Is It Safe to Eat Walnuts During Pregnancy?

walnut during pregnancy

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You’re pregnant! Congrats!!.

You are probably spending most of your time gathering info on safe foods to eat and avoid at this time. The question is – where do walnuts fall on the list?

Health benefits of walnuts have been known since ages for helping in normal brain functioning among people of all ages. In this article, we will help you know the facts related to walnut benefits during pregnancy.

Walnut Benefits During Pregnancy:

The delicious and crunchy walnut is known to be the king in the dry fruit family. According to studies, walnuts are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that boost up activities of brain cells. Walnuts are proven to improve brainpower among the newborns.

Here are some more health benefits of walnuts during pregnancy:

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins aid eye and brain development in your unborn.
  2. Walnuts help lowering blood cholesterol level and increase the good cholesterol (HDL) level. You can thus maintain the optimal lipid profile in course of pregnancy.
  3. Inflammation of blood vessels can be reduced with regular consumption of walnuts.
  4. Walnuts help relaxing blood vessels and control high blood pressures in you.
  5. Walnuts are rich sources of proteins and fiber that offers a feeling of fullness. This helps in weight management.
  6. Walnut contains copper that aids proper growth and development of your fetus.
  7. Walnuts contain antioxidants such as vitamin E, polyphenols, manganese and copper. These helps ward off the free radicals and strengthens your immune system
  8. Women with post postpartum depression are advised to regularly consume walnuts.
  9. Walnuts help to keep down the melatonin levels that induce sleep in you.

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Risks Of Eating Walnuts During Pregnancy:

Truth is walnuts are known to bring certain complications when consumed in excess during pregnancy. Doing so can result in complications for the mother as well as the unborn child.

Here are some of the possible complications that might arise:

  1. Eating too much of walnuts can cause diarrhea in course of pregnancy.
  2. According to studies, walnuts may interfere with absorption of iron and cause anemia in the long run.
  3. If you were mildly allergic to walnuts, chances are that it never bothered you before (you might not have realized that fact) but now, the condition may be acerbated during pregnancy.
  4. If you are highly allergic to tree nuts, then consuming even a small amount of walnut during pregnancy can cause various kinds of skin rashes, swelling of lips, itching, dizziness and wheezing.
  5. Chances of hemorrhage increase during delivery as walnuts hinder the formation of blood clots.

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Research Findings:

[1] The study was conducted on 8,205 children, of which 308 suffered from food allergies and 140 of them were allergic to tree nuts or peanuts. The tree nuts included:

  • Pistachios
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Pecans
  • Cashews
  • Brazil nuts

The research findings concluded that consumption of nuts during pregnancy was not tied to increased risk of allergies caused by nuts among children.

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Nuts And Allergies:

On the other hand, the more women consumed nuts during pregnancy, the less likely were the children to develop nut allergies. Nearly 1.5% of women who consumed less than a single serving of nuts every month in course of pregnancy developed allergies. Dr. Loralei Thornburg stated, “Certainly this is reassurance that eating nuts during pregnancy will not increase your child’s risk of allergy.”

It is true that walnuts are rich in nutrients, but consumption in excess amounts is not advisable. So, if you want to enjoy the nuts, seek consent from your gynecologist and keep at bay all your worries.

Hope by now you must have known whether is it safe to eat walnuts during pregnancy or not. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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