Is It Safe To Use Homeopathic Medicines During Pregnancy?

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There are a number of changes taking place in your body during pregnancy. Women feel different, both physically and psychologically, and need proper treatment to deal with the changing conditions.

While most medical practitioners prescribe allopathic medicines, there are a host of homeopathic medicines which can prove beneficial. Is it safe to take homeopathic medicine during pregnancy? Let us have a look on their safety, and how they work.

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a practice of medicine where the patient is treated with highly diluted substances, usually in tablet form. These tablets are supposed to trigger one’s bodys’ natural system of healing.

Based on their specific symptoms, a homeopath (i.e. the doctor of homeopathy) will offer the best medicine to each patient.

Safety Of Homeopathic Medicines During Pregnancy:

Homeopathy has been around for many centuries and the medicines are prescribed on the basis of specific symptoms. In general, it is considered absolutely safe to have homeopathic medicines when you are expecting.

  • Homeopathic medicines are highly diluted and are available in different potency. Generally medicines with potency ranging from 3X to 30X are advised during pregnancy.
  • They are available in both liquid form (mother tincture) as well as tablet form. Tablets are preferred for pregnant women.
  • There is no side effect of taking homeopathy medicines and they can be taken along with conventional medicines as well.
  • The medicines prescribed are according to specific conditions. So they are more effective in treating problems.
  • Homeopathy does not suppress the symptoms. Rather, it works with the natural immune system to heal the body.
  • Taking homeopathy during pregnancy will also benefit your child, as they work to improve the entire system.

Homeopathic Pregnancy Supplements:

There are some medicines which can be taken as supplements to provide vital nutrients needed during pregnancy:

  • Ferrum Phosphoricum:

It helps replenishes the iron levels in body and prevents anaemia. It also helps in formation of healthy blood in your baby.

  • Calcarea Phosphorica:

This can be taken as a calcium supplement and supports bone development for your unborn child. It also prevents calcium depletion from your body.

  • Kali Phosphoricum:

It is advised for enhancing the brain development of your child. It also helps to keep insomnia and depression at bay, which are common problems during pregnancy.

Remedy For Morning Sickness

This is perhaps the most universal problem that pregnant women face. But with the right dosage of homeopathy, you can keep morning sickness away.

  • Sepia:

It is recommended for condition where nausea is caused by strong smells, particularly of food, and the patient gets relief by doing some exercise. It is also good for treating irritability and mood swings.

  • Colchicum:

It is advised when food smells cause nausea, but here physical activity can increase the problem.

  • Pulsatilla:

It is prescribed when nausea is experienced during evening or night and food in general does not taste good. Other symptoms considered are weepy mood and craving for company and fresh air, as well as constant dryness in mouth.

  • Nux and Epicac:

They are also prescribed in combination with other medicines to treat nausea and sickness.

Homeopathy For Stomach Ailments:

Flatulence and constipation are also usual conditions that pregnant women have to face. Here are some homeopathy remedies for them:

  • Nux Vomica:

It is an excellent medicine for toning the stomach.

  • Chelidonium:

It is advised for constipation and dark stool.

  • Magnesium Phosphoricum:

Apart from treating pain in stomach, relaxes muscles and cures cramps in other body parts too.

  • Lycopodium:

It is prescribed when you feel bloated after meals.

  • Phosphorus:

It will help when you are feeling pale and weak, as well as constipated.

  • Sulphur:

It is great for women having liver problems and loose stool.

  • Carbo Veg:

It is recommended when there is a sharp pain in stomach, along with acidity or flatulence.

Apart from these remedies, homeopathy is also successful in curing swelling in body, weakness and varicose veins. It works especially well for treating psychological conditions like mood swings, irritability and wanting to be left alone.

Risk Related To Homeopathy

A word of caution here; the study on homeopathic medicines is not as organized as conventional treatments. Since they are based on herbs and extracts, no one can tell for sure what goes into a medicine and in what proportion. So you must take the medicines in limited dosage, and ask a doctor before taking them.

Homeopathy has been around for many centuries and the medicines are prescribed on the basis of specific symptoms. Instead of doing self medication, consult a good homeopath for getting the perfect medicine.

We would like to know your views on the use of homeopathic medicines during pregnancy.

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