Is It Safe To Practice Ashtanga Yoga During Pregnancy?

Ashtanga Yoga During Pregnancy

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Being healthy during pregnancy is something all women strive for. While you are excited, it is also normal to experience certain childbirth jitters and stress. A good way to ensure you keep your stress levels in check is by taking the help of yoga.

There are different forms of yoga which can help in maintaining the flexibility of your body. These also provide your muscles and bones with the much needed strength that will help you to manage the additional weight during pregnancy.

Ashtanga yoga during pregnancy is one such style that can practice often.

What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is the purest form of yoga. There are many other forms of yoga that are derived from this yoga. Some of the characteristics of this yoga are as follows:

  • Ashtanga yoga is popular as the modern day form of the classical Indian yoga.
  • This style was popularized by K. Pattabhi Joshi.
  • Vinyasa is an important part of this yoga that transforms static asanas or postures into dynamic movements.

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Is It Safe To Practice Ashtanga Yoga During Pregnancy?

If you have been a regular practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga for more than a decade or so, then practicing the same during your pregnancy will be much easier and safe. This is because your body is habituated to the different styles of postures and movements that are a part of this form of Yoga. It is very important that you first have the approval of your doctor before trying out any pose at home, no matter how easy it might seem.

Once you think of going ahead, keep the following in mind:

  • This form of yoga is a complete ‘NO’ for high risk pregnancies or if you’ve had a miscarriage earlier.
  • Till the conclusion of the first trimester it is not usually known whether a pregnancy is high risk or not; therefore it is advised that Ashtanga yoga should not be adopted at all during the first trimester.
  • You can begin practicing Ashtanga yoga from the second trimester.
  • During the third trimester, the gap between the legs for the forward bending asanas should be adjusted in order to accommodate the growing belly.
  • The asanas or postures that require you to lie on the belly like the Vinyasas and Sun Salutations should be modified./
  • The Vinyasas should also be altered by choosing to walk back or front rather than doing the usual and normal jumps that are part of this form of yoga.

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8 Tips For Practicing Ashtanga Yoga During Pregnancy:

You may be contemplating joining prenatal yoga classes or want to take up this form of yoga to maintain the flexibility of your body. If so, some amount of alterations and precautions need to be taken before embracing this style of yoga. Some of the key things to keep in mind while practicing Ashtanga yoga in pregnancy phase are as follows:

1. Do not practice Ashtanga yoga on an empty stomach.

2. In case of morning sickness you should allow the sickness to subside before you begin your practice sessions.

3. In order to avoid being dehydrated drink water in small quantities at regular intervals.

4. Uterine contractions can also be kept at bay by drinking water at regular intervals.

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5. In addition, do not try to over stress yourself and do not try to reach enhanced levels of perspiration.

6. Understand the cues of your body. If you feel tired it’s always advisable that you stop and take a break.

7. Ensure that the room in which you practice yoga is not too hot.

8. Replace the jumping portions in the yoga with crawls or some step forwards or backwards.

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Increase the flexibility and strength of your body by embracing yoga during pregnancy. However, do consult your doctor or a prenatal yoga teacher before you begin this form of yoga.

Share your experiences of practicing Ashtanga yoga in pregnancy a safe way.

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