6 Scary Halloween Poems For Kids

Scary Poems For Kids

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Horror is scary, isn’t it? Especially when you are trying to make your kid understand the very concept of horror. But what if you are able to do that in a gentle and an interesting way, by reading to him scary poems for kids? Read on to learn just how you can introduce horror without making your child cringe with fear!

There is something about a ghost story that sends chills down anyone’s spine. Scary poems, as the name suggests, scare and entertain kids who read them. Some experts believe that it is a good idea to introduce children to the aspect of horror. It helps fuel curiosity, which stimulates proper learning attitude.

Here, we list a few interesting and spooky short scary poems for kids. Create a daunting illusion for your little one when you put him to sleep.

Short Scary Poems For Kids:

1. Cries:

A beautifully written poem, it talks about how a child hears a girl crying in the forest, and what happens after that.

“As a child, I played in the forest nearby,

One evening I heard, a little girl cry,

It was obvious she was lost,

In the middle of winters frost.

I ran out in a frantic search,

Bells rang in our local church,

Ran faster, followed the cries,

My fear for her, began to rise.

Cries turned into a continuous weep,

I never felt emotions so deep.

Looked up, dropped to my knees,

A dying crow, I saw in the trees.”

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2. Witches And Goblins:

Did you find this poem scary enough? Don’t worry, our next poem promises to scare your little one; it’s a Halloween special. No Halloween is complete without a scary poem.

“Witches and Goblins, spooks and elves,

With spirits and gnomes from Elfland delves,

Tonight are flying here and there,

Yes, Up and down and everywhere.”

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3. A Butterfly In My Room:

This cute little poem is based on a butterfly. However, don’t be fooled by the seemingly harmless title, this poem could make your little one quite anxious.

“Once there came a butterfly in my room,

Believe it or not, it made a big boom,

I tried chasing it with a broom,

Because it made me feel gloom.

For some reason, it liked sitting on my bed,

And then hopped and sat on my head,

Then it sat on a box that is red,

That made tears from my eye shed.”

4. The Creature:

What if you told your child that there is something under his bed? And just when he puts his imagination to use, read this poem aloud.

“In the middle of the night,

in the part that’s known as “dead,”

I wake and hear the breathing

of the creature ‘neath my bed.

Sometimes he growls and threatens me,

sometimes he only stares.”

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5. Skeleton Parade:

A beautiful short poem, which talks about skeletons. If you want to teach your kids about skeletons, use this poem, and they’ll get exactly what you mean.

“The Skeletons are out tonight,

Bony bony bony bony nothing in between.

They march about the street,

With bony bodies,

Bony heads, bony hands and feet.

Up and down and all around, they march on Halloween.”

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6. The Nine Little Goblins:

Last but the most interesting of the lot, this is for a little older kids. This is another Halloween-based poem, read it aloud, read it quietly, read it because it shall spook your kid out.

“They all climbed up on a high board fence,

Nine little Goblins, with green glass eyes,

Nine little Goblins that had no sense,

And couldn’t tell the coppers from cold mince pies.”

Do you know of any other scary poems for children? How did you introduce your little one to the concept of monsters? Tell us here. Fellow moms would appreciate any tips you have.

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