Is It Safe To Drink Hot Water During Pregnancy?

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Are you expecting? Congratulations!! We are sure, several close relatives and friends have begun to shower well-mean advice for you. One of them is – drinking the right amount of water every day is one of the perfect mantras to stay healthy. But why?

While you are pregnant, consumption of adequate water helps to keep you hydrated, detoxified and energized. That’s the reason why drinking water becomes vital, to ensure proper health and growth of your unborn baby.

Drinking warm water further adds to the list of benefits derived from this wonder liquid. It helps to keep dehydration, fatigue, infections, etc., away while providing a storehouse of energy and stamina. Expecting mothers should consume sufficient amount of warm water and stay well hydrated.

Intake Requirements

Here are some guidelines on water intake for pregnant women:

  • You must have 6 to 8 glasses water every day. This ensures proper hydration and healthy functioning of your body.
  • Your water requirement may increase with the changes in your weight, weather conditions and daily activities.
  • After exercising, you must drink extra water to compensate for the body fluid lost during the workout.
  • It has been found that during pregnancy, drinking more fluids also helps to reduce water retention in the body.
  • You should keep having water at regular intervals and never wait to get thirsty to drink water.However, please consult a doctor (or your physician) in order to determine the specific amount of water that is safe and advisable to be consumed.

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Importance of Optimum Hydration

Dehydration and fatigue are common issues faced during pregnancy. Dehydration can lead to many complications such as nausea, dizziness cramps and oedema. Keeping yourself well hydrated, especially during the third trimester is essential. As insufficient hydration can cause contractions leading to preterm labour. Hence, proper intake of water is a must to prevent dehydration during pregnancy.

Drinking optimum water every day also helps to prevent urinary infection and cleans the urinary tract as water dilutes urine thereby reducing the chances for infection.

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Benefits of Drinking Warm Water During Pregnancy

Drinking tepid or lukewarm water renders many health benefits to both you and your baby. They are:

  • Warm water helps to detoxify your body to help prevent morning sickness, heartburn, etc. and thereby promotes healthy functioning of your body.
  • It helps to ensure proper and healthy bowel movement and relief from constipation and acidity.
  • Warm water is responsible for improving blood flow in your body. A glass of warm water daily, especially with a small quantity of lemon in it, helps to boost stamina and energy levels in the mothers thereby keep fatigue away.
  • Warm water also helps to keep cold, cough and flu at bay and ensures the proper bronchial health of both of you.

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Is it safe to drink hot water during pregnancy? It should be remembered that your drinking water should be tepid or lukewarm, and not scalding hot. Hot or warm water from taps is considered unsafe and not recommended for drinking during pregnancy as this may contain lead and high mineral content, accumulated from the pipes it flows through.

Lead and high mineral content can cause serious damage to you and your unborn baby. It may stunt the physical and mental growth of your baby and can cause considerable damage to the developing lungs, brain, liver, nervous system, kidneys and red blood cells in your baby. You must always have filtered and boiled water to eliminate the risk of lead, unwanted minerals and also microbes from your drinking water.

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Water helps to carry essential nutrients to the foetus thereby boosting health and growth. A healthy mother is thus the key to the all round growth and development of a healthy foetus. So, it is very important for you to drink the  proper amount of water, keep well hydrated and healthy to keep illnesses at bay.

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