Is It Safe To Drink Soft Drinks During Pregnancy?

Soft Drinks During Pregnancy

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Are you expecting? Then it’s natural you are very conscious about the food items and drinks that you consume during these months. As your diet will have direct impact on your baby’s growth!

Certain food types and beverages might affect the development of your baby in the womb. If you love consuming fizzy drinks, you might have doubts about drinking aerated soft drinks during pregnancy. Here are a few things that you must know as to whether soda can be included in your diet or not.

The aerated soft drinks have rich caffeine content, that are not safe for your baby as they lead to premature births and other issues. Many studies reveal that drinking too much of these soft drinks is not healthy. Many doctors opine that limiting soda intake while being pregnant helps to maintain good health for both mother and her infant. As each pregnancy tends to be different, make sure you seek advice of your medical practitioner to be doubly sure about the ideal limit to consume soft drinks per day.

Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks During Pregnancy?

Fizzy drinks or carbonated drinks are loaded with too much sugar and have very less nutrients, which mean you must keep their consumption at a minimum. There are other harmful ingredients and qualities, which you must be aware of, in order to know why intake of such drinks on a regular basis must be avoided.

1. Presence of Caffeine:

One of the sole reasons regarding why you should avoid drinking soft drinks during pregnancy is that it contains caffeine. Studies held by the American Pregnancy Association reveal that when a pregnant female consumes over 300 mg of caffeine, it can lead to miscarriage. Hence it is essential that you limit the intake. Caffeine can deprive your sleep, as well as deprive the calcium levels in your body, the latter which is essential for building bones and teeth of your baby.

 2. Added Colors and Artificial Sweeteners:

Though a small percentage of artificial ingredients would not harm your baby’s health, studies reveal that huge amounts of soft drinks that have artificial flavours or colours are not advisable. Also the presence of saccharin in some soft drinks would lead to birth defects in babies. A few studies indicate that aspartame or sucralose is not harmful if consumed in small amounts by pregnant mothers. Make sure to read the label of the soft drinks that you buy to make sure that there are no harmful ingredients which are not good for your baby.

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3.  Zero Nutrition and Unhealthy Calories:

Soft drinks offer very little or no nutrition, which means that they add no value to the well being of a pregnant mother. But these drinks can hike your body’s calorie levels. In short, these carbonated drinks would not offer any vitamins or minerals, which are much needed for the growth and development of your baby. If you are obsessed with fizzy stuff, a sip or two of your favourite soda occasionally would not do any harm.

 4. Aerated Drinks Trigger Heartburn:

Carbonated drinks during can cause heart burn or make it worse, if you already have it. Studies say, especially during third trimester, the caffeine presence in these drinks would makes heartburn worse. If you experience a burning sensation across the chest region or just below your throat after a few minutes of consuming any aerated drink, refrain from drinking it immediately.

If you wish to enjoy a fizzy drink but want to stay healthy at the same time, try to combine carbonated water with the pure fresh fruit juice to satiate your cravings and give your baby a fair share of essential vitamins, minerals, potassium and iron. Better yet, try avoid soft drink during pregnancy and switch to healthy juices.

Happy pregnancy!

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