is causing us more pain than joy. It is high time we both move on with our lives.
See you in some other lifetime.


(Your name)

7. Dearest (His Name)

I hope you understand the pain I’m going through while penning this letter. Saying goodbye to you feels like walking on a bed of needles. Every moment it hurts, yet I know it’s the only right decision. Love has left us in the blink of an eye. Now no matter how much I try, it cannot be nourished and grown. It’s impossible to imagine a future without you. But I’ll need to find the courage and will for that.

Our relationship failed to take off. There’s no emotional connection left between us. It’s hard to go on like this. So it’s best to part ways at the earliest. I will always cherish the good memories we shared.


(Your name)

8. My Dearest Soul Mate (His Name)

I’m sorry our discussion devolved into a rage, as so many of them do. I want you to know that I never intended to cause you misery or pain. I wish things could return to how they were with all my heart and soul, but I understand that it will take a long time even to come close. It’s pointless to put effort into fixing this as this will never be fixed.

Forgive me for my actions, words, and thoughts, and live a peaceful and harmonious life. I pray for you to be happy from the bottom of my heart. I only want the best for you, and I know I’ll never be able to provide it. I never intended for things to turn out this way, and I will always wish you well in life.


(Your name)

9. My dear (his name)

I have been battling with these feelings for too long now. Realizing that my love will not be reciprocated in the way I desire burdens me. I never thought I would have to say these words. To be honest, my heart lacks the courage to part ways with you. You were and still are the only source of joy in my life. But a single-sided love is extremely painful and I know you will never understand that. I looked at you as my soulmate and spent all the love that I had. Realizing that you will never develop similar feelings for me disheartens me profoundly.
I hope you find someone whom you love with all your heart. I will remember you fondly until my last breath.

Best wishes.

(Your name)

10. Dear Friend

After we discussed our plans, it became clear to me, and probably to you as well, that our paths are diverging. We all have different desires, and this is too much to overlook. It’s better that we split up now and learn to live without each other than continue together because all of this will eventually end.

I’ll always remember our time together as one of the most memorable periods of my life. I hope you will forgive me and understand that my departure is in everyone’s best interest. I’ve enjoyed our time together and am grateful for everything you’ve done for me. Let’s have an amicable separation.

Best, Goodbye

(Your name)

11. To my dearest (His Name)

I still remember your words ”I think we are made for each other.” They ring in my mind and cause a flood of memories that make me teary-eyed. I thought our love was a miracle that had no match. Time spent with you made me realize that there’s beauty in this life. Now recognizing that your feelings have changed comes as the most unpleasant surprise. I don’t know where we went wrong or what made you so different from who you were before.

Nevertheless, I cannot make you love me. I have reflected on our relationship many times but couldn’t find an answer. So it’s better for us to part ways now than regret it later. You will always live in my heart and I will hold your memories close to my heart.
All the best

(Your name)

12. Dear (His Name)

I think it’s starting to wear me down

Image: Shutterstock

I hope you understand that I’m writing this with a heavy heart. If I said I didn’t hope for our relationship to work out, I’d be lying. But unfortunately, we don’t see each other nearly as frequently as I believe we should for this relationship to last. I’ve been struggling to keep up with this relationship for the past few months, and I think it’s starting to wear me down.

We’ve been through a lot together, and I admire you for who you are and what you’ve accomplished. I still genuinely love you, but I’ll have to learn to let go of those feelings over time. Remember that we are parting ways with beautiful memories in our hearts.

My best always, Goodbye

(Your name)

13. My dear (His Name)

I have bottled these feelings of hurt and dismay for long, but now I don’t think I can take it anymore. It feels like I am nothing but a ball of disappointment and anguish. Our relationship was matchless but it came tumbling down causing an interminable upheaval. I no longer believe we are a match made in heaven. That spark, that magic, and that excitement has vanished. I keep trying to find it without success. All I encounter is your disillusioned demeanor.

Thank you for the love you gave me and for the memories we made. But now it’s time to part ways. I will always remember the good old days when we loved each other without limits.

(Your name)

14. Dear (His Name)

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to stop myself from writing this letter. But I no longer can do so as it just means delaying what ought to happen. I spent the most amazing time with you dazed by the thoughts of a love story that only I wanted to be true. Time has made me realize that your intentions are something else and that our aims and ambitions are like the sky and earth. I don’t even know how I kept trying to be with you and couldn’t get to the core of who you were.

It pains me to part ways with you. You were my first love, and the turn of events left me shattered. I hoped I could do something to make it work but realized this hope cannot survive without your help. Take care.


(Your name)

Emotional Goodbye Letter To Girlfriend

15. Dear (Her Name)

You have no idea how emotionally draining it is for me to write this letter. Nevertheless, I cannot deny the fact that I shared some of the most wonderful moments of my life with you. We hit it off on our first date, and I was hoping that things would work out between us. I’ve been struggling with feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy for the past few months, and a relationship that doesn’t contribute to our growth is something we should let go of.

Breaking up with you is not something I ever imagined myself doing, but I need to start putting myself first. The anguish is inevitable and so is this break-up. I hope we can say our goodbyes with love and mutual respect.
Your friend and well-wisher

(Your name)

16. Dear (Her Name)

I started this letter several times before trashing it. I’m grateful for the years we’ve spent together; they’ve helped me grow in so many ways, and I believe I’m a better person as a result. The tenderness in your love moved my heart and I adore you for it. I wouldn’t change a thing about you or what we’ve been through, but I can’t keep causing you pain in our relationship. We’re constantly hurting each other because we’re both attempting to make something work that should have been easy.

People grow apart at times and then come back together. I gazed at the ring I bought for you for hours, but I couldn’t bring myself to return it. It will be a treasure for me for the rest of my life. That said, it’s pointless to go over our issues because we both know what they are. We tried to figure it out, but we couldn’t get past our pain points. So, it’s time to move on and find our own paths.

Goodbye, my love

(Your name)

17. My dear (Her Name)

As I write this I find my heart breaking into a million different pieces. Honestly, I don’t even know if time will ever heal my wounds. But it is the only solace I have at the moment. Our love has not stood the test of time and the once perfect relationship has now chipped away. I lie awake at night thinking of all the things we could have done differently to make our relationship work. But it seems like this miracle can never happen. It’s time to call it quits and go our separate ways because if we don’t we would only regret it later.

I only want the best for you because you are a good person at heart. May you get all the happiness and success in your life. Take care.


(Your name)

18. Dear, (Her Name)

Finding our separate paths is best for both of us

Image: Shutterstock

I felt as if my heart would stop beating, and my lungs would exhale their last breath at any moment. My stomach clenches, and I want to scream when I’m not with you. I’m not sure how many times I picked up the phone or considered calling you before writing this letter. I loved you, and I knew you loved me as well.

However, I was finally tired of the constant arguments, the broken promises, and the fights. We’re just two people with very different personalities who tried and failed to make a relationship work. Finding our separate paths is best for both of us. This, I believe, is the ideal solution for both of us. I wish you all the best. Please accept my farewell letter.

All my love,

(Your name)

19. Dear (Her Name),

I am absolutely heartbroken and crushed as I write this letter. Never in my imagination did I think I would have to part ways with you. Our relationship was flawless and I felt that it would remain so forever. A day without you still means no life at all. But the way things are at present makes me believe that we are not a positive impact on each other. All our efforts to straighten things out are fruitless. Now I feel like I am making your life harder with every passing day. You deserve someone who can understand you better than I can.
My best wishes for your future. The memories of the love we shared will always be etched in my heart.


(Your name)

20. Dear (Her Name)

As I write this adieu letter, anguish bubbles beneath my feet and my soul screams in agony. My heart is choked by darkness, deadly spears pierce my muscles, and arrows stab me repeatedly. I wish things had gone differently in our case. You were my only hope for happiness. When I look in the mirror, I don’t even recognize myself, and I’m not half the man I used to be.

Indeed, in the words of John Lennon, ‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.’ I don’t see the shared paths that we once fantasized about, but I do see that you are very different from me. When it comes to our life goals and future hopes, I believe we are not compatible.

Goodbye, my dear friend

(Your name)

21. My dearest (Her Name)

Saying goodbye to the queen of my heart breaks my heart into pieces. But from the moment I’ve realized that it’s the only right decision, I’ve lost all sense of time. All I think about is you and how I will survive without the one who held a piece of my soul. You made it clear that you don’t see a promising future with me and there’s nothing left to do now. It’s like my garden filled with spring’s glory has turned into a desert with nothingness stretching interminably.

I wish you a great and satisfying life wherever you are. You’ll surely find a partner you’re proud of.


(Your name)

protip_icon Quick tip
Be empathetic. Have a positive tone towards the end of the letter and wish them well for the future.

22. To My Ever Dearest (Her Name)

You awoke feelings that I never expected to feel – feelings that people write books and songs about. I’ve never been happier than when we were together. Yet, as I write this letter, my soul screams in agony. In private, I cry uncontrollably and take extremely long naps. I had a hard time getting out of bed to shower and see friends. My foot is always looking under the covers for yours when I’m in bed. Things have not been going well for us in recent months, despite our numerous attempts to save the relationship but today, dissolving this relationship seems like the only option.

Our hopes and dreams were the same. However, as our years together turned into a rollercoaster, our relationship began to deteriorate into almost nothing but drab. I know we’ve shared some of our most memorable moments, and I don’t want to squander them on grudges and despair. Instead, I’d be thrilled if we could continue to be good friends and keep our hearts and soul connected through friendship. I hope you accept this letter of leave-taking.


Yours truly

(Your name)

23. My dear (Her Name)

It feels like my whole world has fallen apart. In my head, we’re still together and I am looking deep into those magical eyes of yours. But as soon as the truth of our relationship hits, I go numb. I knew both of us had issues before but we promised that we’ll resolve them for the better. We’ve been trying so hard to do that but it’s only causing pain to us both. And my darling, I can never see you so sad.

The only way out of this emotional turmoil is to part ways. Know that it will be extremely hard for me to let go of you. I saw you as my one and only princess. But you’ll never live happily with me. I hope life throws nothing but happiness in your way.


(Your name)

24. My Dearest Friend (Her Name)

I wish you nothing but happiness

Image: Shutterstock

I was able to write this letter after much thought, and the purpose of it is to inform you that I have decided on our relationship. I hope you understand that this relationship isn’t working for us, and we’re both unhappy despite our best efforts to make it work. You’re also aware that our habits and lifestyles are so dissimilar that we can’t live happily together.

Though we decided to stay together earlier, we are as different as chalk and cheese. We’ll never be able to be content with each other. But, we can always be friends, and I’m confident you’ll find a man to spend the rest of your life with. I wish you nothing but happiness.


(Your name)

25. My dear (Her Name),

A hole in my heart is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. I cannot continue dreaming of our future now that I feel so distant from you. You said you were mine but it’s been so long since you’ve shown love and care. I keep yearning for your companionship, your touch, your laughter, and that twinkle in your eyes. But it’s like you’ve turned into someone else and I’m just a shadow chasing you somehow. I can no longer pretend that our relationship is working. It has fizzled, leaving me broken, not knowing how to get over it.
Parting ways was never an option. But now it seems like the only way that will save us from falling from the cliff. Take care, my love. I wish you all the best.


(Your name)

26. Dear (Her Name),

Something has been bothering me for a long time, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell you about it. But I’m starting to feel like I can’t take it anymore. I believe it is time for us to move on. And believe me when I say that this is not an impulsive decision or a way of expressing my displeasure, but a well-considered one. We’ve been trying to fit our lives around each other, and in the process, we’ve lost touch with the love we used to share.

I’ll always remember our time together as one of the most beautiful periods of my life. I hope you will forgive me and understand that my departure is for everyone’s good. I’m hoping you’ll understand and respect my choice.

Best wishes, goodbye,

(Your name)

27. Dearest (Her Name),

I am writing these words on a tear-stained paper with quivering hands. I have lost the number of times I tried to write these lines of farewell but stopped midway and tossed the papers away. Now the time has come to remind myself finally of the consequences of holding on to you. You made me the happiest and I never thought that this time would ever come. I saw you as my rock, my bed of comfort, my hope, and my savior. It anguishes me to realize that it was all one-sided. The depth of your feelings can never match mine and dreaming about it only hurts me more than before.

Letting go of you will not be easy. But it’s the only step that’ll save you and me. I wish you the best in life.


(Your name)

28. Dear (Her Name),

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d be writing a goodbye note to you one day. My heart was overflowing with affection for you. I must admit that our relationship got off to a great start. Yet, a few weeks later, it appears that none of our promises has been fulfilled. I cannot continue in this manner.

Nothing remains of what appeared to be love; everything else has lost its charm. It’s difficult for me to imagine my life without you. Yet, as unsure as all of that is, I am certain that I must separate from you. I hope you respect my decision.

(Your name)

29. Dearest (Her Name),

I am swept by a torrent of emotions as I write this letter. Saying goodbye to you tears my heart because I never came across someone as lovely as you. Yet I cannot continue to live like this when I clearly know that you don’t feel the same as I do for you. I still see love for me in your eyes and actions. But I think that you are bound by your family and social convictions. Worse still, you aren’t even confiding what’s happening to me. I have tried enough and feel exhausted now. This seems like a lost battle to me.

I hope you resolve your issues and lead a happy life. You will always be in my heart as the most beautiful memory.


(Your name)

30. Dear (Her Name),

I am still drowning in doubt as I write this letter of farewell. The fact that we need to part ways stabs me at the core and I feel uncertain of my well-being in a future without you. But I need to retreat from our shared path because you no longer find it beautiful. It won’t lead to the fulfillment of your goals and aspirations, as you mentioned, so there’s no use traversing it together. Every inch of my soul rebels at the thought of conveying this message to you. But I don’t wish to make your life more miserable.

I can’t live without you yet I need to let you go. This truth sits like a sharp stone in my throat. With the heaviest heart and conviction, I bid goodbye.

(Your name)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any potential downsides to writing a sad goodbye letter?

Writing a sad goodbye letter can have downsides. It may reopen emotional wounds for both you and your lover, making it harder to move on. It may also lead to misinterpretation or misunderstanding of your feelings.

2. Are there any alternative ways to say goodbye to a lover instead of writing a letter?

Alternatives to a letter include in-person conversations, messages, phone calls, or video chats. These approaches are more direct and allow for immediate responses and closure.

3. How do sad goodbye letters affect personal growth and healing after a breakup?

Sad goodbye letters facilitate personal growth by serving as emotional outlets. They can help process and accept the end of a relationship, facilitating healing over time. Author and blogger Bridget Stella Ruxton Wilson reveals, “I first realized I had been in love with the idea of Dean (the boyfriend) after he broke up with me over the phone. He went off with someone else while I was out of the country on a holiday I’d planned before I hooked up with him. So, a few weeks after the dreaded phone call (which led to the breakup), I decided to write him a goodbye letter so that I could start to let him go. It was an exercise in catharsis (i).”

4. What are some common emotions expressed in sad goodbye letters to lovers?

Sad goodbye letters to lovers convey a mix of emotions. They often include feelings of sadness, regret, and guilt. People also express their love and longing for their partner, sometimes coupled with a sense of hopelessness. These emotions are natural when parting with a beloved.

5. What are some tips for writing a heartfelt, meaningful, sad goodbye letter to a lover?

To write a meaningful goodbye letter, be honest about your feelings, express gratitude for the relationship, and avoid blame or anger. Use clear and sincere language to convey your heartfelt emotions.

Breaking up is one of the most difficult decisions a person can make, especially if the reason is moving to a new city or falling out of love after a long relationship. You can write to them if you are unable to express your emotions verbally. So, save these goodbye letters to lovers to send to them or to use as inspiration to write your own. But, no matter how traumatic it is, try to remain civilized and never harbor grudges toward your partner, who was once the most important person in your life.

Infographic: Ways To Write And Send A Goodbye Letter To Your Lover

No matter what led to this moment, a goodbye to the person you love is always the hardest. So you need to be thoughtful of how you bid adieu to the person you spent memorable times with. Explore the right ways to give your goodbye letters and make it a less bitter and stressful moment for both of you.

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