Is It Safe To Consume Evening Primrose Oil During Pregnancy?

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During your pregnancy, you may come across many people offering advice regarding what to do and what not to. Often, many of them are contradictory suggestions. If you are feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. A good percentage of new moms and moms-to-be face this situation too!

One such confusion about a topic related to pregnancy is whether evening primrose oil use in pregnancy is good or bad.

The Debate

Primrose oil, among many other essential oils and herbal remedies, has been a subject of debate since long.

  • Some herbal medicine practitioners may recommend this oil to tackle different symptoms during pregnancy.
  • Some experts claim that using primrose oil could actually be harmful, and may have negative impacts during pregnancy.

The Risks Of Using Primrose Oil During Pregnancy

The most common risks that are said to be associated with the use of primrose oil during pregnancy are:

  • It is believed that taking primrose oil during pregnancy could result in severe diarrhea, nausea and also bloating.
  • It is also believed that primrose oil contains certain compounds that could soften the cervix and induce labor, which could in turn be a cause of miscarriage.

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Benefits Of Using Primrose Oil

Some viable benefits associated with primrose oil are as follows:

  • Primrose oil is often taken as a dietary supplement and is rich in essential fatty acids and linoleic acid, which are substances that the body needs but cannot make.
  • Evening primrose oil has also been found to be rich in gamma linoleic acid which helps your body function better.
  • Evening primrose extracts have also been used as an excellent natural fertility treatment.
  • It is believed that the extracts of this oil can improve the release of cervical mucus during ovulation, which helps the sperm stay viable for a longer duration. Thereby increasing the chances of a successful fertilization, followed by conception.

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Is Evening Primrose Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

While evening primrose oil does have some good health benefits attached with its use, there are certain facts that cannot be neglected. For instance, experts have found how women taking evening primrose oil extracts manage to pass into labor soon enough, and placing a suppository of this oil near the cervix too, could induce contractions among women.

While this may be helpful for women who are overdue, it may be risky for you, especially if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy (around 30 weeks).

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The Verdict

There is no doubt that views are divided on the use of primrose oil, and before you make a choice, we strongly recommend a word with your doctor.

  • Remember that the use of evening primrose oil is widely discouraged by most medical practitioners.
  • If you are overdue, you can always talk to your doctor about using evening primrose oil extracts as a natural way to induce labor. This obviously has to be done under the guidance of your doctor.
  • You could also choose to supplement your diet with this nutritious oil (with the doctor’s advice of course) after you’ve delivered your baby. It has been found that taking this supplement orally could help you tackle postpartum blues and stress and may help you heal better. Women having an episiotomy have often been advised to take the extracts of this oil during the pregnancy period to heal the torn tissues better.
  • Make sure you rule out any drug interactions or allergic reactions to this oil and take it in the required dosage only.

While the negatives and benefits are many, it is a given that whatever you do during these delicate months of pregnancy should have the approval of your doctor. All the best for your pregnancy!

Do share your views and experiences on using evening primrose oil in pregnancy.

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