Is It Safe To Do Ballet During Pregnancy?

ballet during pregnancy

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Health and daily routine are two things that many women have on their mind as their pregnancy progresses. Most moms-to-be feel a lot of stress as your body undergoes mental, emotional and physical changes. If you are worried, it is normal.

Many women like you would love to follow a personal fitness regime to ensure good health and, of course, an attractive body! One paramount question, however, remains, whether it is safe to undertake a particular exercise or health activity or not. One such activity is ballet, read on to know about how safe is practicing ballet during pregnancy.

What Is Ballet?

Ballet is a dance form performed to music, using precise movements. Classical ballet, originated in Renaissance Italy, is characterized by the use of pointe shoes with reinforced toes.

Many doctors and gynecologists feel that Ballet is a great way to stay fit, stretch and tone your body muscles. It is also great for your posture and body’s overall movements. Hence, ballet is a good overall exercise for your body and the stretches would do your muscles some good.

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Ballet During Pregnancy – Is It Okay?

One of the simple questions that will pass your mind when you get pregnant is, whether you can do a ballet or not. While, there are many approaches to this question that will help answer the question:

1. How Long Have You Been Dancing?

If you are a seasoned dancer and love to ballet, you can continue to do so. However, the important thing is to listen to your body. You have to be cautious in your first trimester; you would now feel more exhausted than normal, since your body is adapting to the baby in your womb.

2. Don’t Try And Learn Ballet Afresh:

Avoid trying to learn ballet when pregnant. Though there are many ballet classes available for pregnant women, it is best to stick to an exercise regime your body is already used to. Picking up a new exercise could be more stressful for you and your body, and leave you feeling more lethargic and tired.

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 3. Speak To Your Doctor:

No matter what your health regime has been, your pregnancy has the capacity to change your health in more ways than you can fathom. So, before you start anything that requires physical effort and energy, talk to your doctor in details.

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When To Ballet?

How far into your pregnancy can you do ballet? This is another important question that you should have an answer to. Once your doctor gives you a go-ahead to keep your ballet regime going, you should be able to know until what month of your pregnancy you can keep doing ballet.

1. Listen To Your Body:

As your pregnancy progresses, you would need to manage your growing abdomen; thus, balance becomes of utmost importance. So, if you feel unable to keep the poise and balance, immediately stop stressing yourself and relax. Avoid jumps and too many stretches that will exert your abdomen and pelvic area.

2. Don’t Push Too Much:

In Ballet, you stretch our muscles and stress your joints. Your body tends to become loose due to certain pregnancy hormones like relaxing. As a result, your body becomes much more susceptible to injury. So, be careful and stick to ballet basics from the mid- of the second trimester of your pregnancy.

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The Verdict:

Most medical practitioners believe that it is safe to do ballet during pregnancy, but consult your doctor and a seasoned ballet practitioner with experience to guide you. At the same time, keep checking your core temperature to ensure you are not overdoing the exercise and over-heating your body on the inside.

Keep your ballet routine to include some basic moves, stretches and always use a bar when you need to balance in any position as your pregnancy progresses. It is always a good idea to do any kind of exercise at this time, under the supervision of a trainer.

We would like to know your views on pregnancy ballet.

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