10 Important ATV Safety Tips For Kids

Riding An ATV For Your Kid

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Are you aware of the fact that ATV accidents can endanger your child’s life? ATVs impose a higher risk of serious injury for small children. If you are planning on buying an ATV for kids, or you simply wish to know how safe they are, you should read our post. Here we list some important tips on ATV safety for kids.

What Are ATVs?

ATVs or All-terrain vehicles are mostly used for off-road paths and are motor-operated vehicles. Imagine a four wheel motorbike and you know how it looks. All-terrain vehicles run on high-power engines and the speed reaches up to 50mph or above. (1)

ATV’s Restricted For Small Kids:

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a typical form of off-road vehicles for recreational activities. In most countries, ATV usage is strictly illegal for small children. ATVs are unstable and hard to control, particularly at high speeds. In such circumstances, rollovers and collisions are more prevalent and can lead to fatal accidents.

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Injuries Occurring In ATV Accidents:

ATV vehicles have no roll bars and a higher tendency to throw the riders or passengers off the seat. Kids can get seriously injured through ATV accidents. Some of the common injuries that occur in ATV accidents are:

  • Serious head injury or death
  • Severe cuts
  • Fractured collarbones
  • Broken arms and legs

Common Causes Of ATV Crashes:

Some of the common causes of ATV crashes are:

  • Driving error
  • Carrying heavy weighted passenger
  • Poor judgment of distance
  • Loss of control
  • Vision problem

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ATV Safety Tips For Kids:

If your kid is old enough to ride an ATV and persists on driving one, you need to make sure he follows some safety tips, like:

  • He should attend a safety certification program to learn how to operate an ATV safely.
  • He should ride an ATV of appropriate sizing and age specific. Accurate sized vehicles eliminate the risk of sliding or accidental crashes.
  • He should always wear an approved helmet and eye protection gears. In many countries, the protection gears are a prerequisite.
  • Ask your kid to wear covered and full-sleeves pants or shirts. Such covered apparels protect the outer body parts from scrapes or cuts.
  • Ask him to ride the ATV during the day.
  • Ask him to drive the vehicle at moderate speed.
  • Do not allow him to drive your vehicles on public or highly congested roads.
  • The vehicles should contain flags, reflectors, and night-lights to enhance visibility and avoid any accidental collision.
  • Do not allow him to use a three-wheeler ATV, as they are quite unmanageable and unsafe for kids.
  • Do not allow him to carry a passenger on a two-seater ATV. But if you are allowing so, consider his coordination, skill level, maturity, size, and ability to focus and concentrate. (2)

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When To Avoid Driving ATV?

It is important to not drive the ATV in certain circumstances:

  • Never ride a three-wheeled ATV vehicle.
  • Never ride the ATV vehicles on public or congested roads.
  • Never cross the speed limit (mentioned by the manufacturer).
  • Don’t allow your kid to drive ATV without safety gears.
  • Don’t allow him to drive the ATV with additional or heavy weighted passenger.
  • Never allow him to drive the ATV during the rainy season. (3)

ATV riding is risky for children. They are not able to control such vehicles properly and more prone to fatal injuries. Parents should make sure that their kids are following proper safety precautions, to protect them from serious injury.

Hope you liked our tips to follow while riding ATV for kids. Did your kid follow proper safety tips, before riding his ATV? Did he attend any specialized riding course? Tell us about his experiences here.

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